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Correspondence regarding membership of the Playgoers Club and the organisation of talks organised by the Club from 1947-1998 (some undated).

Press Cuttings

Press cuttings concerning the Dundee Repertory Theatre and its productions from 1960 - 1972, 1991-2005.

Janet Shelley

  • UR-SF 98
  • Collection
  • 1987-2008
Photographs of models in woven textiles, magazine and newspaper clippings, posters from various events and exhibitions.
Correspondence from colleagues in the textile industry.
Portfolios including final year students' work from 1991-2008 along with photographs of their work and graded reports.
Files containing invoices, timetables, lesson plans, and project briefs.
Copies of 'Context' - a short information booklet authored by Shelley and a few others.
Information booklet from the Constructed Textiles department at the School of Design.

Janet Shelley

Portfolio Two

1) Brown folder “Gazette” containing newspaper and magazine clips and photographs (1987-2005)

2) Various prints and photographs of objects (n.d.)

3) Seoul Design Festival information booklet (2004)

4) Jaeger Magazine No. 124 (1994)

5) Craftsman magazine, issue 158 (2004)

6) Woven Image, Barbican Centre booklet (1996)

7) Woven Image Contemporary British Tapestry – flyer (n.d.)

8) Constructed Textiles, DJCAD Poster (2001)

9) Various photographs of students with prizes (1995)

10) Karin Muhlert, Sea Changes - Magazine cut-out (1999)

11) Contemporary Decorative Arts exhibition poster (2000)

12) DJCAD BDes Hons in Printed Textiles and Constructed Textiles cut out from Young Design Talent (n.d.)

13) Photographs and magazine cut outs of models and textiles (n.d.)

Portfolio One

1) Paul Jackson Paper leaf – a collection of papers including a poster titled “Coptic Weaving – Susan Mowat” (n.d.)

2) Second leaf
i) Canberra School of Art – Textiles information booklet (n.d.)
ii) Master of Arts (Visual Arts) Exhibition booklet (1994)
iii) Constructed Textiles – a series of postcards (1994)
iv) Thank you note from Jane Kidd dated June 10, (1996)
v) Exchange exhibition – list of works from department of constructed textiles, Dundee (1994)
vi) Two copies of list of works from tapestry dept. Edinburgh College of Art (n.d.)
vii) List of artists, titles and artwork details (n.d.)
viii) Merry Christmas card from Kelly Thompson (1994)
ix) Letters and lists from Valerie Kirk from Canberra School of Art (1994)
x) 5 A3 size pages of textile work images (1994-1995)

3) Third leaf
i) Constructed Textiles Degree Show Poster (1993)
ii) Poster titled “Vicky Smith” (n.d.)

4) Fourth leaf: Poster titled “The Fisherman’s Gansey, Sue Heathcote” (n.d.)

5) Fifth leaf
i) Poster titled “Andean Textiles, Jonathan Shelley” x3 (n.d.)
ii) Poster titled “Coptic Textiles, Lynne Curran” (n.d.)

6) Sixth leaf
i) Poster titled “Susan Mowat, Tapestries” (n.d.)
ii) Note from Joanne Soroka (n.d.)

7) Card prints of models in textile dress (n.d.)

8) Photographs of models and textiles (n.d.)

9) Image of Rachel Walker-Hardwick from DJCAD as winner of the International Textiles Award (1990)

10) Seventh leaf:
i) Constructed Textiles Degree Show poster, June (1992)
ii) 2nd Year Medieval Tapestry, an illustrated lecture by Susan Mowat poster (n.d.)

11) Magazine scans and cut-outs (n.d.)

12) Constructed Textiles, Crawford Building Refectory poster (1994)

13) Gail Harding, Wire Jewellery; Karin Muhlert, Paper Sculpture posters (2000)

14) Marcelle Kelly, Textiles poster (1995)

15) Image of Susan M. Sherrit after winning the Simon Jersey Tapestry Award (1995)

16) Fashion Show poster with drawing by Jon Saunders (1995)

17) Jo Baxter, tapestry weaver talk poster (n.d.)

18) Morgan Clifford, Exploring the Woven Image poster (n.d.)

19) Victorian Tapestry Workshop: Melbourne, Australia poster (n.d.)

20) Cast in Stitches, Contemporary British Knitwear booklet (1994)

21) The Fashion Show information booklet (1991)

22) Letter from Neil Firth from The Pier Art Centre (1994)

23) Letter from Kate Cresswell from International Mohair Association (1995)

24) Design Futures Exhibition poster (n.d.)

25) Jaeger Magazine No. 124 (1994)

26) Barbican Centre booklet (1996)

27) Clothes Show Event Scotland folder containing photographs, notes, invoices, and letters (1996)

Library and Learning Centre files

  • RU 1032
  • Collection
  • 1952 - 2010
Files relating to the management of the Library and related units.

University Library, Dundee

Gifts and Bequests

RU 1032/5/1 Gifts and Donations, 1 file (1994-2010)
RU 1032/5/2 Nicoll collection, 1 file (1952)
RU 1032/5/3 Valentine Gift, 1 file (1972-1973)
RU 1032/5/4 Henderson bequest, 1 file (1996-2005)
RU 1032/5/5 Drever Bequest, 1 file (n.d.)

University Library, Dundee

Library Reviews

RU 1032/1/1 Options Review of Dundee University Library, 1 item (1994)
RU 1032/1/2 Central Services Review, 3 files and 3 items (1999-2001)

University Library, Dundee

Nursing Publications

(1) Aids to Practical Nursing - A Complete Textbook for the Nurse. Fourth edition by Marjorie Houghton. Bailliere, Tindall & Cox. 1943
(2) Report of the Specifications Working Group on Nurses' Uniforms. NHS report c1968
(3) The Report of the Working Party to Study the Hospital Midwife. Sheffield Regional Hospital Board. February 1972
(4) Nursing 1977-80 Report of the Chief Nursing Officer. Department of Health and Social Security. 1981


2021 Cabinet

Cabinet containing correspondence (including letters from Rob Fairley), diaries and reflections from 2021 with cds which include video and audio files


DATA: Dundee Group (Artists) Ltd

Material relating to the Dundee Group (Artists) Ltd at the Forebank Gallery and studios, Dundee which was established in 1977. Includes leaflets, posters, postcards, badge designs, photographs of artists and exhibitions, correspondence, and artworks. Horobin left the Group around the time of the commencement of DATA because the Group was pursuing a different agenda.

The Attic Archive Collection

  • MS 339
  • Collection
  • 1972-2024
Notes, journals, correspondence, artwork, photographic material, cds, cassettes and other media relating to DATA and other projects by Pete Horobin, Marshall Anderson, and Peter Haining know as the Attic Archive and later material by the artist as aitch and haha. Some of the material is catalogued as part of the Museum Collections.

Peter Haining

John Sharp 2nd and Christian Bower.

Photo of John Sharp 2nd and his wife Christian Bower.

Had six children: Jane Marshall, Christina, John (who later married Eleanor White), Robert Bower, William Ritchie, and Fredrick Bower

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