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UoD Life Sciences, Stories in Science: postdoctoral career pathways digital brochure and films about staff

  • RU 925/3/8
  • Series
  • 2012

Stories in Science: postdoctoral career pathways digital brochure and film clips created by staff connected to Life Sciences, University of Dundee.

/1 Brochure
/2 Rachel Toth
/3 Doreen Cantrell
/4 Matthias Trost
/5 Nicola Stanley-Wall
/6 Claire Halpin
/7 Emma Compton
/8 Yogesh Kulathu
/9 Linda Morris
/10 Rob Ford
/11 Sonia Rocha
/12 Kate Storey
/13 Jon Urch
/14 Postdoctoral pathways introduction

Life Sciences

West family research

(1) MS timelines of events and background of MR West, G Low, Violet A Low, Evaline A West and other members of the West and Patten family, based on the collection, with copies of news clippings and catalogue description for Holloway Sanatorium, and copy and related letter of GEJA West’s 1951 probate notice, c2015
(2) Sketches and print-outs of the West family genealogies, with copies of emails from descendants, news clippings and biographies, c2014

Miscellaneous West papers

(1) Sarah Ann Lucas, nee Stammer: letters and papers relating to her death, including rough extract of her will, and inventories of silver, linen, china and glass, 1879-1911
(2) Letters and photograph from members of the Patten family, with modern note of family tree, 1880-1925
(3) Notes and letters of various West family members, including accounts for Mrs Killick relating to Hood's Trust' 1897-1931
(4) Photograph of portrait of West ancestor [damaged], with genealogical annotation, nd
(5) Photographs of portraits of Matthew West, b 1777, with genealogical annotations, nd
(6) Photographs, mostly of unidentified individuals and family groups, 19thC-early 20C
(7) ‘Ties’ linen case, nd
(8) Unidentified notes, letters & news cuttings, 19th-20thC

Mrs Marion Killick, nee West

(1) Receipt and letter of thanks to Alex H Low for payment of the debt to St Anne's Heath, 1932
(2) Letter to Mr Low outlining amount due to Dr Devine of St Anne's Heath, noting 'George must be a paying asset', 1933
(3) Letter to Mr Low worrying about a reminder from St Anne's Heath, 1933
(4) Letter to Mrs Killlick accompanying a cheque for £240, 1933
(5) Receipt of payment and letter of thanks noting 'Had I known the difficulty of keeping the payments up to date I should not have undertaken the Receivership', 1933
(6) Payment reminder from St Ann's Heath Virginia Water, with note by GLB Killick, 1933

Miscellaneous Harland papers

(1) Annotated photocard of Edith Augusta Harland (1875-1958), 1896
(2) Annotated postcard to Miss Hudson, 1911
(3) Copy photograph of ‘Rev Albert Augustus Harland of Harefield (17 children)’, nd
(4) Postcard of the Vicarage, Harefield, 1918
(5) Annotated copy letter to W Harland re Lord Pirrie’s will, nd

Sir Edward Harland (1831-1895)

(1) Watercolour sketch of Glenfarnie Hall, nd,
(2) Postcard portraits [4] of Sir Edward from middle age to elderly, c1860-1894
(3) Letters [original and copies] from Harland and Henry Pierson Harland (b1876) including ones to AG and Mrs A Low relating to Harland & Wolff shares, and Lord Pirrie’s will, 1894-1926, with modern note
(4) News clippings of Sir Edward’s obituary and funeral, 1895,
(5) Reprint of Home Rule speech, 1893 by the late Sir Edward Harland, nd,
(6) Sale catalogue of ‘Important Jewels the Property of Lady Harland & others’, 1912

Dr William Aurelius Harland (1822-1858)

(1) News cutting re Royal Asiatic Society, 1848,
(2) Letter to [Dr] Halley, introducing him to ‘my friend Marsh’ who has attacks of pneumonia, despite ‘being cupped & blistered’ and ‘taking Calomel & Opium’, 1850
(3) Letter to his father, telling of a patient on whom he’d operated for gangrene on the lung, and of a smallpox epidemic where he’s noticed vaccination means the English community are less afraid then the Americans, but Chinese and other local peoples are badly affected, 1852
(4) Notes on the Geology, Natural History, Climate, and Diseases of Hong Kong, July 1851’,
(5) Annotated obituary of Dr William Aurelius Harland of Hong Kong, 1858

Dr William Harland (1787-1866)

(1) Framed [damaged] photo of sketch of a young man ‘Dr William Harland of Scarborough 1787-1866’, nd
(2) Mounted photograph of portrait of elderly man, ‘Dr William Harland of Scarborough’, nd
(3) Sketches [2] of horse racing, post 1851, with modern note
(4) Letters [2] from JA Chaldecott relating to the death of Aurelius and outlining his plans of coming to England to settle the estate and visiting Scarborough, 1859
(5) Wm Harland Esqr MD deceased Analysis of Will and Codicils, post 1863

Hally and Halley genealogical, research and other original papers

(1) File, ‘Halley’ containing copies of genealogy pages, statistical accounts, art cards and history booklets and notes, all relating to Alexander Hally (1733-1795) Rector of Lundie & Fowlis, his family and his Knight relatives, c2007-2008.

Alexander Hally, Madeira:
(2) Envelope ‘Photographic views of Madeira by W.A Stewart’, nd [‘WA Stewart was a partner of William Grant, Funchal who died 1866 & ran business until 1871. W Grant (1788-1866) m Mary Innes of Funchal 1803. A Hally & his sister Marion were sponsors at her baptism. William Grant worked with Alexander Hally of Madeira’. Source: Low/Philpott]
(3) ‘The Beneficent Usurpers: A history of the British in Maderia’, Desmond Gregory (1988)
(4) ‘Casemate’, featuring photograph of Forte de São José, da Pothina, 2007
(5) CD, ‘influência Britânica’, c 2008
(6) 'A Madeira entre 1820 e 1842: relações de poder e influência Britânica', Paulo Migue Rodrigues (2008)
(7) Photographs of Alessandro Hally 1830’s consul documents
(8) Copies of documents, maps and photographs relating to Alexander Hally and Funchal, with transcript of visit to Madeira, 2010 and copy of ‘The Invalid’s Guide to Madeira, 1840’
(9) Tourist map of Madeira, c2010
(10) Copies of ‘H’ pages from [Dundee Directory 1850s] with David and Henry Hazeel marked, with modern sketch family tree of with Alexander highlighted

Dr AH Halley:
(11) Genealogy print-outs, modern notes and copy of Dr Halley’s obituary, with sketch family tree of Alexander and Emily Jane Halley
(12) Copy of 1907 ‘Introduction’ on clan societies,
(13) 'A Tale of Three Cities', ed LS Jacyna, 1989 with places marked where Dr Halley mentioned
(14) Photograph of Alexander Halley’s 1830 membership certificate of the Highland Society

(15) Print outs of genealogy pages and biography of Rev Alexander Hay Halley, 2012

Other Halley family members:
(16) Copies of 1871 and 1901 census pages with annotations relating to Harriet and Dr William Halley
(17) Print outs of William Halley (b1863) WW1 medal card with modern note and other WW1 material relating to Edward Harland Halley, with 1917 and 1919 news cuttings.
(18) War graves printout and snapshot of man in uniform, annotated as Peter Harland Halley, d.1940
(19) Annotated copy of marriage index highlighting Halleys
(20) Modern notes on Robert WO Halley
(21) Photograph of man, woman and dog, with message on revers and annotated as parents of Constance Halley, 1896
(22) Photograph of woman and child on bicycle, annotated as Constance Halley, c1900

Alexander Hally (1786-1847)

(1) ‘Doutrina Christa ordenada á maneira de dialogo para ensinar os meninos’, [Christa Doctrine ordered in the form of dialogue to teach children], 1800
(2) Confirmation of Alexander Hally as consul for Sardinia, 1831 [Portuguese]
(3) Scrapbook album of ‘E Hally’ containing verses, illustrations of flora and fauna, views and portraits, 1835-1840
(4) Confirmation of Alexander Hally, 1837 [Portuguese]
(5) ‘Madeira Illustrated by Andrew Picken with a Description of the Island ‘, volume with plates of etchings and text, 1842 [damaged]
(6) ‘Recollections of Madeira dedicated to Mrs Geo[rge] Stoddart’, volume of lithographic prints, many by Andrew Picken [1840s] [damaged]
(7) Letter to Dr Halley, Leeds, from lawyers in Madeira relating to his father's estate papers, 1847
(8) Annotated copy of ‘In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury’ ‘In the Goods of Alexander Hally deceased’, and copy, detailing Hally’s executors, 1847
(9) Parchment, ‘Administration with will annexed as retained in papers of A&B of the Goods of Alexander Hally Esquire decd’ and accompanying letter, 1847
(10) Account of charges attending the administration of Hallys’ will, [1847]
(11) Inland Revenue Residuary Account of Hally’s estate, 1849

Ellen ‘Nellie’ Mary Halley (1858-1939)

(1) Photograph album marked EMH [Ellen ‘Nellie’ Mary Halley] featuring family groups and portraits of children and adults, some annotated, 19th century, also modern list of potential identifications
(2) Pocket diary, with entries, inscribed ‘EM Halley Christmas 1873’, 1874
(3) Empty envelope, marked ‘with the most affectionate love & best wishes of her Father & Mother, 1874’
(4) ‘The Quartette’, 11 ms issues, January-August, October-December 1876
[‘Albert House, possibly school, put together by 2 sisters of Annie Low (nee Halley), N(Ellen) & Evaline Halley, their friends Bedingfield & Winton to sell at School’. Source: Low/Philpott]
(5) Notebook with journal entries and some press flora, inscribed ‘EM Halley 36 Elgin Crescent Notting Hill London W’, 1887
(6) Notebook with journal entries, inscribed ‘EM Halley 36 Elgin Crescent Notting Hill W 1889’
(7) Photograph of two women and two boys, annotated as Annie, Robert F, and Frank B Low plus Nelly, c1900
(8) Photocard, annotated as ‘Ellie (Nelly) Halley’, c 1910
(9) Photograph of family group outdoors, possibly featuring Nelly, her mother and Annie Low, c1910
(10) Letter to Miss [EM] Halley informing her that Sir Edward’s estate has largely been distributed, 1913
(11) Picture postcards [5], mostly from AL to Miss Halley, one from Nell to Mrs Low, 1915-1934
(12) Pocket diary containing shopping lists, inscribed ‘Miss Halley 113 Inverness Terrace London W2’, 1918
(13) Note about photographs, and notation of birth and death of Alice, nd
(14) Partial further division of the residuary estate of Sir EJ Harland, 1912
(15) Copy of will of Mrs Emily Jane Halley, 1910, with register of probate for will of Ellen Mary Halley, 1939

Rev. Alexander Hay Halley (1853-1922)

(1) Photocards [2] of AH Halley, c1880
(2) Rev AH Halley with woman outdoors, annotated, c1890
(3) Triptych of photographic portraits of young children, probably daughter or daughters, c1900
(4) Photograph of two girls, probably daughters Dorothy and Irene, 1905
(5) Copy of testimonial of thanks from the Halleys, listing them all, to Nurse Hannah Ford, who served the family 1850-1900
(6) Photographic portrait of Rev AH Halley, c1920
(7) Letters [2] to Alick requesting him to be an executor of AHH’s estate, 1904
(8) Copy will of the Rev AH Halley, 1922
(9) Bundle of correspondence, most addressed to AG Low, relating to the estate of Rev AH Halley, including Trustees’ Capital Accounts, Executors Accounts, Opinion of Mr HFF Greenland, list of investments, 1923-1934

Emily Beek nee Alston (1837-1911)

Letters from Emily and her companion, Agnes Taylor, to AG Low, initially requesting financial aid, ‘for your dear Father’s & Mother’s sake’, as ‘Dr Beke left me quite destitute’. Includes copy letters, 1889, of the National Portrait Gallery, referring to a portrait of Dr Beke, 1902-1909

Chabot family miscellanea

Material found among Chabot papers:
(1) Indenture papers [2] for Francis Sayer to George Vincent, soapmaker, 1723,1735
(2) ‘Mexico papers’: Narratives and letters, with ms copy of Moore’s Irish Melodies and modern notes on potential identities of the authors, 1824-1844
(3) Scrapbook of Mary Constance Dayman (1837-1854) featuring pastoral prints and sketches, with modern note explaining relationship to PJ Chabot
(4) Empty envelope addressed to Mrs Chabot, Spitalfield, annotated, 1852
(5) Envelope addressed to Chabot, Spitalfield containing stamps and annoted inside, 1853
(6) Cross-written letter [1854] names illegible – possibly to Edith Chabot?
(7) ‘At Sea’ Verses ‘written for the ‘City of Rome Express and published, June 29 1887’ and ‘Sea Weed’ verse, by MC Chabot, Eastbourne 1887
(8) Annotated visiting card, Miss Augusta Flower, nd
(9) Sheet of seals, nd
(10) Mounted photograph of portrait of Jaques Chabot (b1678) with biography on reverse, 1907
(11) Huguenot Society dinner menu, 1918
(12) Photograph of ship entering Valetta harbour, 1930s

‘American branch of Chabots’

Papers of various members of the Chabot family in USA, mostly comprising letters and cards to AG and Annie Low:

(1) George Stooks Chabot: Photocard of Mrs G Chabot, 1860s; photocard of wife Mary,1874; letter from George Chabot, San Antonio, to his nephew Aleck relating to his sons, 1883; photocard, probably of Mary, later 19C; photocards of young boys [George and Charles], 1870s; family photograph of George, Mary, young George and Charles, 1870s and letter from George Chabot, San Antonio, to his nephew Aleck regarding money, 1899

(2) Lucille Low Chabot: Portrait photograph of Lucille as a young adult, 19C; Invitation to Lucy’s wedding, 1916, containing £500 cheque, 1889; photograph featuring Lucille, her husband Dr Harry Mitchell and AG Low, [c1916]; letter from Lucille, Fresno with two photographs to Alex, London, thanking him for his congratulations, 1916; Christmas letter card from Lucille, Fresno to Annie, London, 1945

(3) Fred Charles Chabot: Letters [18] to Alix (sic) and Annie Low in England from Berlin, San Antonio, Nice, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Mexico, relating to his travels, especially during WW1, personal and family news, 1909-1937; picture postcards [23] featuring Fred as a baby, postcards from Spain and France, plus unknown outdoor scenes, 1891-nd,; 'With the Makers of San Antonio, Genealogies of Early San Antonio Families’ by Frederick C Chabot, 1937

(4) George Alexander Chabot: Note of Lucile Low Chabot’s family with photograph of her sent to ‘Aunt & Uncle Low’, 1895; New Year greetings card to cousin Alex from GA Chabot and Lucile, 1900; letter to cousin Alex from GA Chabot in Beaumont announcing his father’s death, 1902; letters [4] to AG Low from his cousin George A in Fresno, regarding his health, raisins sent, the war in Europe and family deaths, 1914-1920; Christmas greetings cards [3], sent by GA Chabot, 20th cent; letters to Cousin Alex from GA Chabot, Fresno, with news of his health; letters [4] to cousin Alex from GA Chabal, San Antonio, about Lucile’s visit, family news and reference to the Depression, 1931 and 1933

(5) Charles Jasper Chabot; Letter to Aleck (sic) referring to his father’s death, his new typewriter business and other family news, 1902; letter with photograph and press cutting on the drowning of his wife, Lillie and their son, Charlie, 1907; letters [2] to cousin Aleck with his family news, 1912; letters [5] from CJ, San Antonio, to cousin Aleck (sic) in London with family news, and reference to the war and Jerald’s (sic) ‘disappearance’, 1912-1916; letter with invitation to daughter Edith’s wedding, 1919

(6) Mary ‘Maria’ Chabot: Letters from Maria, France and USA, to Cousin Annie, London with personal news, 1938-1939; letter with photograph of Maria to Mrs Low from Dorothy Stewart [1938?]

(7) Sara Chabot, nee Bardo: Sketch family tree of Christine Chabot and Cecil Smith, nd; birth announcement of a son to Nellie Chabot nee Warden, nd; letter to Mr Low from Sara announcing her husband’s death, 1909

(8) Photocards, mostly unidentified members of the American side of the Chabot family, 19C

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