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Dr James F. Riley
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Parliamentary Act

'An Act for granting to His Majesty a certain Sum of Money out of the Sinking Fund....and for paying to John Harrison a further Reward for his Invention of a Time-keeper for ascertaining the Longitude at Sea, and his Discovery of the Principles upon which the same was constructed' With explanatory notes by Riley

Sir Joseph Banks

(1) Letter to B Way Esq. from Joseph Banks about receiving 'a strange trout from Ireland', calling it the Gizzard Trout, 1774
(2) Letter to Riley from Dr Keith Banister explaining Banks', 'Gizzard Trout', 1968
(3) Royal Horticultural Society, Sir Joseph Banks medal, nd

Alexander Munro

Certificate and seal of the Royal College and Physicians of Edinburgh naming Alexander Munro, anatomist, as an honorary member, 1795. Also modern annotated envelope and list, in Riley's handwriting, of Munro's biography

Sir William Cavendish

Letter written by Sir William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire, describing difficulty of choosing candidates for admission to charitable institutions, contained in envelope annotated by Riley. Also with envelope and catalogue entry describing letter written by Sir William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire.

David Keilin

Reprinted article biographical memoir, 1964 and reprinted obituary, 1965 of Keilin (1887-1963) with annotated envelope

Rayons Cathodiques et Rayons de Rontgen

Written by Jean Perrin and signed by the author’s son, Francis Perrin, and by Prof Jean Langevin, son of Prof Paul Langevin. With signed explanation of signatures by Dr Riley

JJ Thomson

Letter from Thomson to 'Harmer' discussing that 'eminence in Science, Literature or Art does not confer exemption from Military Service'

On Growth and Form

By D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, with his autograph attached to the frontispiece. With inscription to Dr Riley by Thompson's daughter Ruth

Academic awards

Awards by the University of Edinburgh for Riley's MB CHB, FRCSE and MB, with Graduation Ceremony programme

'Autograph letters from Scientists'

(1) Letter from [Lord] Dawson about Riley's reprint on Sulphydryl wound repair, 1941
(2) Letter from [Lord] Dawson concerning a paper Riley asked him to look at, 1943
(3) [Sir] HH Dale's signature on tea ticket, 1952, with notes on envelope explaining event was Riley's first visit to Cambridge and his first paper
(4) Note from [Sir] WL Bragg referring to meeting Riley in Dundee, 1961
(5) Note from Peyton Roux [Nobel Laureate, 1966] about the reprints he sent to Riley, 1964
(6) Note from [Sir] GP Thomson concerning Bragg's idea on structure for an electron, 1966
(7) Card from [Sir] GP Thomson warning Riley he will be away over the winter, 1966
(8) Card from Henry Dale thanking Riley for his birthday wishes, 1967
(9) Letters [2] between Riley and Henry Dale concerning Riley's 'Introducing Biology', 1967
(10) Letter from Henry Dale referring to Riley's discovery 'about another function of the mast cells', 1968
(11) Letter from [Sir] WL Bragg referring to the early days of x-rays, 1967
(12) Letter from [Lady] Nora Barlow referring to Riley's 'Introducing Biology', 1967
(13) Letter from [Lady] Nora Barlow offering help to Riley in his effort to 'teach science through scientists', 1967
(14) Letter from [Lady] Nora Barlow about using Riley's Darwin Henslow publication for his 'Science through Scientists' project, 1967
(15) Note from Professor PB Medawar referring to Rosemary Cass commemoration, 1968
(16) Letter from Hans Krebs about self-made scientists, 1968
(17) Note acknowledging receipt of Riley's letter, 1968
(18) Note from PMS Blackett agreeing to write a few words in Riley's copy of Marie Curie's book, 1968
(19) Note agreeing to lunch from Professor PB Medawar, 1968
(20) Letter from Ruth D'Arcy Thompson referring to pasting her father's signature into the volume, 1968
(21) Letter from Ruth D'Arcy Thompson referring to an exhibition of her father's years in Dundee, 1968
(22) Letter from Professor PB Medawar concerned about Riley's sick leave, 1969
(23) Card from Sir Juliun Huxley agreeing to inscribe his grandfather's 'Man's Place in Nature', 1969
(24) Letter by A Timmer with news and thankful that Riley is better, 1969
(25) Letter from the Science Museum about Geissler tubes, 1969
(26) Note from Sire Alexander Haddow: 'I have no doubt at all that your contribution is still insufficiently appreciated and that its significance will become much more generally known very soon', 1969
(27) Note by WA Wooster agreeing to sign a copy of XRay Crystals book, 1969
(28) Letter from Lady Lyell about the terminology used for lords and ladies, 1970
(29) Letter by EJS Walton debunking the splitting the atom celebratory story, 1970
(30) Note from WL Bragg about 'the broadcast', with Blackett's signature on paper slip enclosed, 1970
(31) Letter from Franz Sondheimer enclosing xerox dedication in the Curie thesis, 1970
(32) Note by Julius Axelrod thanking Riley for copy of his mast cell monograph , 1973
(33) Letter from Lord William Taylor about the labyrinth design, 1971
(34) Letter enclosing forward by Sir Peter Medawar about strokes of which Riley and he were victims, nd

Diaries of research notes

'4 Quarter 1943' notebook containing research notes, 1943
23 x University of St Andrews' diaries containing research notes, with one containing a small artwork by his young daughter, 1947-1969

Meccano magazine

4 x copies of the magazine, containing articles by Alasdair and JF Riley, one with news cuttings about closed railway lines in Angus, 1973

Letters praising Faraday book

(1) Letter from Kat B Blaikley thanking Riley for his correspondence and Faraday publication and memories of visiting Glasite chapels
(2) Letter from W Blaikley praising 'The Hammer & the Anvil', relating his mother's memories of Faraday and about restoring his scrapbooks
(3) Letter from Dr ED Adrian, praising the biography and reminiscing holidays of his youth

'The Citric Acid Cycle'

Reprint of Les Prix Nobel lecture by HA Krebs with copy of photograph of Krebs lecturing in 1966 and accompanying letter

Various articles

(1) Reprint 'Helsingforslakare som entomologer' by Claes von Numers, 1954, with letter to Riley relating to a visit by Claus, 1961
(2) Reprint of 'Erasmus Darwin-scientist and inventor' by Desmond King-Hele, 1965
(3) Copy of British Medical Journal with note by Paul Riley, 1965
(4) Reprint of 'The chromaffin cell' by Rex E Coupland, 1965
(5) Copies of reprint 'HGJ Moseley (of Weymouth)' by Riley, one annotated, 1969
(6) Riley's notes and diagrams on the mast-cell cycle, nd


Riley's diary of news cuttings following the Suez Crisis


CIBA Foundation on Histamine, including chapter by Dr Riley. Also news cutting of book review, 1957

'Autograph letters'

(1) Annotated envelope containing letters of acknowledgement to Riley signed by HW Florey, Prof John McMichael, Sir Henry H Dale, Prof Alex Haddow and Bill Paton, 1960-1964
(2) Letter of appreciation for Riley's book by Prof HG Callan, 1964
(3) Annotated envelope containing letter from Henry H Dale with Riley's reply concerning published research, with letter of appreciation from JH Humphrey, 1964
(4) Letter from Henry H Dale appreciating Riley's good wishes after his accident, 1965
(5) Letters of appreciation between Riley and Henry H Dale concerning Riley's article and Dale's health, 1966
(6) Letter from Henry H Dale with advice and consideration of the properties of acetylcholine, 1966
(7) Letters between Riley and Sir Wilfred Le Gros Clark concerning reprints of the latter's work, 1966
(8) Letter from Professor Haddow to Dr Robert Mahler concerning his and Riley's joint funding application, 1966
(9) Letter from WL Bragg re Riley's copy of JJ Thomson's book, 1966
(10) Note agreeing to sign Riley's copy of 'Physics and Philosophy from WProf W Heisenberg, 1968
(11) Letter about a colleague's research by retired Professor Kathleen Lonsdale, 1969
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