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Richardson & Gregory families, publications and research

(1) 'Cylopaedia of Poetical Quotations', edited by WG Adams, 1865, with inscription ‘Carrie – from her loving husband William 13th December 1866’
[William Duke Richardson to Caroline ‘Carrie’ also recorded as Carrie in 1851, 1891 and 1871 census’ source: Philpott/Low]
(2) ‘Planted Irish Richardsons tree drawn 1868 by Dr Walter Lindesay Richardson father of writer “Henry Handel” in 1868. Copied by DL Low’, nd
(3) ‘The White Trail: a story of the early days of Klondike’, Alex Macdonald, 1909
(4) ‘Myself when young’, Henry Handel Richardson, 1948, with receipt of sale, 2006
(5) ‘Meanjin Quarterly’ 1/1970 Annals of Australian Literature, 1970
(6) Profile of Sergeant Arthur Herbert Lindesay Richardson VC and copies of related material by Mr S Lindesay with letters relating to copy sent to Regimental Museum, 1996
(7) ‘Strathcona’s Horse South Africa 1900-1901’, 2000 [‘given to AJSL by Regimental Museum of Calgary]
(8) ‘Marriage Lines The Richardson Family Letters 1854-1877’, edited by Meg Probyn, 2000
(9) ‘Iris Murdoch: a life’, Peter J Conradi, 2001
(10) ‘Marnhull A Dorset Village at the Millennium’, edited by Adrian Bailey, 2001, with modern note
(11) ‘Henry Handel Richardson A Life’, Michael Ackland, 2004, with despatch note, 2006
(12) ‘Liverpool Heroes’ Book 2, edited by Ann Clayton, 2007, with letter to Alex and Lindesay/Richardson family tree, 2007
(13) ‘Arthur HL Richardson VC 1872-1932’, Bob Gregson, 2009

Low & Philpott research:
(14) ‘Richardsons including Arthur HL Richardson VC of Co Tyrone & Lancashire’ folder of genealogies, notes, photographs, letters and life event records. Also sections for ‘Richardsons of Peterborough’ and ‘Harphams of Alford’
(15) Low & Philpott research: ‘Gregory =Young=Low Also: Gregory = HAST. “Gregory Hast”, musicians’, containing copies of genealogies, census and life event records, original and digital photographs, original letters, passport and modern explanatory notes. Some division by individuals and family including Young family, William Gregory (1812-1878), Edward Herbert Gregory (1872-1961), Dorothy Lindesay Gregory (1898-1998), Harold Ernest Gregory (1906-1990?), 2015

Technical drawings and plans

Technical drawings and plans, largely of machinery. They were produced by or for D J MacDonald Ltd. MS 93/D/1 - MS 93/D/12 = Sack Cutting Machines MS 93/D/13 - MS 93/D/28 = Single Colour Sack Printing Machines MS 93/D/29 - MS 93/D/41 - Double Colour Sack Printing Machines MS 93/D/42 - MS 93/D/60 - Three Colour Sack Printing Machines MS 93/D/61 - MS 93/D/63 - Consecutive Sack Numbering Machine MS 93/D/64 - MS 93/D/68 - Sack Printing Brands MS 93/D/69 - MS 93/D/74 - Printing machines for continuous printing on rolls of cloth, including selvedge printing machines and machines with a measuring device as an additional function. MS 93/D/75 - MS 93/D/90 - Sewing Machines for Sack Sewing and Bag Closing. MS 93/D/91 - MS 93/D/123 - Miscellaneous textile machinery including machines used in preparation and finishing processes. MS 93/D/124 - MS 93/D/139 - Impregnating, Proofing and Tarring Machines MS 93/D/140 - MS 93/D/146 - High Speed Compund Engine MS 93/D/147 - MS 93/D/158 - Miscellaneous Factory and other Machinery# MS 93/D/159 - MS 93/D/217 - Plans

D J MacDonald Ltd

Keay Turner Ltd

Minutes 1969-1970; reports on meetings, contracts and sales 1971; sales reports 1972; general file concerning Turner Brothers (Birmingham) Ltd and Keay-Turner Ltd 1970; technical inspection report file 1969-1972; machinery quotations 1971; costings book for components and assemblages 1970-1971; machinery brochure c.1970.

Thomas C Keay Ltd

File of miscellaneous papers mainly relating to the introduction of the new Degree in Education, the B.Ed, along the lines proposed by the Robbins Committee.

Documents include draft proposals for the course with related comments, criticisms and suggestions from various involved parties, including departments of Queen's College, Dundee, St. Andrews University, Dundee College of Education and the E.I.S. Agendas of meetings, apologies for absences and minutes are also included for the period.

Miscellaneous file containing various letters, extracts, personal exchanges between J.W.L. Adams and colleagues, principally Alan F. Meredith, Depute Secretary.

Notices and press cuttings of obituaries, biographies and tributes for various persons such as Rachel Evelyn White, Doris L. Mackinnon, Henry Enfield Roscoe, Rt. Hon. Edmund Robertson, Sir William Hamilton Fyfe, R.K. Butchart, Bishop Alexander Penrose Forbes, William Laughton Lorimer, J.W. Capstick, the Baxter family, Hilda Lockhart Lorimer, Margaret Fairlie, Alexander McKenzie, William Wither McClelland, T.R. Mills, T. Bowman and Sir William Peterson. Tables listing persons who assumed their professorial appointments before 5 April 1954 when University College became Queen's College, and listing teachers in Classics, Philosophy, English and Modern History. n.d. Numerous personal exchanges between Alan Meredith and J.W.L. Adams regarding the incorrect use of language, the 'Chamber of Verbal Horrors'. Copy of a speech delivered by D'Arcy W. Thompson to the AGM of the Grey Lodge Settlement Association on the 50th anniversary of Dundee Social Union, 27 April 1938.
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