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Robert L Fleming Ltd
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Robert L Fleming Ltd

  • MS 117
  • Collection
  • 1917-1988
General Company Records, 1957-1995; Correspondence, 1939-1997; Financial papers, 1974-1993; Operations and production material, n.d.; Promotional material, 1982-1992; Magazines and journals, 1989-1995; Miscellaneous, 1917-1998; Photographs and slides, c 1963-1993; Newspaper articles, 1990-1998.

Robert L Fleming

"Billerud": general folder.

Contains: Correspondence of Robert L. Fleming Jnr with Billerud 1964-1970; Billerud organisational charts 1972; The Billerud Group Interim Report 1973; Production Reports 1973; Minutes of directors' meetings 1972-1973; Memorandum and articles of association of Robert L. Fleming Ltd, May 1962; Map of Seabraes Mill, 1957.

General company documents

Contains: Certificate of incorporation 1962; Register of contract between British Railways Board and Robert L.Fleming Ltd. 1965-1992 Terms of employment of Mr Robert L. Fleming, 1974. Executive pension scheme 1975-1990; Correspondence and contracts between Castle Cement Ltd. and Robert L. Fleming Ltd. 1980-1993; Robert L.Fleming Ltd. Executice retirement benefits scheme rules (dated 1 June 1981); Transactions and contracts in Italian 1981-1982; Executive retirement benefit scheme 1981-1982; European patent application 1982; Renewal of executive contracts 1982; Minute of agreement between Robert L.Fleming Ltd. and Michael Cochrane Richardson, chartered accountant 1982; Memorandum of agreement of renewal of employment between Robert L. Fleming Ltd. and Donald Colin Tripp 1982; Licence to manufacture, sell and deliver fabric drawn up between Robert L. Fleming Ltd. and Natro Cellulosa (contract in English and Italian) 1983; Contract drawn up for Mr.Wills as Director of Manufacturing 1989; Certificate of approval by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance 1990; Document regarding the employing of Mr.Wills as company managing director 1991; Documents and maps relating to factory and leased ground 1995; Legal documents and maps relating to car park spaces 1995; Legal documents regarding the acquisition of Robert L.Fleming Ltd by Medway Packaging Ltd.1995.

Billerud folder

Contains: Robert L.Fleming production, sales, and profit statistics. 1967-1976; Statistics for increase in costs for sack department. Between 30 Sep 1972 and 31 Aug 1973; Report on development markets; Report on paper sacks for refuse, May 1973; Correspondence from Mr.J.G.Coleman, Reed Medway Sacks Ltd. to John Picton. Relates to the International Organisation for Standardisation; Document regarding the production of sacks; Gleneagles conference 14/15 May 1973; Annual survey on the situation of the market; Preliminary report of specialist technical committee; Forecasts and balance sheets 1972; General information with regards to the Department of Trade and Industry 1972.


Collections of letters addressed to various correspondents. Also includes faxes, menus and various lists.
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