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Electronic material

PDFs of folders of material collected by Norma Starszakowna and Andy Taylor, the originals having been returned to them

Norma Starszakowna

File relating to the Dundee Educational Priority Area

Documents include: Letter, 28 May 1968, from Principal Stimpson of Dundee College of Education to J.W.L. Adams regarding the establishment of the E.P.A. with attached list of Steering Committee members. Notices for and reports of the Steering Committee's meetings, 1968-1971. Copies of the E.P.A. Newsletter, 1969-1970. Details of the E.P.A.'s financial position, c.1971, and a financial estimate for the end of the project, March 1971.

File containing mainly correspondence of meetings of the Sir John Leng Trust [of which J.W.L. Adams was appointed Governor in 1967].

Includes a copy of the Deed of Trust by Sir John Leng, 1901, detailing the financial structure of the Trust and establishing the criteria for winners of the Gold medal [for an essay] and the Silver Medal [for solo singers of Scottish melodies] and a printed booklet Sir John Leng Trust Scheme 1967 under the Education (Scotland) Act 1962.

File containing papers relating to the Standing Conference on Studies in Education

Papers include a description of the function of the Conference and its objectives. n.d; minutes of AGMs for the years 1955-1964; agendas for AGMs for the years 1956-1965; Treasurer's Report and Accounts for the years 1956-1965 with related correspondence. Also includes: Constitution and membership of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Educational Studies as at 17 December 1958, and correspondence relating to the publication. Minutes of a Joint Meeting held between the Conference of Institute Directors and the Conference Heads of University Departments of Education, 25 March 1963. Membership Accounts for the period 1 December 1963 to 30 November 1965.

Miscellaneous file containing various letters, extracts, personal exchanges between J.W.L. Adams and colleagues, principally Alan F. Meredith, Depute Secretary.

Notices and press cuttings of obituaries, biographies and tributes for various persons such as Rachel Evelyn White, Doris L. Mackinnon, Henry Enfield Roscoe, Rt. Hon. Edmund Robertson, Sir William Hamilton Fyfe, R.K. Butchart, Bishop Alexander Penrose Forbes, William Laughton Lorimer, J.W. Capstick, the Baxter family, Hilda Lockhart Lorimer, Margaret Fairlie, Alexander McKenzie, William Wither McClelland, T.R. Mills, T. Bowman and Sir William Peterson. Tables listing persons who assumed their professorial appointments before 5 April 1954 when University College became Queen's College, and listing teachers in Classics, Philosophy, English and Modern History. n.d. Numerous personal exchanges between Alan Meredith and J.W.L. Adams regarding the incorrect use of language, the 'Chamber of Verbal Horrors'. Copy of a speech delivered by D'Arcy W. Thompson to the AGM of the Grey Lodge Settlement Association on the 50th anniversary of Dundee Social Union, 27 April 1938.

File of miscellaneous papers relating to the introduction of the new Degree in Education.

Letter, 22 September 1966 from A.N. Mitchell, Secretary and Registrar of St. Andrews to Professor Adams regarding foreseen difficulties of the new Ordinance for the B.Ed. when Queen's College, Dundee changes status to University of Dundee in 1967. Reports of several of the joint meetings between University College, Dundee and the College of Education, Dundee. Correspondence from the Institute of Choreology enclosing documents on the work of the Institute, January 1966. Includes an excerpt from the Times Educational Supplement, August 1965, 'On with the Dance' written by R. Benesh, Director of the Institute of Choreology; a cutting from New Scientist, October 1965, 'An Alphabet of Movement'; Progress Report from the Institute of Choreology, November 1965. Details of a Conference of Education held at the Burn, Edzell, involving Departments from St. Andrews, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Universities, January 1966. With Appendix 'The Study of Education at the University of Stirling' attached.

File of miscellaneous papers mainly relating to the introduction of the new Degree in Education, the B.Ed, along the lines proposed by the Robbins Committee.

Documents include draft proposals for the course with related comments, criticisms and suggestions from various involved parties, including departments of Queen's College, Dundee, St. Andrews University, Dundee College of Education and the E.I.S. Agendas of meetings, apologies for absences and minutes are also included for the period.

File of miscellaneous papers relating to the affairs of J.W.L. Adams in his role as Professor of Education at Queen's College, Dundee.

The papers consist mainly of agendas and minutes of meetings of the Board of Studies in Education throughout the period and deal with matters such as the Robbins Report, changes to the structure of the Diploma in Education and the Degree in Education, and proposals for and the final implementation of a new Ordinance on the Dip.Ed. and the M.Ed. Many of the papers feature correspondence between the Department of Education with the Department of Psychology, as well as between the Education Department in Queen's College, Dundee and other Scottish universities and colleges.
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