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Alexander Hally (1786-1847)

(1) ‘Doutrina Christa ordenada á maneira de dialogo para ensinar os meninos’, [Christa Doctrine ordered in the form of dialogue to teach children], 1800
(2) Confirmation of Alexander Hally as consul for Sardinia, 1831 [Portuguese]
(3) Scrapbook album of ‘E Hally’ containing verses, illustrations of flora and fauna, views and portraits, 1835-1840
(4) Confirmation of Alexander Hally, 1837 [Portuguese]
(5) ‘Madeira Illustrated by Andrew Picken with a Description of the Island ‘, volume with plates of etchings and text, 1842 [damaged]
(6) ‘Recollections of Madeira dedicated to Mrs Geo[rge] Stoddart’, volume of lithographic prints, many by Andrew Picken [1840s] [damaged]
(7) Letter to Dr Halley, Leeds, from lawyers in Madeira relating to his father's estate papers, 1847
(8) Annotated copy of ‘In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury’ ‘In the Goods of Alexander Hally deceased’, and copy, detailing Hally’s executors, 1847
(9) Parchment, ‘Administration with will annexed as retained in papers of A&B of the Goods of Alexander Hally Esquire decd’ and accompanying letter, 1847
(10) Account of charges attending the administration of Hallys’ will, [1847]
(11) Inland Revenue Residuary Account of Hally’s estate, 1849

Harriet Chabot, nee Beek (c1780-1850)

(1) Duplicate copy of Mrs Chabot of Mexico’s will, 1847 and proved in Doctor’s Commons, 1854
(2) Statement re burial of James Chabot in Mexico, 1850
(3) Copy of Power of Attorney of Harriet Chabot, with letter, 1851
(4) Legal verification of translation of notary documents confirming Felipe Jacobo Chabot and Carlos Tilstone Beke as executors and heirs of Dona Enriqueta Beck de Chabot, with original and letters questioning the documents, 1851-1854

Phillip James Chabot (1801-1866)

(1) 'Oraisons funèbres de Fléchier’, 1803, inscribed PJ Chabot, 1825
(2) ‘Manual of Pharmacy’, 1825 inscribed to PJ Chabot [1842?] with annotations and notes
(3) Letter from Alfred Chabot to his half-brother PJ Chabot, describing his horrible voyage to Falmouth, 1838, with modern note
(4) Copy Trust deed between Charlotte Chabot (1782-1848) and Philip James Chabot and others, 1838
(5) Letters [3] Between PJ Chabot and John Washington concerning funding of Tilstone Beke expedition to Africa, 1840-1842,
(6) Letter ‘probably from Caroline, sister of PJ Chabot, from France’, 1842 [Damaged - reverse of document hidden as stuck down to board]
(7) Letters [11], many cross-written, from Caroline Chabot to Philip J Chabot, her brother, 1842-1854
(8) Sketch of Sarah Barbers Will’ with note, draft will, and modern genealogy note, 1851
(9) Testimonials for PJ Chabot to the Committee of the London Library, 1852
(10) Letters [2] to ‘Chabot’ from Mr Westwood concerning Mrs Beveridge's affairs, August 1852
(11) Letter to PJ Cabot [trustee of Sarah Barber’s will] re payment, 1852
(12) Letters {8} relating to Mrs Barber’s affairs, 1852-1855
(13) Letter to PJ Cabot denying accusations made regarding Mrs Beveridge’s affairs, 1854
(14) Particulars and conditions of sale [2] of properties on Lambeth Marsh, 1854
(15) Letters [11] to Philip James Chabot, referring to Dr Beke, 1855-1856
(16) Letter concerning Dr Beke’s books, 1855
(17) Letter from Thomas Watts at the British Museum referring to an enquiry from PJ Chabot about Dr Beke’s publication, 1855
(18) Letters [3] from EH Gower to PJ Chabot concerning forwarded mail, 1856
(19) Letters [3] from Emily Alston concerning her poor family relationships, her marriage and forthcoming trip, 1856
(20) Letters [11] between PJ Chabot and Fanny Cousens regarding Emily Alston, 1856, with modern notes
(21) Letter to Philip James Chabot from Malta re payments and forwarded mail. 1856
(22) Letters [2] by William Beek to PJ relating to finances, with modern genealogy note, 1856

Dr William Aurelius Harland (1822-1858)

(1) News cutting re Royal Asiatic Society, 1848,
(2) Letter to [Dr] Halley, introducing him to ‘my friend Marsh’ who has attacks of pneumonia, despite ‘being cupped & blistered’ and ‘taking Calomel & Opium’, 1850
(3) Letter to his father, telling of a patient on whom he’d operated for gangrene on the lung, and of a smallpox epidemic where he’s noticed vaccination means the English community are less afraid then the Americans, but Chinese and other local peoples are badly affected, 1852
(4) Notes on the Geology, Natural History, Climate, and Diseases of Hong Kong, July 1851’,
(5) Annotated obituary of Dr William Aurelius Harland of Hong Kong, 1858

Dr William Harland (1787-1866)

(1) Framed [damaged] photo of sketch of a young man ‘Dr William Harland of Scarborough 1787-1866’, nd
(2) Mounted photograph of portrait of elderly man, ‘Dr William Harland of Scarborough’, nd
(3) Sketches [2] of horse racing, post 1851, with modern note
(4) Letters [2] from JA Chaldecott relating to the death of Aurelius and outlining his plans of coming to England to settle the estate and visiting Scarborough, 1859
(5) Wm Harland Esqr MD deceased Analysis of Will and Codicils, post 1863

Charles Philip Chabot (1814-1881)

(1) Photocard portraits, many of Charles, and others sent to him from friends, 1873
(2) Extracts confirming births and baptisms of James, Harriet and Charles in Malta, 1814, with accompanying letter from Edith Chabot. Also letter confirming finding the marriage entry for James Chabot and Harriet Beek, 1878
(3) Copy of 1821 baptismal entry for George Stooks Chabot, with accompanying letter to CP Chabot, 1878
(4) Postcard to Charles from Malaga, 1881
(5) Lists of accounts of CP Chabot’s estate, 1881-1882
(6) News cutting notice to creditors of CP Chabot’s estate, 1882,
(7) Outline of Charles Chabot’s life, nd

Jessie Low (1809-1888)

(1) Carbon copies of Jessie Paris’ will, 1886, with list of stocks and associated letters from AG Low, 1894-1895
(2) Receipt for Jessie’s headstone, 1888, with Dundee Cemetery Company regulations, 1891
(3) Extract decree appointing AG Low as Jessie Low’s executor, 1894
(4) Executor financial statement with completed Inland Revenue legacy forms [2], 1895
(5) Draft letter and notes concerning receipt of legacy, nd with receipt for payment of monies from Jessie’s estate, 1895
(6) Letter to AG Low from OJ Gibson announcing the death of his mother, Isabella Gibson, 1896, with modern family tree and note showing her as Jessie’s step-daughter
(7) Print-out of 1860 certificate of marriage between George Paris and Jessie Low, 2007

Emily Beek nee Alston (1837-1911)

Letters from Emily and her companion, Agnes Taylor, to AG Low, initially requesting financial aid, ‘for your dear Father’s & Mother’s sake’, as ‘Dr Beke left me quite destitute’. Includes copy letters, 1889, of the National Portrait Gallery, referring to a portrait of Dr Beke, 1902-1909

Employment Documents

UR-SF 71/1/1 John Kimber’s Educational Institute of Scotland certificate. 27th Nov 1906
UR-SF 71/1/2 John Kimber’s First Class certificate from Staff Gymnasium at Portsmouth. n.d.
UR-SF 71/1/3 Book of Testimonials for John Kimber in applying for the post of Superintendent in Physical Training under the Edinburgh School Board. 1904-1910

Military Service Documents and Photographs

UR-SF 71/3/1 John William Kimber’s certificate of service in the Royal Navy. Includes list of ships served on, any wounds received, good conduct badges and character/ability ratings. 24th July 1891-31st December 1905
UR-SF 71/3/2 Report on Lieutenant John W. Kimber by Grenadier School of Instruction at Scone Camp. The report details that Kimber attended a course of instruction on trench warfare and grenade engines from 25th August – 8th September 1915. 1915
UR-SF 71/3/3 Letter to Reserve Centre from General Staff at Northern Command, referring to an application from the O.C. 4th Reserve Battalion Black Watch about the return of Lieutenant John W. Kimber to regimental duty. The application is denied. 25th June 1916
UR-SF 71/3/4 Northern Command School of Instruction Classification for Lieutenant John W. Kimber from Ripon Reserve Centre. Kimber attended from 23rd of October 1916-2nd of December 1916. 1st Dec 1916
UR-SF 71/3/5 Letter written from John Kimber in France to Ada Kimber. 1st May 1918
UR-SF 71/3/6-7 /6 Postcard of Kimber and two other men in an army storeroom /7 Photograph of Kimber and three other soldiers [letting off a flare?] ‘Yorkshire. J.W.K’ is inscribed on the back n.d.
UR-SF 71/3/8 Photograph of Kimber and his regiment standing to attention n.d.
UR-SF 71/3/9-10 Two photographs of Kimber standing with military personnel. n.d.
UR-SF 71/3/11 Photograph of Kimber marching with his regiment. n.d.
UR-SF 71/3/12 Certificate of Death for John Kimber from the War Office 23rd July 1918
UR-SF 71/3/13-14 /13 Photograph of Kimber’s grave in Etaples Military Cemetery /14 A small portrait print of Kimber in his army uniform. Cut out from the military roll of honour n.d.

Miscellaneous Harland papers

(1) Annotated photocard of Edith Augusta Harland (1875-1958), 1896
(2) Annotated postcard to Miss Hudson, 1911
(3) Copy photograph of ‘Rev Albert Augustus Harland of Harefield (17 children)’, nd
(4) Postcard of the Vicarage, Harefield, 1918
(5) Annotated copy letter to W Harland re Lord Pirrie’s will, nd

Ellen ‘Nellie’ Mary Halley (1858-1939)

(1) Photograph album marked EMH [Ellen ‘Nellie’ Mary Halley] featuring family groups and portraits of children and adults, some annotated, 19th century, also modern list of potential identifications
(2) Pocket diary, with entries, inscribed ‘EM Halley Christmas 1873’, 1874
(3) Empty envelope, marked ‘with the most affectionate love & best wishes of her Father & Mother, 1874’
(4) ‘The Quartette’, 11 ms issues, January-August, October-December 1876
[‘Albert House, possibly school, put together by 2 sisters of Annie Low (nee Halley), N(Ellen) & Evaline Halley, their friends Bedingfield & Winton to sell at School’. Source: Low/Philpott]
(5) Notebook with journal entries and some press flora, inscribed ‘EM Halley 36 Elgin Crescent Notting Hill London W’, 1887
(6) Notebook with journal entries, inscribed ‘EM Halley 36 Elgin Crescent Notting Hill W 1889’
(7) Photograph of two women and two boys, annotated as Annie, Robert F, and Frank B Low plus Nelly, c1900
(8) Photocard, annotated as ‘Ellie (Nelly) Halley’, c 1910
(9) Photograph of family group outdoors, possibly featuring Nelly, her mother and Annie Low, c1910
(10) Letter to Miss [EM] Halley informing her that Sir Edward’s estate has largely been distributed, 1913
(11) Picture postcards [5], mostly from AL to Miss Halley, one from Nell to Mrs Low, 1915-1934
(12) Pocket diary containing shopping lists, inscribed ‘Miss Halley 113 Inverness Terrace London W2’, 1918
(13) Note about photographs, and notation of birth and death of Alice, nd
(14) Partial further division of the residuary estate of Sir EJ Harland, 1912
(15) Copy of will of Mrs Emily Jane Halley, 1910, with register of probate for will of Ellen Mary Halley, 1939

Edith Chabot (1840-1921)

(1) Outline of James Chabot’s arrival in England, of his sons and Philip James Chabot’s life, [19C]
(2) 'An account of the Chabot family drawn up by Edith Chabot 1886, from Old Deeds and Memoranda and a Pedigree sketched out by Dr Beke’, nd
(3) 'An account of the Chabot family drawn up by Edith Chabot 1886...& a pedigree sketched out by Dr Beke’, containing tree with brief histories of family members, with some later additional dates
(4) Photograph tentatively identified as Edith Chabot with her mother and sister, 1880s
(5) Studio portraits [4] of Edith, [c1880-c1900]
(6) Genealogy list of Chabot family with sketch tree, [post 1893]
(7) Letter to Annie, from her cousin Edith about the death of ?, 1899
(8) Trustees accounts and letters [3] regarding the winding up of Edith Chabot’s estate, 1921
(9) Photograph of the tomb of Edith Chabot and other family members. [20C] [damaged]
(10) Note of Edith’s birth, death and where buried, nd

Sir Edward Harland (1831-1895)

(1) Watercolour sketch of Glenfarnie Hall, nd,
(2) Postcard portraits [4] of Sir Edward from middle age to elderly, c1860-1894
(3) Letters [original and copies] from Harland and Henry Pierson Harland (b1876) including ones to AG and Mrs A Low relating to Harland & Wolff shares, and Lord Pirrie’s will, 1894-1926, with modern note
(4) News clippings of Sir Edward’s obituary and funeral, 1895,
(5) Reprint of Home Rule speech, 1893 by the late Sir Edward Harland, nd,
(6) Sale catalogue of ‘Important Jewels the Property of Lady Harland & others’, 1912

Frank Buchanan Low (1905-1973)

(1) Mounted photographs of Frank as a child with his sisters, 1905
(2) Photographs [4] and one framed of Frank alone and with family, c1908-1920
(3) Letters and card from Frank to his parents and brother containing personal and school news, and while on service in Belfast. Also postcard from Elsie to her mother-in-law, c1912-1928
(4) Receipts addressed to AG Low and Frank regarding a legacy and his Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve uniforms, 1919-1930
(5) Photograph of Geraldine Elsie, wife of Frank, 1930s with copies
(6) Envelope with list of places and dates relevant to Frank

James Chabot (1778-1850)

(1) ‘Journal of my journey through Part of England commencing 4 July & ending 1798’, by James Chabot
(2) ‘The Times’, containing Nelson’s report of the Battle of the Nile, Wednesday 3 October, 1798
(3) Illustrated account of a naval battle at Naples by Admiral Saumarez, given to James Chabot in 1810, with letter of thanks from R Saumarez to ‘My dear Admiral’, 1858, and modern note
(4) Poem to Chabot inviting him to attend the Anglo Sicilian Flotilla in 1810, annotated with other verse and note explaining the poem’s circumstances, addressed to Mrs Low ‘with Mrs Smyth’s friendly remembrances’, plus modern context note
(5) Note of baptism certificate of son, George Stooks Chabot, Bloomsbury, 1821
(6) Copy baptismal certificate of daughter, Emily Sempronia Chabot, Bloomsbury, 1826 [d.1828]

Gerald Harland Low (1895-1914)

(1) Photograph of three children, possibly Gerald, Alex H and Harriet Low, [1899?]
(2) Letters with personal news from Gerald to his parents while at school, on holiday with his siblings and in Salzburg and Lausanne where he writes he is not suited for ‘a learned profession’ and has decided to go into business, 1900-1913, with cheque from his father, 1913 and letter from Sam Eggar to Alec [AG] Low offering help with Gerald’s future career, 1913 with modern notes
(3) Photograph of Gerald as a boy with his mother and siblings, [c1903]
(4) Watercolour sketches [2] of buildings around Dunster, nd
(5) Sketchbooks, inscribed ‘GH Low’ but containing at least one sketch, 1930, by AG Low, 1906-1907
(6) Cartoon sketch of servant carrying a crown, initialled ‘GHL 1909’
(7) Postcard album with note ‘Old postcards Switzerland inc pics of 1/7/1912 to GH Low of Spiez’, c1912
(8) Single and double frame photographs of GH Low in army uniform, 1914
(9) Mounted and loose photographs, mostly copies, of GH Low in army uniform, 1914
(10) Card, noting Private Gerald Harland Low went missing 31 October at Messines [written in Dutch and Flemish], 1914
(11) Sketch map of Messines 31 October 1914
(12) Certification that as Pte Gerald Harland Low has been missing since 1 November 1914, he is presumed dead, 1916,
(13) News cutting about the 1914 star, 1919
(14) Letter enclosing GH Low’s clasp to his 1914 star, 1921
(15) Verses by CJ Hamilton, ‘It tells of weary watching Of sorrow, grief, & pain’, nd,
(16) Probate papers for Gerald’s death including papers relating Mrs Halley’s estate, 1915-1916
(17) WW1 memorial poster, commemorating the death of Pte Gerald Harland Low, 1 November 1914, aged 19, 1918
(18) ‘Introduction to the registers of the Ypres (Menin Gate) and Tyne Cot, Passchendaele, Memorials Belgium’, with copy of the ‘Memorial Register 29- Part XXV Soldiers from the United Kingdom Knight-Loynton’, 1926
(19) Imperial War Graves Commission order form for their report, 1927
(20) Map of Military cemeteries, listed by allied countries, [c1927?]
(21) Photographs of Indian schoolgirls, including portraits of one [early 20C] , with modern notes speculating she was sponsored in memory of Gerald
(22) Copy of Jack Robson’s war experiences in 1914, with accompanying letter explaining how the description of fighting at Messines Bridge would have been experienced by GH Low, 1930
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