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Nicola Streeten's Billy, Me &You Collection

  • MS 427
  • Collection
  • 2008-2011
Files relating to 'Billy, Me & You' /1 Liquorice Number 1 (2008) Plowman Press, NJ Streeten and Sally Plowman, this is the first serialised comics of Billy, Me & You in the chapter "My Graphic Novel" /2 Liquorice Number 3 (2009) Plowman Press, /3 Liquorice Number 4 (2010) Plowman Press /4 Liquorice Number 5 (2010) Plowman Press /5 Liquorice Number 6 (2011) Plowman Press /6 Liquorice Number 7 (2011) Plowman Press, piece on the process of making Billy, Me & You /7 Letter from Nicola to Golnar Nabizadeh dated 21 May 2018 about the accession /8 Small brown envelope titled BMY Chap 4, within it are the proofs for Billy, Me & You Chpater 4, as well as some handwritten notes and planning pages. /9 White Large letter envelope labeled "Billy, Me & You Chapter 5 (Liq 6)", within are her original art for the chapter, drafts, notes, thumbnails, and different versions of pages, character studies and roughs /10 Large brown envelope labeled Billy Me & You Chpater 6, within are some original art pieces, drafts, notes, thumbnails, roughs, a chapter plan /11 Large Yellowish envelope labeled Billy, Me & You Draft 3 April/May 2011, included within are a greeting card labeled A-Z of Toddlers, prints, proofs, thumbnails, labels, original art on journal pages /12 Large orange folder labeled Billy, Me & You Chapter 7 Jan 11, magazine clipping, proofs and original art /13 Large green folder labeled Billy, Me & You 2011 Draft 2 A/W, included within is another folder of photographs (some of Nicola and some presumably of family), Roughs, prints and diary pages /14 Large yellow binder labeled Practical element of study for Nicola Streeten (2008) including roughs, drafts, assignments original art and proofs for Nicola's Master's /15 Roughs for You. Billy. Me Chapter 6 Liquorice 7 /16 Pink plastic folder, within a letter from Sarah Brown 31 May 2011, yellow Billy, Me & You postcard, scanned letter from Margaret Williams with Nicola's notes on it, publishing sheets, Billy, Me & You Draft 4-6 2011

Nicola Streeten