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Bill Dow (William Dow)

CD containing Powerpoint talks on Dundee Harbour, Dundee Tramcars, Grampian Electric Co, Juteopolis, Morgan Academy (with extensive notes), Scottish Schools, Students' interupted studies, College in Gardyne Road, Electric House, Leslie Lectare 1838, James Bowman Lindsay.

William (Bill) Dow

Bill Dow's notes on Loyal Addresses

Notes on the Loyal Address presented to the rector from students at University College Dundee, from late 1940s to early 1950s. Photographs of examples as well as a CD copy. Also contains a photograph of "William M. Dow, Scribe" translated into hieroglyphics and presented to Bill Dow by Ms Ruth Walton in June 1950.

William (Bill) Dow

Bill Dow's Pupil and Student Days and Interruption in RAF. Things happening in Dundee in 40s and 50s.

Self printed volume 'Was Disaster built into the First Tay Bridge' by W M Dow and CD-R containing powerpoint presentations by Bill Dow: Dundee Harbour, Dundee Tramcars, Grampian Electric Company, Juteopolis, Morgan Academy History, Pressure Pattern Navigation 2, The College in Gardyne Road, The International Geophysical Year, The Millenium 2000 (Word file) , Update Mcgrory (Word file re Morgan), and web link to the post-war operations page by Bill Dow. Word file and web link in Electronic Collections on the S Drive. Powerpoints and talks created by Bill Dow as presentations and talks and for interest

William (Bill) Dow

William M. Dow (Bill Dow) Collection

  • MS 415
  • Collection
  • c.1990 - 2013
Contains a self-published book titled "Was Disaster built into the first Tay Bridge? - Surviving correspondence which went to the Inquiry but was NOT revealed". Photographs and notes of notes on loyal address from his time as a student representative council member in St Andrews, and CDs containing summaries of research, powerpoint presentations, with one presentation on the S Drive in electronic format only (MS 415/2/1).

William (Bill) Dow