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Dorothy Lindesay Low nee Gregory (1898-1998?)

(1) Dorothy’s ‘Book of Common Prayer’ inscribed to ‘Peter’ from ‘Pixie’, nd;
(2) ‘Postcard album containing views of Liverpool, Wales, London and Peterborough and cards from Dorothy’s grandmother Caroline Richardson of Peterborough, mother, Mabel Emily Richardson and brother, Harold Gregory c1911-1919 [fragile]
(3) Bundle of picture postcards addressed to Miss DL Gregory, from various friends, 1913-1932
(4) Letter from S Nowell-Rostron, St Matthew’s Bayswater, to Dorothy [Gregory] re helping with the Middle School, July 1927, with letter from Ella Nowell-Rostron, Liverpool, sympathising with Dorothy’s decision not join with the ‘S.S’ work, August 1927
(5) Letter with counterfoil confirming continued war loan, 1930
(6) Bundle of picture postcards, mostly to Dorothy at Dorlo House, including one from her to 'Master John Low', [Alex JS Low, b 1937], 1933-1972
(7) Share certificates and receipt in the name of Mrs Dorothy Lindesay Low, 1935, 1947-1948
(8) Passports, 1965 and 1977
(9) Calgary Alberta, postcard packet sent to Dorothy Low, Ferring, 1980
(10) ‘Dorothy Low’: album of snapshots of family group celebrating her 100th birthday, [1998]


(1) Daguerreotype of seated young child, annotated as Harriet Mary Low’, [1862] [damaged]
(2) Daguerreotype of young child by seated, annotated ‘Little girl Harriet Mary Low as small child taken Mexico (or Texas?) ‘ [1862]
(3) Daguerreotype of young girl, ‘Harriet Mary Low (1859-1885)’ 1860s
(4) Photocards portraits of Harriet as a young woman [6], one in fancy dress, 1873-1879
(5) Large photocards of Harriet, c1876-1878
(6) Photograph of Harriet with unknown female c1880
(7) Photocard of Harriet and Alexander on their wedding day, 1884
(8) Photocards [2] of Harriet and Alexander, one with marriage announcement, 1884


(1) Bundle of portrait photocards and loose prints, many duplicates, of Charles as an adult, c1885-c1922
(2) Formal portrait of Charles and Violet, 1900
(3) Mounted studio portrait of Charles, c1900
(4) Formal portrait of Violet Low, c1914
(5) Snapshots [3] of Charles and Violet, one annotated ‘Peking’, [1914]
(6) Formal portrait of Charles W Low, c1920
(7) Mounted photograph of three elderly gentleman, annotated on reverse as Charles Watson Low, James Chabot Low and Alexander Graham Low, [1920s] *
(8) Portrait of older gentleman annotated as Charles Watson Low, 1920s
(9) Snapshot of CW Low’s burial stone, nd
(10) Packet of negatives, mainly featuring scenes, nd


(1) Photographs with note as being from AG Low, ‘unidentified or with any certainty’, featuring places and people in various social and more formal settings, 1860s-1930s
(2) Photocards of fellow Cheltenham College pupils, c1869
(3) Photocards of AG Low as a youth to family man, 1872-1892
(4) Photocard and photographs featuring AG Low with others and of property at the Low's Ceylon Tea Plantation, [1880s?]
(5) Photograph of ladies and gentlemen at archery [club?], [19C]
(6) Framed collodion of AG Low and Annie Halley outdoors, [1890?]
(7) Photocard of AG and Annie Low, c1891
(8) Photocard of Annie Low holding Alexander Halley Low, 1892
(9) ‘AG and Annie Low’s family photograph album’, featuring a few prints of the Low's, but also other people, possibly of the wider family, and scenes, buildings and interiors, 19-20th C [fragile]
(10) Album 'Photographs' with loose photographs featuring Annie Low, the family, buildings and scenes, c1892-c1930 [fragile]
(11) Green photo album, 'Photographs', mostly featuring rural scenes, [early 1900s]
(12) Portrait photographs, some mounted, of AG Low, c1900-1930s
(13) Photographs of AG Low with family members, and of his siblings, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, 1900’s-1950s
(14) Mounted photograph of people on open [carriage bus?], annotated ‘AG Low & flat cap 2nd row’, [1900s]
(15) Photographs of places, including Holland Park and the Dunster Meet, c1910-c1920
(16) ‘AMAT 1914’, [Sutherland} album, with some annotations, featuring people, scenes and buildings, 1914
(17) Annotated double photograph of the River Pus at Pusard, nd
(18) Packet: ‘AGL negs not yet printed from. Printed 16/9/26’ Negatives of scenic views
(19) AG and Annie Low while travelling including Egypt and Brazil, 1924-1930
(20) Alexander G and Annie Low at doorway of old building, with negative, [1930s]
(21) Kodak packet containing negatives featuring people [AG and ANNIE Low?] and packets of hair clippings from family members, and ‘Inscriptions in the cloisters of Cheltenam College’, ]20th cent]

Genealogical research material

(1) 'The Little Red Town & JMB' by Sandra Affleck, 1990 including postcard from the author offering some help and slips of notes, 2008
(2) ‘The World Book of Lows’ with accompanying letters from the publisher to Alex Low, and heraldic shield, 1992
(3) Copies of Alex and Jean’s lineage, with genealogy print outs of Alexander Halley Low, Alexander John Stewart Low and Alex’s London research timetable, 2006-2012
(4) Album of annotated photographs of places associated with members of the Low, Halley, Harland, Pierson and Richardson families, [c2008]
(5) Bundle of draft and finished genealogies of the Halley, Harland, Chabot, Richardson, Gregory and Young, Harpin/Harpham and Low families, [c2008]
(6) Sheets of mounted and annotated photographs of family members [some copies elsewhere in collection], including Alexander Fairweather Low, Emily Jane Halley, Alexander Graham Low, Annie Low and their children, members of the Gregory family, Alexander Halley Low, Philip Victor Low, Gerald H Low, Dorothy Lindesay Low and Alexander JS Low as a child and young man. Also features photographs by Alexander Halley Low while in Canada, 19th century- 1950s
(7) Copies of 19th maps of parts of Dundee, Forfarshire and Perthshire, [c2008]
(8) Mounted extracts of birth certificates for Harriet Mary Low, 1882; Robert Fairweather Low,1900 & 1918; Alexander Halley Low [1892; Harriet Mary Low, 1893; Gerald Harland Low, 1895; Philip Victor Chabot Low, 1916; Kenneth Graham Low, 1902; David Septimus Low, 1908; Margaret Annie, 1910 also mounted marriage certificate extract for AG Low and Annie Halley, 1891, loose marriage certificate extract for AH Low and Dorothy Lindesay Gregory, 1933 and loose copy certificate for the death of Annie Low, 1946

Photographic assignments

(1) ‘London Dog Market, Club Row’, 21 b&w photos with captions attached, 1959
(2) ‘The Path to Peace’, article in 'Newsweek' featuring AL photographs including cover, 20 August 1962
(3) ‘Full Chat at Last’, article in 'The Sunday Times' magazine featuring AL photographs, 16 December 1962
(4) ‘Eire and Northern Ireland’, 1963, 39 slides with list of 26 captions
(5) ‘We still like to be beside the seaside’, 5 slides, with 'The Sunday Times' containing relevant article,1 September 1963
(6) ‘Where have all the new cars gone’ article in 'The Sunday Times' magazine featuring AL photographs, 13 October 1963
(7) ‘The Inquisitors’ article in 'The Sunday Times' magazine featuring AL photographs, 8 December 1963
(8) ‘The economics of being world champion’ article in 'The Weekend Telegraph' magazine featuring AL photographs, also cover photo, 2 October 1964
(9) Sir Winston Churchill: ‘Churchill, Farewell to greatness’, 'Weekend Telegraph' special issue, with 'Weekend Telegraph''s ‘Tribute to Sir Winston Churchill’, ‘Winston Churchill the story of the man of destiny, 'Daily Telegraph', with printout of ‘Photo Histories’ featuring ‘Farewell to Greatness’ article describing how the special issues were created, including those of Alex Low, 2020
(10) ‘Poona the last stronghold of the pukka sahibs’ article in 'The Weekend Telegraph' featuring AL photographs, also cover photo, 8 August 1965
(11) ‘The King and the Kingmakers’ article in 'The Weekend Telegraph' featuring AL photographs, 9 September 1966
(12) ‘Cars to make the gravel whisper’ article in 'The Weekend Telegraph' magazine featuring AL photographs, 21 October 1966
(13) ‘The great sand-yacht race’ article in 'The Weekend Telegraph' magazine featuring AL photographs, also cover photo, 12 May 1967
(14) ‘Drugs Hong Kong’s futile battle, 87 slides with 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article,1 September 1963
(15) ‘Formosa prepares for war’, 21 slides with 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article,17 September 1965
(16) ‘East African safari, Kenyan (car rally), 58 slides, 1966
(17) ‘Club Mediterranee, Corfu, Greece’, 80 slides, also ‘Butlins Clacton’, 20 slides, with 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 18 March 1966
(18) ‘El Mahdi’s family reigns again. Khartoum Sudan’, 12 slides, 1966 [see 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 29 April 1966]
(19) ‘Emperor Haile Selassie Ethiopia’, 54 slides, with print of AL shaking hands with the Emperor, annotated with story of shoot on reverse, 1966
(20) ‘The man who climbed the Eiger, Switzerland’, 40 slides, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 29 April 1966
(21) ‘Leper colony Ethiopia & landscapes’, 60 slides with 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article,4 November 1966
(22) ‘Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden, 40 slides, 1965, with 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article 'Every Friday in Summer', 20 January 1967
(23) ‘Famine Bihar India’, 177 slides, with 22 b&w prints and explanatory email, 2020, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 24 February 1967
(24) ‘Khajuraho Temple sculptures India’, 10 slides,1967 and 1965 guide book,
(25) ‘Hailwood and Agostini at Imola Italy’, 20 slides, 1967
(26) ‘Chinese Nationalist Army (KMT), Mae Salong, Thailand’, 80 slides, with ‘Lost Army’ 15 negatives, 4 prints and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article,10 March 1967
(27) ‘Ruins of Empire. India and Pakistan’, 50 slides, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 18 August 1967
(28) ‘Sunken Treasure HMS Association’, 37 slides, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 13 October 1967
(29) Pia Degermark, start of Elvira Madigan, 32 slides [1967?]
(30) ‘The Mediators, Scotland/London, 53 slides, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 8 December 1967
(31) ‘Winter Olympics’, Ale Low and Anthony Howarth, 26 slides, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 2 February 1968
(32) ‘Leight Taylor Young actress’ 7 slides, 1968, with ‘Senita Berger actress’, 6 slides, 1968, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 4 July 1969
(33) 'Big Game Fishing, Mombasa, Kenya’, 84 slides, 1969
(34) 'Daily Telegraph' magazine, 9 January 1970
(35) ‘Cannery Row Monterey California USA’, 152 slides, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 3 April 1970
(36) ‘Californian hippy communes USA’, 151 slides, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 29 May 1970
(37) ‘Harrah’s cars Reno, Nevada USA’, 254 slides and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 9 October 1970
(38) ‘Isle of Wight pop festival, 26 slides, with 44 contact sheets and their negatives, 7 b&w prints, 8 x cd’s of 239 images, small packet of ‘b&w prints scanned from negatives’, with email, 2020 of notes about the pictures and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 30 October 1970
(39) Norway, ‘taken while working as a special photographer on the film, ‘Song of Norway’ about the life of Greig’, 136 slides, 1969, with 3 prints of cabin interior and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine with relevant article, 13 November 1970
(40) ‘Sea of Cortes, Baja, Mexico’, 139 slides ‘Selects’, with list of 92 captions, and 132 ‘Overs’ and 157 slides with 'Venture' magazine, July-August 1970
(41) Mae West, Hollywood USA, 20 slides, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine, with relevant article, 21 August 1970
(42) ‘Harold Robbins in LA’, 70 slides, and 'Daily Telegraph' magazine, with relevant article, 17 September 1970
(43) ‘Lincoln Nebraska USA’, 32 slides, 1970
(44) ‘Argentina World of a Country’, 102 slides, with list of 68 captions, also 'Venture' magazine with relevant article, February 1971 and explanatory email, 2020
(45) ‘Seychelles Indian Ocean before the airport’, 100 slides ‘Selects’ and 90 slides ‘Overs’, with list of 38 captions and 'Venture' magazine with relevant article, June 1971
(46) ‘Madagascar’, 180 slides with list of 58 captions, also 140 slides, 1971
(47) Maharaja of Bikaner, 78 slides including his son’s wedding ‘the last royal wedding in India before they lost their titles, with copy of wedding invitation to Alexander Low, 1971
(48) Maharaja of Dewas jnr, 20 slides, 1971
(49) Maharaja of Gwalior, 80 slides, 1971
(50) Rajmata of Jaipour, 57 slides, 1971
(51) Maharaja of Jodhpur, 54 slides, 1971
(52) Maharana of Udaipur, 40 slides, 1971
(53) ‘Concorde Test Flight’, 13 slides, with annotated photograph of Alex Low and Laurie Lee before embarking, February 1973
(54) Miscellaneous images: 2 slides of Alexander Low, 1 slide of Jim Clark GP Driver, 10 slides featuring the Trans-Sahara Sand-yacht Race and Toureg, 7 slides of Royal Yacht Britannia, 5 slides of the Blue Nile and Lake Tana, Ethiopia, and 6 slides of the Taj Mahal and Festival of Light, Delhi, 1960s-1970s

‘Jamie-A Story About Your Grandad’

  • MS 457
  • Collection
  • 2001
Biography of Mr Joseph Millar, written for his grandson, Jamie. Details stories from WW2, describes his parent's lives in the 1940s and 1950s, family relationships, childhood friends and games, school, and Dundee street life. Also stories around the cinema, dancehalls, buster stalls and holidays. Details his employment, his married and family life, and his career as a darts player.

Joseph Millar

Bert Barnett photographic collection

  • UR-STU 8
  • Collection
  • 1964-1968
CD of digital photographs of Bert Barnett and fellow architecture students including those taken in the Art College, 1967-1968, canteen, miscellaneous images 1964-1966 and 'Sleepy People' , a college band at rehearsals featuring Ric Russell and Dick Cannon amongst others; 2 printed emails giving a brief history of Bert's time at Art College and a list of captions for the photographs.

Bert Barnett

Printed Programme

on occasion of the Opening of the New Developments at Strathmartine Hospital, Dundee by Lord Hughes of Hawkhill. Includes History and Diagrammatic Plan of Hospital. (2 copies)

Strathmartine Hospital

  • THB 8
  • Collection
  • 1853-1999
Charters, Bye-Laws and Regulations 1911-1944; Reports 1855-1985; Minutes 1853-1987; Patients' Records 1854-1991; Chromatographic Unit Records 1962-1985; Financial Records 1929-1993; Staff Records 1915-1983; Visitors' Books 1916-1966; Legal Records 1863-1924; Administration Records 1901-1976; Property Records 1901-1964; Associations and Clubs 1965-1985; Todhill Farm Training Home 1945-1958; Newspaper Cuttings 1929-1971; Publications and Histories c 1894-1999; Mental Health & Education Acts and Regulations 1913-1960; Photographs c1923-1973; Audio Cassettes 1985; Plans 1897-1967.

Strathmartine Hospital (Baldovan Institute)

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