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Calum Laird
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Scripty in Commandoland

Comic script, inks and edits by Calum Laird and Catriona Laird based on Calum Laird's Commando script collection. /1 script page 1 by Calum Laird /2 script page 2 by Calum Laird /3 pencils page 1 by Catriona Laird /4 pencils page 2 by Catriona Laird /5 inks page 1 by Catriona Laird /6 inks page 2 by Catriona Laird /7 draft 1 page 1 /8 draft 1 page 2

Calum Laird

Calum Laird Commando Scripts Collection

  • MS 386
  • Collection
  • 2000
Scripts for Commando magazine, with some annotations and artwork from graphic designers. Scripts filed by issue number and labelled with script name and author.

Calum Laird