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Academic ephemera

UR-STU 24/7/1 Signed University of St. Andrews and Queen's College Matriculation Card, 1964-65

UR-STU 24/7/2 Bundle of The Dundee Labour Club membership cards, 1964-65 and 1966-67

UR-STU 24/7/3 Blank University of Dundee Matriculation Card, 1968-69

UR-STU 24/7/4 Slip on qualification preference for final year students, April 1968

UR-STU 24/7/5 Press Ticket 'British Association for the Advancement of Science', 1968

UR-STU 24/7/6 Ticket for Academic Ceremony, Caird Hall, July 1968

UR-STU 24/7/7 Ticket for Graduation Ball, Students Union, July 1968

UR-STU 24/7/8 Blank Greeting Card from University of St. Andrews and Queen's College Dundee, nd

Lord George Robertson


UR-STU 24/6/1 List of 14 names of 'Council in University of St. Andrews for Peace in Vietnam', nd

UR-STU 24/6/2 Leaflet on The Giffen Association meeting place, nd

UR-STU 24/6/3 Photograph of people on a coal merchant truck with 'SCND' decal on the side, nd

UR-STU 24/6/4 'Back Britain', Boycott Work-In flyer [1968]

UR-STU 24/6/5 Documents on 'Votes for Youth Campaign' c.1969, including one slip on abolishing ''Y' Voter System', nd, and one copy of a letter from John M. Horsfield, Secretary of 'Votes for Youth Campaign', listing campaign supporters and asking Robertson to join said list, nd

Lord George Robertson


UR-STU 24/5/1 'An Organisational Plan for the Future', Scottish Union of Students report by Robertson, April 1968

UR-STU 24/5/2 John Wickerson's, Post Graduate Representative, report on Joint Court/Student Meeting on 'Post Graduate facilities', January 1969

Lord George Robertson


UR-STU 24/4/1 Speech on University of Dundee Graduates' Council [1969]

UR-STU 24/4/2 Speech Robertson gave on behalf of new University of Dundee, nd

UR-STU 24/4/3 Speech Robertson gave on the new University of Dundee library, nd

Lord George Robertson


UR-STU 24/3/1 Bundle of Anasach newspaper clippings, 1965-69, detailing rowdy students, disputes over student rent and grants, the Work-In, South African apartheid demonstrations, and student complaints over the pill

UR-STU 24/3/2 Bundle of Robertson's 'Shakeout' column clippings, 1966-68, detailing 'peeping toms' on Seafield area, the Union, student housing and Halls of Residence, sports boycott, Work-In, accommodation and sports union fees, student strikes over fees, student grants, violence and attack on Hawkhill, poor library facilities, and women kicked out of university for being pregnant

UR-STU 24/3/3 Photocopy of newspaper column, 'Damn You, Scotland', nd

UR-STU 24/3/4 Two 'Aien' Reporter Cards, nd, including one signed by Robertson and one blank

Lord George Robertson


UR-STU 24/2/1 Letter from Dundee City Chambers on reducing voting age, January 1965

UR-STU 24/2/2 Two letters on Student Allowance granted to Robertson, August 1965 and September 1967, including one at University of St. Andrews and Queen's College, 1965, and one at University of Dundee, 1967

UR-STU 24/2/3 Conformation letter, from Neil Elder, regarding Robertson's enrolment in Honours Politics in University of St. Andrews and Queen's College, September 1965

UR-STU 24/2/4 Letter from Harold Wilson, Prime Minister, on Robertson's invitation to Dundee, April 1966

UR-STU 24/2/5 Letter from Michael Foot, MP, regarding Honorary President 1966-67 position, May 1966

UR-STU 24/2/6 Letter from Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore Prime Minister, on The Dundee Students' Labour Club position of Honorary Vice President for Session 1966-67, June 1966

UR-STU 24/2/7 Two letters from Dickson Mabon, Scottish Minister of State, on 'Aien' publications over student rent, February and March 1967

UR-STU 24/2/8 Letter from Clydesdale Bank Limited on yearly statements, March 1967

UR-STU 24/2/9 Letter from James A. D. Michie, Senior Deputy Director of Education, on Temporary Teaching Application, April 1967

UR-STU 24/2/10 Letter from George Thomson, Baron Thomason of Monifieth, regarding Rhodesia, September 1967

UR-STU 24/2/11 Letter from Philip Thomson, Vice-President of S.U.S., on student housing, December 1967

UR-STU 24/2/12 Bundle of letters from James Cameron, January - February and September 1968, including two letters detailing Rector Elections 1968 and two personal correspondences on James' time abroad, Sept 1968 and nd

UR-STU 24/2/13 Letter from University of Dundee Appointments Board on Robertson's 'national failure rates' S.U.S. paper, May 1968

UR-STU 24/2/14 Correspondence with the media, June 1968, including a Letter from BBC on 'Point of Departure'/"Cameron Country," June 1968, and a Confidential letter from The Press Council on Robertson's article in the Scottish DAILY EXPRESS, June 1968

UR-STU 24/2/15 Personal letter from [Bob] on paper on Scotland, September 1968

UR-STU 24/2/16 Letter to Willie Ross, Secretary of State for Scotland, 1969

UR-STU 24/2/17 Bundle of complaint letters on Robertson's student involvement, nd, detailing Robertson's student grant demonstrations, noise and disruption complaints

UR-STU 24/2/18 Letter from Stephen Woodard criticising Robertson's 'Aien' article on public schools, nd

UR-STU 24/2/19 Letter from Student's Representative Council in Jordanhill College of Education, Glasgow, on National Council Election results, nd

UR-STU 24/2/20 Letter from Anthony on public campaigns and pressure groups, such as C.N.D. and C.A.R.D., nd

UR-STU 24/2/21 Christmas card from House of Commons to Robertson, nd

Lord George Robertson

Academic documents

UR-STU 24/1/1 Robertson's confirmation of place at University of St. Andrews and Queen's College, July 1964

UR-STU 24/1/2 Attendance certificate to Robertson from University of St. Andrews and Queen's College, 1964-65

UR-STU 24/1/3 Bundle of M.A. Social Science Examinations, May - June 1965 and 1966

UR-STU 24/1/4 University of St. Andrews and Queen's College Junior Honours Class, Session 1966/67, July 1966

UR-STU 24/1/5 List of University of Dundee Prize Session Winners, 1967/68

UR-STU 24/1/6 Bundle of documents from University of Dundee Graduates Council, 1968-69, detailing the first meeting proceedings, income and expenditure account, balance sheet, and Standing Committee of Graduates Council by Maxwell Kippen

UR-STU 24/1/7 Bundle of University of Dundee M.A. Economics Honours Examination questions, May-June 1968

UR-STU 24/1/8 Examination card for M.A. Economics Honours Degree, June 1968

UR-STU 24/1/9 Records from Installation of the Rector, Mr. Peter Ustinov, October 1968 including the R.S.V.P. requesting Robertson to attend the Rector Installation Luncheon at Angus Hall, the Luncheon Menu at Angus Hall, the Proceedings of Assembly for Installation of Rector at Caird Hall, the Menu and Proceedings for Rectorial Dinner at Invercase Hotel, and the Menu for Rectorial Ball at Murryat Hall

UR-STU 24/1/10 Draft article 'The British Political System: the 'Val Doonican' Theory', nd

UR-STU 24/1/11 Invitation for Robertson's presence at S.R.C. Presentation, nd

UR-STU 24/1/12 Specimen of 'Bachelor of Education Certificate, nd

Lord George Robertson

George Robertson university papers

  • UR-STU 24
  • Collection
  • 1960s
Material relating to Robertson's time at Dundee, primarily recording his participation as a student.

Lord George Robertson

Jim Smith collection

  • UR-STU 22
  • Collection
  • 1969
Eleven copies of 'Old Dundonian' student paper, 1969.

Jim Smith

Kevin McGrath papers

  • UR-STU 20
  • Collection
  • 1980 - 2022
Notebooks, typescripts, and related items created by Kevin McGrath. The Notebooks are complex and attractive objects; beautiful and densely composed containing poetry, observations and correspondence over around 40 years of McGrath's life and work. He lived in France, Greece, and India and there are materials and documents gathered from these times as well as records of work done in those places. The typescripts are of McGrath's poetry and the collection includes small imprint books which McGrath used to approach publishers or to circulate among friends and colleagues (Rosy Cross editions). There are also others of McGrath's publications.

Kevin McGrath

Helen Gill Parker (nee Irons)

  • UR-STU 19
  • Collection
  • 1915-1917
(1-7) Copies of "Magazine of the Dundee Training College" Vol.X 1,2,3 Vol.X1 1, 2 and 3 and Vol. X11 1. 1915-1917 (8) Large photograph 'Outgoing Students 1917' with pictures and names of the students and staff.

Helen Gill Parker (nee Irons)

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