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University College, Dundee SRC session 1933-1934

Group: S.R.C. including Phoebe Adam, Annie Dewar, Betty Dewar, R. Cecil Fraser, W.B. Forster, D.D. Henderson, Cecil Johnstone, Lisbeth K. Kipper, Abigail Lesslie, Maisie Reid, Helda Rodgers, Andrew Ross, Ian Taylor, Daniel Thomson, Winifred Vandore.
4 copies.

Print: b/w 165 x 215 mm

Portrait. D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson.

Portrait of Professor Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, Professor of Biology 1884-1888, Professor of Natural History 1888-1917 [University College, Dundee]. Professor of Natural History 1917-1948 [United College, St. Andrews]

Print: b/w 243x178 mm

Learning Disabilities Archive

  • RU 857
  • Collection
  • c 1970 - c 1990s
Includes cassette tapes of subject interviews, transcripts, questionnaires, articles and research data.This material relates to several key research projects undertaken to explore intellectual disability, looking specifically at the issue from the perspective of adolescents and young adults. The first of these projects related to the Aberdeen Learning Disabilities Cohort dataset and was completed by S. A. Richardson in 1972-1977. The second was called the Tayside Special Education School-Leavers project and was completed by May and Hughes in the 1980s. The final project, Experiencing Adulthood, was undertaken by May and Hogg and completed in the 1990s. More detail about these projects can be found in RU 857/4.

Stephen A. Richardson, David May, David Hughes And James Hogg


  • RU 773
  • Collection
  • 1969-1999
Items relating to Graduation Ceremonies (joint University of Dundee and University of St Andrews Ceremonies) 1969: Examples of tickets for different areas of the Caird Hall for 1 July graduation (16 pieces). Examples of invitations to various graduation events 30 June-1 July (5 pieces). Examples of acknowledgement receipt for invitation to Graduation Day (4 pieces). Academic Ceremonies for the Conferment of Degrees, Caird Hall, Tuesday 1 July 1969. 10.45am and 2.30pm. Graduation lists. Academic Ceremony for the Conferment of Degrees, Caird Hall, Tuesday 1 July 1969. 3.00pm. Graduation lists. Notes for Principals and Vice-Chancellors' Procession 10.45am. Notes for Principals and Vice-Chancellors' Procession 2.30pm. Notes for Principals and Vice-Chancellors' Procession 3.00pm. Notes for Members of Processions. 10.45am and 2.30pm. Notes for Members of Processions. 3.00pm. Procession Marshalling. Dinner 30 June. Table Plan. Luncheon. List of guests with table numbers. 1970: List of tickets of admission to Caird Hall. List of parking stickers to be issued. 1999: Photographs of 12th July 1999 Graduation by William Barr: Photographs of Honorary Graduate Gary Player and Principal Bryce (9 items). Photograph of the Aviva yacht, moored at Dundee harbour (1 item). Photographs of Graduation Procession outside Caird Hall (18 items). Photographs of Graduation Procession outside of Tower Building and Bonar Hall (19 items).

University of Dundee

Royal Dundee Liff Hospital

  • THB 7
  • Collection
  • 1805-1998
Charters, Regulations and Bye-laws 1825-1928; Chartularies 1811-1937; Property Records, 1829-1967; Reports 1830-1990; Minutes 1820-1948; Administration Records 1882-1960; Financial Records, 1805-1986; Patients' Records, 1820-1974; Staff Records 1886-1991; Visitors Books, 1826-1917; Newspaper Cuttings, Magazines & Posters 1870-1998; Records relating to Lunacy Acts and Laws 1850-1984; Records relating to the History of Dundee Lunatic Asylum/Liff, 1879-1948; Records relating to Other Institutions, 1846-1903; Publications, 1933-1991; Photographs, c 1960-1990; Plans, 1906-1987, Cinematic Films, 1971-1972.

Royal Dundee Liff Hospital

Roger Leitch Oral History Transcriptions

  • MS 70
  • Collection
  • 1924 - 2014
Volumes of transcription of sound recording by Roger W. Leitch, School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh University.

Roger Leitch

Tayside Health Council

  • THB 35
  • Collection
  • 1972-2005
Minutes and papers relating to Local Health Councils, 1972-1987; Papers of the Tayside Health Council, 1991-2005; Papers relating to the restructuring of the NHS and Local Health Councils, 1980-2004.; Dundee Local Health Council Annual Reports , 1983-195.

Tayside Health Council

Title Deeds

  • RU 828
  • Collection
  • 1880s-21st century
Deeds of property held, transferred and sold by the University of Dundee. Also Property Register containing copies of some deeds with accompanying memos and some annotations

University Of Dundee

James Hamilton Gray Papers

  • MS 303
  • Collection
  • 1887-1997
Certificates, correpondence, photographs and papers relating to James Hamilton Gray.

James Hamilton Gray

Baxter's Dundee Repertory Theatre programmes

  • MS 376
  • Collection
  • 1975-1980
/1 A Man For All Seasons, 1975
/2 The Wizard of Oz, 1976
/3 Honour Your Partners, 1976
/4 Hedda Gabler, 1976
/5 A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1976
/6 An' me Wi 'a Bad Leg Tae, 1976
/7 The Gay Gorbals, 1976
/8 The Homecoming, 1976
/9 Butley, 1976
/10 Music to Murder, 1976
/11 The Importance of Being Earnest, 1976
/12 Old Mother Hubbard, 1977
/13 Beyond Milk Wood, Winston and Those Who Can't, 1977
/14 After the Fall, 1977
/15 An Inspector Calls, 1977
/16 Corporal Gemmell, 1977
/17 How the Other Half Loves, 1977
/18 Present Laughter, 1977
/19 Who Was That Lady?, 1977
/20 Danny Boy, 1977
/21 Something In It For Cordelia, 1977
/22 The Winslow Boy, 1977
/23 Alice in Wonderland, 1977-8
/24 The Gingerbread Lady, 1978
/25 The Taming of the Shrew, 1978
/26 Me Jane, You Elfie! Who Needs Paisley Adams?, 1978
/27 Mrs Warren's Profession,1978
/28 See How They Run, 1978
/29 Schellenbrack (Dead or Alive), 1978
/30 Music Hall, 1978
/31 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, 1978
/32 Wha's Like Us- Fortunately!, 1978
/33 Entertaining Mr Sloane, 1978
/34 The Glass Menagerie, 1978
/35 The Deep Blue Sea, 1978
/36 The Princess and the Dragon, 1978-9
/37 Home, 1979
/38 I Have Been Here Before, 1979
/39 A Delicate Balance, 1979
/40 Julius Caesar, 1979
/41 Ten Minute Alibi, 1979
/42 You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, 1979
/43 The Boyfriend, 1979
/44 Travesties, 1979
/45 Wise Child, 1979
/46 The Gemm O Luve and Haizart, 1980
/47 Too True To Be Good, 1980
/48 The Father, 1980
/49 Cowardy Custard, 1980

Dr Christopher H. Baxter

The Dundee Conservative and Unionist Association

  • MS 270
  • Collection
  • 1909-2007
Minutes, 1909-1970; Membership records, c.1969 - c.1973; Press cuttings and correspondence, 1930-1951; Election leaflets, 2003-2007; Photographs, c.1931-1936

The Dundee Conservative and Unionist Association

Meteorological Office Data

  • MS 283
  • Collection
  • 1865-1989
(Symons's) British Rainfall, 1865-1968; General Tables of Total Rainfall from British Rainfall, 1928-1968; Monthly and annual totals of Rainfall for the United Kingdom, 1970-1971; Snow Survey of Great Britain, 1967-1989 (These Annual publications gave the official record of rainfalls in the UK - monthly for all sites, with further records of notable daily falls where warranted - and records of snow falls and snow lines on mountains around Britain. The last publication(s) and associated survey were abandoned as a cost-cutting measure in the early 1990s); and copies of Thunderstorm Survey (1970 & 1978) published by Thunderstorm Census Organisation.

Meteorological Office

Dennis Collins: the Tay Rail Bridge

  • MS 418
  • Collection
  • 1880s
A photograph album containing photographs and postcards produced by John Valentine mainly showing the construction of the new Tay Rail Bridge at various stages. Includes two photographs of the original bridge, 1885-1887. Photographs and postcards; newscutting and ephemera including a printed tribute to Dennis Ferguson Collins from the Dundee Congregational Church website

Dennis Collins

Alan Sharp papers

  • MS 454
  • Collection
  • c1965-c2013
Screenplays, inc shooting scripts, handwritten drafts by Sharp and print outs. Manuscripts of two unpublished novels. Notebooks containing journal entries and ideas and notes. Personal letters between Sharp, his family and friends.
Box 1:
Screenplays, inc shooting scripts, handwritten drafts by Sharp and print outs. Manuscripts of two unpublished novels. Notebooks containing journal entries and ideas and notes. Personal letters between Sharp and his birth mother. 'Picture yourself' - bound narrative featuring 'Lorimer', nd, Posters + marketing material for film 'Rob Roy', [1995], 'A blind man on a galloping horse a novel of childhood' bound narrative, nd, Bird spotting notebook, nd, Personal notebook with scrip notes + personal notes, nd, personal diary, [2009], Nightmares and dreamscapes from the short stories of Stephen King, teleplay scripts, [2005], "Night Moves2 The Dark Tower production script, September 17, [1973], An end of wishing, first draft of screenplay, 9/20/1973, Damnation Alley script, May 12 1976, A blind man on a galloping horse chapter contents and notes, nd, Rob Roy script fourth draft, 19 of June 1995, Above the mountain, first draft of screenplay, April 1991, The last run, second draft of the script, 2 April 1991, Ulzana's Raid, thrid draft of screenplay, 1972, Movie Makars a screenwriting event booklet, 1993, 'Dark fire' unpublished writings,nd, The president's child screenplay, nd, Kinship of Alan Sharp list, nd, 'A utopian proposal to a practical people, unpublished narrative, nd, Folder with a persomal letter, maternal family tree and paternal family tree, nd] and Scrapbook of newspaper clippings.
Box 2:
Folder of personal letters, 1999, Folder of personal letters 2009, envelope of personal letters 2000, envelope with bank bills and storyline and chracater synopsis for Ties that bind [nd], folder with various unfinished scripts [nd], Draft of The October surprise x-files by Robert Parry [nd]. loose pages of script [nd], Naples 44 notes and screenplay script 1999, folder with personal letter and script for Ties that Bind first draft 2007, loose pages of Protocol of Zion [nd], personal notes [nd], loose pages of Arthur and Gillian [nd], loose pages of script [nd], handwritten notes [nd], Reversible errors (The first night) second revision 2003, A thousand clavaries storyline [nd], loose notes typed and hand written [nd], A thousand calvaries script second draft revision 2005, Script for Power of the dog 2009, script for black scree legend [nd], script of Burning in Heaven [nd].
Box 3:
Script for Burns 2004, Alan's notes for The Auckland draft march 2007, A view from the headland by Alan Sharp and George Barclay script pages [nd], personal notes loose and notebook[nd], While I was gone handwritten narrative [nd], Blessed McGill handwritten script [nd], Germany football world cup notes 2006, Dissolution screenplay script [nd], Liddie Newton Part one script [nd], The fifth quarter teleplay script 2005, Nightmares and dreams from the stories of Stepehen King event leaflet [nd], Geezers, Slags and Shooters by Steven Daly and Mark Jordan first draft of the script 2000, The apprentice storyline handwritten narrative [nd], Greenock's jewish community 1880-1940 information book 2010, Reversible errors second revision script 2003, Naples 44 handwritten script [nd], adress book and note in one notebook [nd], Address book [nd], El cid screenplay handwritten [nd], El cid handwritten storyline [nd], Handwritten notes [nd], You can't catch death screenplay notes [nd], Handwritten personal work notes [nd], list of characters and personal notes [nd], The all true travels and adventures of Liddie Newton screenplay script [nd], untitled script [nd], While I was gone handwritten script [nd].
Box 4:
Loose pages of autobiographical novel [nd]. personal journal 2011, A blind man on a galloping horse narrative [nd], Double cross handwritten script draft [nd], Personal journal [nd], Notebook with loose pages and notes, Notebook with half written script [nd], Notebook with personal notes [nd], Notebook with handwritten narrative [nd], The Kaiser's last kiss screenplay second draft [nd], empty notebook, Acts four, five, six and seven of the Ben Hur screenplay [nd], acts two and three of the Ben Hur screenplay [nd], Empty adress book, Edition of Thucydides The History of the Peloponesian war, Notebook with personal notes [nd], Notebook with Dona Allman poem [nd], notebook with filming notes [nd], cts two, three, four and five of the Ben Hur screenplay [nd], El cid a legend of our times script [nd] folder with loose film and personal notes [nd], Second draft of the Ben Hur script [nd], The ballad of Hellen and the go-go ninjas by Michael Benett first draft [nd], You can't catch death script [nd], small notebook with personal notes [nd], Notebook with fimlming notes [nd], Notebook with narrative titled Matthew's book [nd], Notebook with personal and filming notes [nd], So the wind won't blow it all away screenplay script [nd], notebook with untitled narrative [nd], Burns character lists and narrative [nd].
Box 5:
The beach of Falesa script 1997, Loose script pages [nd], envelope with individual pieces of writting narrative and poems, Don't cry it's only a picture screenplay script loose pages [nd], Untitled script loose pages [nd], The beach of Falesa complete screenplay [nd], When they kill a president narrative 1971, Ben hur screenplay second draft [nd], Tom Mix and Pancho Villa script February 1994, Tess of the D;Ubervilles continued script [nd], The beach of Falesa screenplay [nd], Tess of the D'Ubervilles screenplay script [nd], The Kaiser's last kiss notes [nd], Tangaroa journal personal [nd], You can't catch death screenplay script [nd], Another of the same personal journal [nd],folder with personal and filming notes [nd], Folder with personal and filming notes [nd], Folder with personal and filming notes and loose script pages [nd].

Alan Sharp

'Ledger': membership lists, notes, memoranda and rolls

Contains: Notes on the churches in America, with 'List of the members of the first Church of Christ in North America'. [Portsmouth, New Hampshire with their age, occupation, place of birth, dates of reception and excommunication, 1841;
List of men and women, 'Brethren in America, 1839;
Transcriptions of letters by Robert Sandeman and one by John Glas;
Sandeman's observations on the Song of Solomon, 1740;
Notes on the first marriage in London "without the Church of England ceremony", 1840;
Extracts from the life of John Barnard, 1777;
Notes on the formation of the London Church;
"Memoranda of a visit by T Boasey (sic) [Boosey] to Dundee, Arbroath, Perth, Dunkeld, Edinburgh, Galashiels and Newcastle in 1843": apart from describing his visits to various congregations the author also mentions a trip on the Dundee and Newtyle Railway. Also transcription of the Memoranda by Rufus Sweetman [2021] ;
Church Rolls for Aberdeen, Arbroath, Newcastle, Cupar, Edinburgh, Dunkeld, Galashiels, Perth, Hazlehall, Montrose, Old Buckingham (sic), Dundee, Glasgow, Paisley, and list of elders at London, York, Nottingham, Liverpool, Trowbridge, Lindhurst, and Chatham. 1808-1809
With basic index added in 20th century


(1) Brass “tune whistle” used for the initial note during hymn singing, in case
(2) Two printer’s plates of the Reverend John Glas
(3) Wooden spoon with v-shaped break in bowl
(4) Knife with bone or horn handle, made by Hilliard and Co. Sheffield
(5) Tuning fork
(6) Pitch pipe possibly used for giving note to begin hymns

Presidents' records

Volume listing Honorary Presidents and Presidents of the University of Dundee Ladies’ Club, from 1928 The volume was initiated by the Ladies’ Club during the session 1982-1983, and is updated each year.

University of Dundee Ladies' Club

Register of In Patients

This register could be for a particular ward, or department, as it does not include which ward patients were admitted to. Gives a date, and the name and address of patients.
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