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Poems by Anna MacDonald. Many with annotations and signed by the author NB Many of these are reproduced online at

Anna MacDonald

Senate correspondence

/1 [S /48] Senate General 1967-68 [September 1967 – September 1968]
/2 [S /48] Senate General 1968-69 [October 1968 – August 1969]
/3 [S /48] Senate General 1969-70 [October 1969 – September 1970]
/4 [S /48] Senate General 1970-71 [October 1970 – September 1971]
/5 [S /48] Senate General 1971-72 [October 1971 – September 1972]
/6 [S /48] Senate - General 1972-73 [October 1972 – September 1973]
/7 [S /48] Senate – General 1973-74 [October 1973 – August 1974]
/8 [S /48] Senate – General 1974-75 [September 1974 – August 1975]
/9 [S /48] Senate General 1975-76 [October 1975 – September 1976]
/10 [S /48] Senate General 1976-77 [October 1976 – July 1977]
/11 [S /48] Senate General 1977-78 [August 1977 – July 1978]
/12 [S /48] Senate Correspondence 1978-79 [September 1978 – October 1979]
/13 [S /48] Senate Correspondence 1979-80 [September 1979 – July 1980]
/14 [S /48] Senate Correspondence 1980-81 [August 1980 – July 1981]
/15 [S /48] Senate Correspondence 1981-82, 1982-83 [August 1981 – September 1983]
/16 [S /48] Senate Correspondence 1983-84, 1984-85 [October 1983 – August 1985]
/17 [S /1] Senate General 1/9/85-87. Volume 1 [October 1985 – July 1987]

Research correspondence

/1 [S /15] Secretary’s Researches 1963-1965. (Queen’s College) Vol.1 pp. 1 – 113 [December 1963 – September 1965]
/2 [S /15] Secretary’s Researches 1966-1967. (Queen’s College) Vol.2 pp. 114 – 295 [January 1966 – February 1967]
/3 [R /12] Research Enquiries (Archival). 24 July 1967-17 September 1969. Vol.1 pp. 1 - 143
/4 [R /12] Research Enquiries (Archival). 2 Dec. 1969 – 24 Nov. 1971. Vol.2 pp. 144 - 256
/5 [R /12] Research Enquiries (Archival). 19 January 1972 – 27 August 1975. Vol.3 pp. 257 - 376
/6 [R /12] Research Enquiries (Archival). 2 September 1975 – 30 March 1977. Vol.4 pp. 377 - 508
/7 [R /12] Research Inquiries (Archival). March 1977 – March 1978. Vol.5 pp. 509 - 607
/8 [R /12] Research Inquiries (Archival). March 1978 – October 1979. Vol.6 pp. 608 - 730
/9 [R /12] Research Enquiries (Archival). Oct. 1979 - Vol.7 pp. 731 – [October 1979-October 1980]
/10 [R /12] Research Files. Queen’s Coll., S /15, U of D., R /12. Contents List.

Alexander Hally (1786-1847)

(1) ‘Doutrina Christa ordenada á maneira de dialogo para ensinar os meninos’, [Christa Doctrine ordered in the form of dialogue to teach children], 1800
(2) Confirmation of Alexander Hally as consul for Sardinia, 1831 [Portuguese]
(3) Scrapbook album of ‘E Hally’ containing verses, illustrations of flora and fauna, views and portraits, 1835-1840
(4) Confirmation of Alexander Hally, 1837 [Portuguese]
(5) ‘Madeira Illustrated by Andrew Picken with a Description of the Island ‘, volume with plates of etchings and text, 1842 [damaged]
(6) ‘Recollections of Madeira dedicated to Mrs Geo[rge] Stoddart’, volume of lithographic prints, many by Andrew Picken [1840s] [damaged]
(7) Letter to Dr Halley, Leeds, from lawyers in Madeira relating to his father's estate papers, 1847
(8) Annotated copy of ‘In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury’ ‘In the Goods of Alexander Hally deceased’, and copy, detailing Hally’s executors, 1847
(9) Parchment, ‘Administration with will annexed as retained in papers of A&B of the Goods of Alexander Hally Esquire decd’ and accompanying letter, 1847
(10) Account of charges attending the administration of Hallys’ will, [1847]
(11) Inland Revenue Residuary Account of Hally’s estate, 1849

Low families miscellanea

(1) Daguerreotype, ladies on a beach, possibly Low relatives in Dundee, 1850s? [fragile]
(2) Low family photographs, uncertain or unidentified, featuring groups, portraits of adults and children, 1860s -1920s
(3) Mounted photograph, annotated, of ‘Mr and Mrs Low’ on a balcony, Mexico, 1876
(4) Photocards of people and places, some labelled or annotated, but connection to any family member unknown, 19th cent
(5) Mounted photograph of unidentified formally grouped adults and children, late 19th cent
(6) Mounted photograph, annotated, of school pupils and teachers of [illegible] Girl’s School, S India, 1896, [badly damaged and fragile] [Possibly received funding in memory of Harriet Low]
(7) Sketchbook containing naïve drawings and watercolours of buildings and flora, unknown artist, nd
(8) Ephemera, all blank: carte postales [2] stamped Sudan and Korosko, illustrated ‘In the Garden that is Friendship’ card, Christmas card with mounted flowers, Valentine card with lace, ‘va ou mon coeur t’envoie’ [go where my heart sends you], packet of Wheeler & Wilson’s needles, illustrated menu card, Christmas greetings mounted photograph of Picton Castle, c1900
(9) Annotated copy of ‘The Appin Memorials’ reprint, 1908
(10) Blank card, The Buenos Ayres and Pacific Railway Company Ltd, 1932
(11) Print-out of 1809 Kirriemuir parish register page, recording birth of Isabel Low to James Low and Ann Fairweather, 2007
(12) Funeral service programme for Susan Eastman, 2008 [Susan Eastman, b. 1937, was the elder child of James GC Low]

James Chabot (1778-1850)

(1) ‘Journal of my journey through Part of England commencing 4 July & ending 1798’, by James Chabot
(2) ‘The Times’, containing Nelson’s report of the Battle of the Nile, Wednesday 3 October, 1798
(3) Illustrated account of a naval battle at Naples by Admiral Saumarez, given to James Chabot in 1810, with letter of thanks from R Saumarez to ‘My dear Admiral’, 1858, and modern note
(4) Poem to Chabot inviting him to attend the Anglo Sicilian Flotilla in 1810, annotated with other verse and note explaining the poem’s circumstances, addressed to Mrs Low ‘with Mrs Smyth’s friendly remembrances’, plus modern context note
(5) Note of baptism certificate of son, George Stooks Chabot, Bloomsbury, 1821
(6) Copy baptismal certificate of daughter, Emily Sempronia Chabot, Bloomsbury, 1826 [d.1828]

Philip Victor Chabot Low (1897-1981)

(1) Portrait and family group photographs of Philip as a baby through to adulthood, including ones in uniform, many with modern identifying annotations, 1898-c1945
(2) Letters and postcards to parents and siblings containing personal news from his school and college, whilst at Lexham Gardens, and with the Cadets, Includes letter and form for entry to Cheltenham College, 1908- 1919
(3) Letters to Philip’s father from Alex Stewart, Appin about Philip’s health, 1921
(4) Copies [3] of Power of Attorney, Philip appointing his brother Robert, 1921
(5) Letters to his father while travelling and while farming at Maritzburg, 1921-1925
(6) Crossing the equator certificate for Philip’s son, Eric, 1926
(7) Letters to his father from Weston Super Mare, with a reference to the Depression, and photograph of [his] house, 1931-1933
(8) Receipt from Junior Army & Navy Club for subscription, 1933
(9) Invitation to the wedding of Philip’s daughter Sheila, 1956
(10) Postcards to his brother, Alex, 1959
(11) Photocopies of Military record with the Black Watch, 1917-1920 and Graduation list of officers, 1918
(12) Envelope of modern notes listing places and dates relevant to Philip

Jean Mary Lindesay Low (b.1934)

(1) Annotated photocards and photographs of Jean as a baby and child, some with her mother and grandparents, 1934-1938
(2) Annotated photographs of Jean as an adult and child, some with her husband, friends, children, grandchildren and niece, 1934 - 2014
(3) Post office savings book, 1941-1953 with slips, 1968-1969
(4) National Registration Identity card, 1944
(5) Letter from Heresford House School concerning Jean’s final year and postcard listing exam results, 1950
(6) Passport, 1954-1959
(7) Bundle of postcards sent to parents while in Spain, Tunisia and from around Britain, 1950s-1960s,
(8) News cuttings of the engagement and marriage of Jean and Michael Smith, 1959,
(9) Letter of thanks from George Carey, Bishop of Canterbury, 1991 enclosing photographs featuring Jean and Mike at the Hope New Christian outreach at Glastonbury Festival, [1983?]
(10) Sketch of Jean’s family tree of descendants, c2008

Miscellaneous West papers

(1) Sarah Ann Lucas, nee Stammer: letters and papers relating to her death, including rough extract of her will, and inventories of silver, linen, china and glass, 1879-1911
(2) Letters and photograph from members of the Patten family, with modern note of family tree, 1880-1925
(3) Notes and letters of various West family members, including accounts for Mrs Killick relating to Hood's Trust' 1897-1931
(4) Photograph of portrait of West ancestor [damaged], with genealogical annotation, nd
(5) Photographs of portraits of Matthew West, b 1777, with genealogical annotations, nd
(6) Photographs, mostly of unidentified individuals and family groups, 19thC-early 20C
(7) ‘Ties’ linen case, nd
(8) Unidentified notes, letters & news cuttings, 19th-20thC

‘American branch of Chabots’

Papers of various members of the Chabot family in USA, mostly comprising letters and cards to AG and Annie Low:

(1) George Stooks Chabot: Photocard of Mrs G Chabot, 1860s; photocard of wife Mary,1874; letter from George Chabot, San Antonio, to his nephew Aleck relating to his sons, 1883; photocard, probably of Mary, later 19C; photocards of young boys [George and Charles], 1870s; family photograph of George, Mary, young George and Charles, 1870s and letter from George Chabot, San Antonio, to his nephew Aleck regarding money, 1899

(2) Lucille Low Chabot: Portrait photograph of Lucille as a young adult, 19C; Invitation to Lucy’s wedding, 1916, containing £500 cheque, 1889; photograph featuring Lucille, her husband Dr Harry Mitchell and AG Low, [c1916]; letter from Lucille, Fresno with two photographs to Alex, London, thanking him for his congratulations, 1916; Christmas letter card from Lucille, Fresno to Annie, London, 1945

(3) Fred Charles Chabot: Letters [18] to Alix (sic) and Annie Low in England from Berlin, San Antonio, Nice, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Mexico, relating to his travels, especially during WW1, personal and family news, 1909-1937; picture postcards [23] featuring Fred as a baby, postcards from Spain and France, plus unknown outdoor scenes, 1891-nd,; 'With the Makers of San Antonio, Genealogies of Early San Antonio Families’ by Frederick C Chabot, 1937

(4) George Alexander Chabot: Note of Lucile Low Chabot’s family with photograph of her sent to ‘Aunt & Uncle Low’, 1895; New Year greetings card to cousin Alex from GA Chabot and Lucile, 1900; letter to cousin Alex from GA Chabot in Beaumont announcing his father’s death, 1902; letters [4] to AG Low from his cousin George A in Fresno, regarding his health, raisins sent, the war in Europe and family deaths, 1914-1920; Christmas greetings cards [3], sent by GA Chabot, 20th cent; letters to Cousin Alex from GA Chabot, Fresno, with news of his health; letters [4] to cousin Alex from GA Chabal, San Antonio, about Lucile’s visit, family news and reference to the Depression, 1931 and 1933

(5) Charles Jasper Chabot; Letter to Aleck (sic) referring to his father’s death, his new typewriter business and other family news, 1902; letter with photograph and press cutting on the drowning of his wife, Lillie and their son, Charlie, 1907; letters [2] to cousin Aleck with his family news, 1912; letters [5] from CJ, San Antonio, to cousin Aleck (sic) in London with family news, and reference to the war and Jerald’s (sic) ‘disappearance’, 1912-1916; letter with invitation to daughter Edith’s wedding, 1919

(6) Mary ‘Maria’ Chabot: Letters from Maria, France and USA, to Cousin Annie, London with personal news, 1938-1939; letter with photograph of Maria to Mrs Low from Dorothy Stewart [1938?]

(7) Sara Chabot, nee Bardo: Sketch family tree of Christine Chabot and Cecil Smith, nd; birth announcement of a son to Nellie Chabot nee Warden, nd; letter to Mr Low from Sara announcing her husband’s death, 1909

(8) Photocards, mostly unidentified members of the American side of the Chabot family, 19C

Phillip James Chabot (1801-1866)

(1) 'Oraisons funèbres de Fléchier’, 1803, inscribed PJ Chabot, 1825
(2) ‘Manual of Pharmacy’, 1825 inscribed to PJ Chabot [1842?] with annotations and notes
(3) Letter from Alfred Chabot to his half-brother PJ Chabot, describing his horrible voyage to Falmouth, 1838, with modern note
(4) Copy Trust deed between Charlotte Chabot (1782-1848) and Philip James Chabot and others, 1838
(5) Letters [3] Between PJ Chabot and John Washington concerning funding of Tilstone Beke expedition to Africa, 1840-1842,
(6) Letter ‘probably from Caroline, sister of PJ Chabot, from France’, 1842 [Damaged - reverse of document hidden as stuck down to board]
(7) Letters [11], many cross-written, from Caroline Chabot to Philip J Chabot, her brother, 1842-1854
(8) Sketch of Sarah Barbers Will’ with note, draft will, and modern genealogy note, 1851
(9) Testimonials for PJ Chabot to the Committee of the London Library, 1852
(10) Letters [2] to ‘Chabot’ from Mr Westwood concerning Mrs Beveridge's affairs, August 1852
(11) Letter to PJ Cabot [trustee of Sarah Barber’s will] re payment, 1852
(12) Letters {8} relating to Mrs Barber’s affairs, 1852-1855
(13) Letter to PJ Cabot denying accusations made regarding Mrs Beveridge’s affairs, 1854
(14) Particulars and conditions of sale [2] of properties on Lambeth Marsh, 1854
(15) Letters [11] to Philip James Chabot, referring to Dr Beke, 1855-1856
(16) Letter concerning Dr Beke’s books, 1855
(17) Letter from Thomas Watts at the British Museum referring to an enquiry from PJ Chabot about Dr Beke’s publication, 1855
(18) Letters [3] from EH Gower to PJ Chabot concerning forwarded mail, 1856
(19) Letters [3] from Emily Alston concerning her poor family relationships, her marriage and forthcoming trip, 1856
(20) Letters [11] between PJ Chabot and Fanny Cousens regarding Emily Alston, 1856, with modern notes
(21) Letter to Philip James Chabot from Malta re payments and forwarded mail. 1856
(22) Letters [2] by William Beek to PJ relating to finances, with modern genealogy note, 1856

Harriet Chabot, nee Beek (c1780-1850)

(1) Duplicate copy of Mrs Chabot of Mexico’s will, 1847 and proved in Doctor’s Commons, 1854
(2) Statement re burial of James Chabot in Mexico, 1850
(3) Copy of Power of Attorney of Harriet Chabot, with letter, 1851
(4) Legal verification of translation of notary documents confirming Felipe Jacobo Chabot and Carlos Tilstone Beke as executors and heirs of Dona Enriqueta Beck de Chabot, with original and letters questioning the documents, 1851-1854

Margaret Annie (Peggy) Low (1910-2002)

(1) Letter to Mr Low congratulating him on Peggy’s birth, 1910
(2) Mounted photographs [10] of Peggy as a child, with siblings and father, 1910-c1915
(3) Photographs of Peggy as a child to young lady, some with parents and siblings, 1910-c1929
(4) School report, 1923
(5) Letter to Kenneth, 1917 and letters and postcards, mostly to Dorothy with holiday and personal news, 1927-1988
(6) Photographs of the Wyllie home and family, one framed, 1943- c2000

Kenneth Graham Low (b1902)

(1) Photographs of Kenneth as a child and young adult, c1906-c1920, with photograph of his home, Shamley Green, 1957 and copy of c1938 family photograph, at 'Shamley Green Surrey. Kenneth’s’, annotated with the name of each person,
(2) Letters between Kenneth and his parents, with Kenneth writing about his brother Gerald when reported missing in action, his news from school and Malvern College, several asking for help with his sums and mentioning ‘Alick’s trip to Canada, 1914-1920
(3) Holiday postcards with one to Kenneth from Alfonso Trugane and a letter to his father relating to business, 1920-1948
(4) Envelope with modern list of places and dates relevant to Kenneth

Dorothy Lindesay Low nee Gregory (1898-1998?)

(1) Dorothy’s ‘Book of Common Prayer’ inscribed to ‘Peter’ from ‘Pixie’, nd;
(2) ‘Postcard album containing views of Liverpool, Wales, London and Peterborough and cards from Dorothy’s grandmother Caroline Richardson of Peterborough, mother, Mabel Emily Richardson and brother, Harold Gregory c1911-1919 [fragile]
(3) Bundle of picture postcards addressed to Miss DL Gregory, from various friends, 1913-1932
(4) Letter from S Nowell-Rostron, St Matthew’s Bayswater, to Dorothy [Gregory] re helping with the Middle School, July 1927, with letter from Ella Nowell-Rostron, Liverpool, sympathising with Dorothy’s decision not join with the ‘S.S’ work, August 1927
(5) Letter with counterfoil confirming continued war loan, 1930
(6) Bundle of picture postcards, mostly to Dorothy at Dorlo House, including one from her to 'Master John Low', [Alex JS Low, b 1937], 1933-1972
(7) Share certificates and receipt in the name of Mrs Dorothy Lindesay Low, 1935, 1947-1948
(8) Passports, 1965 and 1977
(9) Calgary Alberta, postcard packet sent to Dorothy Low, Ferring, 1980
(10) ‘Dorothy Low’: album of snapshots of family group celebrating her 100th birthday, [1998]

West family research

(1) MS timelines of events and background of MR West, G Low, Violet A Low, Evaline A West and other members of the West and Patten family, based on the collection, with copies of news clippings and catalogue description for Holloway Sanatorium, and copy and related letter of GEJA West’s 1951 probate notice, c2015
(2) Sketches and print-outs of the West family genealogies, with copies of emails from descendants, news clippings and biographies, c2014
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