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UoD Life Sciences, Stories in Science: postdoctoral career pathways digital brochure and films about staff

  • RU 925/3/8
  • Sub-series
  • 2012

Stories in Science: postdoctoral career pathways digital brochure and film clips created by staff connected to Life Sciences, University of Dundee.

/1 Brochure
/2 Rachel Toth
/3 Doreen Cantrell
/4 Matthias Trost
/5 Nicola Stanley-Wall
/6 Claire Halpin
/7 Emma Compton
/8 Yogesh Kulathu
/9 Linda Morris
/10 Rob Ford
/11 Sonia Rocha
/12 Kate Storey
/13 Jon Urch
/14 Postdoctoral pathways introduction

Life Sciences

Mixed material

(1) Illustrations of ‘Balbec’, ‘Beirout’ and ‘Lake Lee Hoo’, 1840
(2) Framed portrait of woman and two children [damaged], possibly members of the Knight family [mid 19C]
(3) Epitome of the marriage settlement of Mr & Mrs William Edward Youle, 1877
(4) Packet of pressed ferns and seaweed, nd [very fragile]
(5) Cartoon ‘He likes you’, nd
(6) Card of Health and pensions stamps of Kate Neville, 1945
(7) Bundle of picture postcards, mostly between members of the Bowden family, 1950s-1990s
(8 Funeral service programme for Susan Eastman, 2008

Margaret E Barlow (1907-2012?) & Cresta Silks

(1) Bundle of postcards and letters to ‘Dorothy’ and ‘Mrs Low’ with modern notes on Peggy’s career and genealogy, volunteer driver identity card, annotated photographs of Peggy and letter re Cresta, c1924-c1992
(2) Newscuttings featuring Cresta, 1959-1966 and newspaper [insert?] ‘A last appeal to reason by Adolf Hitler speech, 1940’
(3) Cresta collection catalogues [6], 1953-1957
(4) Notebook logging employees’ commissions, 1931-1938
(5) Notebook of draft letters, lists of clothes for trips, and sources of income, 1981-1987
(6) Typescript ‘Notes on George Clough Barlow and his children’, 1990
(7) Sent from God magazine, containing letters to Peggy and newscutting on ‘The Mission sent from God’, 1988-1990

Financial papers

(1) Letters, receipts and and statement of account for EA Elliott, 1868-1874
(2) Cheques, shares and business letters, 1870s – 1909
(3) Letters relating to financial and business matters, including those of her son and of her husband, of shares, of the Elliot Trust, West’s Estate, club memberships, with letters and statements of accounts relating to the Hallow Estate, 1875-1928
(4) Invoices, receipts, cards and letters of personal and domestic expenditure, including Mr & Mrs West’s collection of silver storage bills from Dixon’s Depository, 1879-1931
(5) Letters, receipts, and invoices relating to debts and payments to be made on behalf of Lieutenant GA West, 1897-1899
(6) Trustees account, letter and receipt relating to costs as to Lieut. West, 1899, 1912
(7) Solicitor statement of costs [damaged] concerning EA West’s will, 1918
(8) Charges as to appointment in favour of Capt. GEJA West, 1927

Legal papers

(1) Copy will of MR West’s mother, Georgianna Grove West, 1897
(2) Costs relating to Deed of Indemnity, 1897
(3) Letters [5] to Colonel West concerning the O’Hara Moore trust and its finances, 1898 and 1902
(4) Draft irrevocable appointment under Trusts of Settlement to Mis Violet West, 1900
(5) Letters from the Public Trustee Office relating to West marriage settlement, 1916
(6) Trustees of Colonel & Mrs West’s Settlement accounts and letters, 1907-1913
(7) Note of probate on the death of Matthew Richard West, 1915
(8) Trust papers relating to Capt GA West and SA Lucas Trusts and West marriage settlement, 1931 including Col & Mrs West’s marriage settlement, 1900

Personal papers

(1) Diaries [10] referring to deaths, weddings, including that of her daughter Violet to CW Low, her travels and her husband’s postings, 1891, 1898-1906
(2) Photograph [2] of Evelyn and her husband Col. MR West, c1900
(2) Red Cross certificate ‘for honorary services’, 1917
(3) Passport for EA West, 1920-1930, with French identity card, 1926
(4) French permission of residence certificate, 1929


(1) Picture postcards [7] to EA West from friends, 1888-1929
(2) Letters [3] to Mrs West containing general news and enquiring of her health, 1895-1927
(3) Fees receipt and letter about George’s progress at school, noting, ’he completed under circumstances calculated to make one forget everything one ever knew’, 1895
(4) Letters and telegram of congratulations to Mrs West on George passing his exams, 1895
(5) Letter from Downing Street to Mrs West confirming that Captain GA West will be returning to England from Southern Nigeria, 1901
(6) Letters to Mrs West from George, his landlady and from doctors, raising concerns about his mental health, suggesting treatment and his admittance to the Priory. Contains statements by George, charting his episodes and breakdowns since 1904, and a letter from his mother to Dr Mills objecting to George being confined in an asylum, May – August 1926
(7) Letters to Mrs West, some from George, charting his treatment and progress under the care of Dr Fitzgerald in Staplehurst, September-December 1926
(8) Letters to Mrs West from Dr Fitzgerald and his wife, charting George’s good physical health and continuing unstable mental health whilst under their care in Staplehurst and consulting with other doctors. Also copy letter from Mrs West pleased with the improvement George is making and refusing to take responsibility for employing his attendant, notice by Dr Fitzgerald that George needs to find another home and reference for Dr Alton, January-December 1927
(9) Final report about George’s progress and bill from Dr Fitzgerald to Mrs West, with letters from Dr Alton and notes and letters of thanks from George, January-March 1928
(10) Empty envelopes

Legal papers

(1) Marriage settlement of William Elliott and EA Lucas, with related papers, 1866
(2) Probate of the will of William R Elliot, Lieutenant 29th Regiment [first husband of EA West], 1867
(3) Extract copy probate of Susan Ann Lucas, with details relating to Evaline A West underlined, 1879
(4) Certificate of death for Thomas Allen and associated papers, 1891-1893
(5) Papers relating to the Stammers Trust, including the copy will of Edward Stammers, 1910-1927
(6) Draft license granted by Mrs West to Mrs Carr for property in Brighton with associated papers, 1915-1926
(7) Annotated and damaged letter from the Public Trustee Office concerning a decision relating to the West Settlement Trust, 1916


(1) Letters from George to his parents, while at school, at Wellington College and on holiday with the Pattens, 1880-1893
(2) Correspondence and statements between CH [Blount?} RA Mess, Ipswich, Col and Mrs West, and Lieut. GA West concerning the latter’s dishonoured cheques, his likely dismissal from the Service and necessity of a transfer, potentially abroad, 1897-1898
(3) Letters from GA West to his sister Violet and his parents whilst on service in Sierra Leone, and whilst travelling there and back, 1898-1899
(4) Letters from George to his parents describing his confidence in learning Russian and shorthand and, after moving to Russia, his life in St Petersburg and Archangel, including the tense situation regarding the Czar and general unrest. Also letter to Capt, GA West relating to mortgages, 1905-1910
(5) GA West letters to his mother, written from Chelsham, some detailing his spending, with news of his activities, books read, his friends and colleagues in Russia, work he’s trying to do, and his health [he seems to be staying with a doctor] and his desire to go to Norway and plans to publish a book he translated from Russian. Refutes accusations that he is ill because ‘I avoided people’ or that ‘the whole British colony were wishing to kill me’, and that he is well enough and desires to return to work in Russia, 1912
(6) GA West letters, mostly to his mother, written in Salzburg, Ealing, Biarritz and Sweden. Contains responses to letters from his mother, thoughts on events, general news and opinions about his activities and the places he is living. Also refers to his health and the treatments he receives 1918-1925


(1) Letters [2] to Mrs West, London, from her husband at Fort Camden, with news of money, friends and his health ‘I ought to pull round, with a true devoted wife, doing all she can, & try to be some use as a husband & a father, instead of as at present, useless to myself & everybody else’, Ireland, 1884
(2) Letter from MR West to his daughter after learning of her accident, 1891
(3) Letter of thanks and news to Col MR West, India, from J Ashley [Cubit?], 1894
(4) Notes [2] confirming West’s resignation from the Junior United Service Club, 1896
(5) Letter to Colonel West praising GA West’s service in Sierra Leone and shouldn’t find any difficulty applying to go to Nigeria once he is recovered from his fever, 1899
(6) Letter to Colonel West from the War Office advising his son, George, applies to the Garrison Artillery where he might determine to live less expensively, 1899
(7) Letters [2] from Dublin relating to Col West's genealogy, 1907, 1911
(8) Letters relating to Col West’s health containing reports, concerns about his correspondence [1914-1915?], and copy of West’s request about his will, 1914
(9) Letter and lists relating to pictures donated by Colonel West to the Calvary Club, 1915

Legal papers

(1) Letter from Madeira to Dr Alexander Halley, Leeds relating to his father’s estate, 19 February 1847
(2) Articles of co-partnership between WJ Gilder & Alexander Halley, 1847
(3) Receipt for £700 paid for dissolving Gilder & Halley partnership, 1850
(4) Witnessed note dissolving partnership of Halley and Gilder, 1850

Estate papers

(1) ‘Dr & Mrs Halleys Marriage Settlement Authority to Trustees’, 1887
(2) Marriage Settlement ‘Husbands Fund’ trustees account, 1910-1911
(3) Executors Account [2], 1910-1911,
(4) Settlement Trustees’ account, 1910-1913,
(5) Account of the Trustees of the Settlement made by Emily Jane Haley on her marriage with Dr Alexander Halley, 1910-1913
(6) Trustees Account of the Residuary Legatees of EJ Halley’s estate, 1911-1913
(7) Rev AH Halley and Thomas Eggar, trustees, second account [2 copies], 1911-1913,
(8) MS copy of valuation extract of estates in the parishes of Brampton, Yorkshire, nd and
(9) Letters [2] addressed to Mrs Low outlining her mother’s marriage settlement and estate, May 1911
(10) Copies [2] of Mrs EJ Halley’s Estate Partial Further Division of the Residuary Estate of Sir EJ Harland deceased among the four legatees, with accompanying accounts and letters, 1912

Personal papers

(1) Birth certificate, for the son of Matthew Richard West, 1875
(2) Passports for George Evelyn Annesley West journey to Russia and his return to England, 1905, 1912
(3) ‘Russian as she is spoke’, typescript, c1910


(1) Photo album, likely Emily Jane Halley’s, and containing portraits including ‘Hudson, Eggar, Nelson James Graham, William Halley-yg doctor’, 19C
(2) Embroidered frame [loose and dirty] with photograph of Emily, Alexander Halley Low and Annie Low, [1893]
(3) Pack of photographs of testimonial of thanks from the Halleys, listing them all, to Nurse Hannah Ford, who served the family 1850-1900
(4) Framed [damaged] photo of elderly Emily, c 1905
(5) Elderly lady [Emily Jane] surrounded by adults and children [damaged], c1905
(6) Photographs [8] of an elderly Emily Jane many featuring her family including daughter Annie and son-in-law AG Low and their children, c1905 - 1910

Personal papers

(1) The Excellent Woman as described in the Book of Proverbs, inscribed ‘Emily’ 1831
(2) Letters [2] from 'Emmie' to her father, with concerns about his health, her husband's financial difficulties and general family news, nd, 1865
(3) Letters [8] from Emily to Nell [her daughter], 188[6?]-1908,
(4) News cutting on ‘Miss Katherine Eggar’s composition’, 1908
(5) Order of service for the burial of Emily Jane Halley, 1910

Financial papers

(1) Bundle of personal bills, 1870s- 1900
(2) Letter and receipt from military outfitters, 1890
(3) Wellington College fees for pupil GJEA West, 1892
(4) Stamped receipts for term fees, 1894-1895
(5) Letter to Colonel West regarding his India Office annuity, 1898
(6) Letters [4] concerning West’s shares, 1898-1899
(7) Letters and receipts for payment concerning debts incurred by GA West, 1898-1899
(8) Memorandum and receipt from Military Outfitters for settlement of all claims, 1902
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