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Records of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
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Records of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health

  • RU 941
  • Collection
  • 1896-1972
/1 University 1935 - 1972 /1 Lecture slide notes, 'Air pollution', by R.S Scorer, .n.d. /2 Lecture slide notes, 'Common skin diseases in children in the tropics', by Alan Shrank, n.d. /3 Lecture slide notes, 'Cancrum oris', by Michael N. Tempest, n.d. /4 Lecture slide notes, 'Hazards in hospital', n.d. /5 Lecture slide notes, 'Hazards of disposal', n.d. /6 Lecture slide notes guide, 'Improving your home', n.d. /7 Lecture slide notes, 'Mental retardation', by Joan Bicknell, n.d. /8 Lecture slide notes, 'Methods of family planning', by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, n.d. /9 Lecture slide notes, 'Staff occupational health department in hospital', n.d. /10 Lecture slide notes, 'The natural history of untreated primary tuberculosis', by Dr. F.J.W. Miller, n.d. /11 Leaflet about Medical School Dundee, 1935 /12 Department of public health and social medicine visitor's book, 1955-62 /13 'Films about epilepsy' lecture slide guide, 1968 /14 Souvenir book, Department of social and occupational Medicine, 1970 /15 University of Dundee services to industry, 1972 /2 Dundee health /1 'Gingival disease in Dundee', by J.D King, n.d. /2 'Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Dundee, 1938 and 1947', by Stanislaw Goldberg, n.d. /3 'The duration of life in Dundee and the conditions which influence it', by A.M Anderson, 1833 /4 'Child mortality in Dundee', by Chas Templeman, 1898 /5 Dundee public health committee reports, 1915-1919 /6 'Excessive sickness in Dundee', by W.A Appleton, 1923 /7 'Peter Goldman's description of the desolation of Dundee', 1927 /8 Report on the outbreak of smallpox in Dundee, by Medical Officer of Health, 1927 /9 'Dundee doctors in the 16th century', by R.C. Buist, 1930 /10 'Results of examination for tubercule bacillus of 1500 samples of milk in Dundee', by by W.H. Morton, 1933 /11 Report on the outbreak of typhoid fever in Dundee (2), by W.L. Burgess, 1934 /12 'Observations concerning bacillary food infection in Dundee', by W.J. Tulloch, 1939 /13 'Dust diseases on Dundee textile workers' (2), by A. Mair, D.H. Smith, W.A. Wilson, W. Lockhart, 1960 /14 'Dental disease and related factors in 13-year-old children in Dundee', by W.D McHugh, J.D. McEwen, A.D. Hitchin, 1964 /15 Dundee sanitary department annual report (2), by John Foreman, 1965-1966 /3 General health 1896 - 1956 /1 'Hostels for old people', n.d. /2 'The propulsion system of ventilating and heating by warm air', by David McKail, n.d. /3 'Natural history of scarlet fever', by John. T. Wilson, 1896 /4 'The clinical varities of the plague', by A.K. Chalmers, 1910 /5 'The death rate in one apartment houses', by A.K Chalmers, 1903 /6 'Report on back to back houses', by Dr. L.W. Darra Mair, 1910 /7 United States public health service 'Influenza studies' (2), by Raymond Pearl, 1921 /8 'Reports of the industrial fatigue research board', Medical Research Council, 1922 /9 Ministry of health and department of health for Scotland, 'A National health service: the white paper proposals in brief' (2), 1944 /10 Duke of Edinburgh study tour programme, '133study conference on the human problems of industrial communities within the Commonwealth and Empire', (2), 1956

The Department Of Epidemiology And Public Health