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Report on Peter Grant's life, 8 missionary reports (1830 - 1864) and an item concerning his memorial.

Peter Grant

Personal papers

(1) ‘The Battle of Culloden April 16th 1746’, by A Heckit Delin and L.S, 18th century
(2) Notes, leaflet advertising ‘Magna Charta (sic) Island’ and part of Highland history news cutting, Article of reviews advertising a series of drawings by Signor P Priolo to illustrate the poems of Ossian, 1873, 1836-1873
(3) Dr Halley’s Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh & Leith and Grand Lodge of Scotland membership parchments, 1844-1845
(4) ‘Diary of a young MD’ with passport, 1845. Also transcript [2019]. Describes Alexander John Halley’s journey across Europe taken between June and November accompanying Benjamin Moccatta, his sponsor
(5) Membership certificate of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge for Dr Alexander Halley of London, 1848
(6) Certificate admitting Alexander Halley to the Highland Society of London, 1850 [damaged]
(7) Lists of Gaelic grammar and sentence constructions, with subscribers list for The Celtic & Gaelic Etymology, [1860s-1870s]
(8) Robert Inglis’ The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare, inscribed ‘Alexander Halley Janry 1st 1868’
(9) Ms notes of ‘Reviews of Books’, [c1870]
(10) ‘Mountain Loch and Glen, illustrating our life in the Highlands’, by Joseph Adam, engravings and texts, 1870
(11) Letter and reply regarding Dr Halley’s appointment as Honorary President of the Gaelic Society, London, 1870
(12) Mauder’s ‘The Treasury of Knowledge’, 1870 inscribed ‘Alexander Hay Halley, 1872’
(13) Book of tartan patterns, inscribed ‘AH Halley MD from JSG Kirkpatrick 1871’
(14) ‘The Historical Geography of the Clans of Scotland’, including maps, 1872
(15) Music sheet of ‘I am asleep’, ‘The Highlands of Banffshire’ and ‘The Merry Making’, nd
(16) W& AK Johnston Ltd., The Scottish Clans & Their Tartans, nd
(17) Notebook, possibly written by Dr Halley, containing notes, lists, cuttings, medicinal and food recipes, riddles, and sketches, 1870s
(18) ‘The Highlander’ newspaper with Dr Halley’s obituary, also News cuttings [2] of Dr Halley’s obituary, 1875

Mixed material

(1) Illustrations of ‘Balbec’, ‘Beirout’ and ‘Lake Lee Hoo’, 1840
(2) Framed portrait of woman and two children [damaged], possibly members of the Knight family [mid 19C]
(3) Epitome of the marriage settlement of Mr & Mrs William Edward Youle, 1877
(4) Packet of pressed ferns and seaweed, nd [very fragile]
(5) Photocard portrait of lady earing spectacles, nd
(6) Pages advertising illustrated publication 'Old Houses and Village Buildings', nd
(7) Loose pages from 'The wild foods of Great Britain', nd
(8) Page listing books and prices of 'Mudies' Select Library', nd
(9) Cartoon ‘He likes you’, nd
(10) Card of Health and pensions stamps of Kate Neville, 1945
(11) Bundle of picture postcards, mostly between members of the Bowden family, 1950s-1990


(1) Daguerreotypes [4] portraits of AF Low, 1840s [fragile]
(2) Framed [damaged], photograph of Alexander Fairweather Low, with his sons, Alexander Graham Low, James Chabot Low and Charles Watson Low at Niagara Falls, 5 May 1865
(3) Collodion plate, of man, child and two ladies, annotated ‘AFL & ? Could be with Charles Watson Law c 1867’ and ‘Ladies ? AFL’s sisters Anne (widowed) & Jessie?’
(4) Mounted portrait of AF Low, [c1869]
(5) Photocards [16] of AF Low portraits, 1869, 1872
(6) Framed [damaged] portrait of elderly man, Alexander Fairweather Low, 1890s
(7) Mounted portraits [with copies] of Alexander Fairweather Low, 1890s
(8) AF Low holding a child, annotated as Philip Victor Low, with other family in the background, 1897
(9) Carriage annotated as standing outside AF Low’s house, nd
(10) AF Low's grave at Kensal Rise cemetery, nd

Profession papers

(1) News cutting listing candidates for the matriculation examination, including AJ Halley in 1st Division of passes, 1841
(2) Alexander Halley’s matriculation, lecture timetable, tickets and notes to attend lectures and examinations at University College London and Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, 1841-1843,
(3) Application by Halley for the post of physician at the Leeds Dispensary, with testimonials in his favour and accompanying notes and letters, including one whose rule is not to provide any testimonials to applicants, 1846
(4) Letter to Dr Halley, with invitation for the annual meeting and dinner to which all the physicians of Yorkshire attend, 1846
(5) Note confirming that Halley had studied obstetrics, 1853
(6) Draft reports of Dr Halley’s practical lecture at the Pathological Society, 1855
(7) ‘The Lancet’ [2], with report on Dr Halley’s paper on retention of a foetus, 1867
(8) Dr Halley’s copy of an Address by Lyon Playfair on Professional Education, 1873
(9) ‘Rules’, concerning the fees of rural and urban physicians, when to call in a surgeon, relations between partners and other principles, nd,


(1) Letters [70], from AJ Halley to his father living in Madeira, some written while on tour of Europe, with personal news, including his studies and exam successes, concerns about a mis-interpretation of one of his letters and his father’s health, worrying that ’you do not take exercise enough, you should go about more’ and writing him a ‘prescription’. Also mentions his 21st birthday celebrations, becoming an MD and moving from Edinburgh to London then to Leeds, his ‘money difficulties’, and ‘getting into practice’. Includes letter from his father agreeing that he ‘did right to break off your engagement with Miss H as it will probably be some years before you are in a situation to marry’, 1843-1847. With file of modern transcriptions of these and other correspondence, 1843-1855
(2) Letter, and ms duplicate, from Madeira to Dr Alexander Halley, Leeds, announcing his father’s death, 10 February 1847
(3) Letter from Ann Hally Williamson to AJ Halley referring to payments, Madeiran politics, and the death of Alexander Hally, 1847
(4) Letter to Dr Harland from Dr Halley, informing him of his expected prospects, that he is going to Madeira to sort his father’s estate and hoping ‘I shall have your full and cordial consent and cooperation in uniting’ him with ‘Dearest Emmie’, 1847
(5) Letters [33] to Dr Harland from Dr Halley with his general news, and referring to his medical practice, also several letters requesting and thanking his father in law for financial assistance. Includes letter referring to a brougham he and Emmie want to buy, a refutation of ‘several misapprehensions and errors’ about his financial state, but that his capital is ‘much smaller than my expectation led me to believe’, defending his financial behaviour and regarding his financial situation and prospects, with his accounts, 1850-1865
(6) Letters [2] from JW Marsh In Dublin about his health, 1851
(7) Letter to Dr [Harland] from Alexander Halley, favourably describing Mr Perry as an assistant, 1852
(8) Miscellaneous notes, including a riddle, 1854-1864
(9) Letter regarding collecting the rental due for 7 Harley Street, 1859
(10) Letters from JS Kirkpatrick and others, 1865, and between Elizabeth Kirkpatrick and Dr Halley, all concerning Sanders and Rose Kirkpatrick, 1871
(11) Correspondence and papers relating to Dr Halley’s interest in the Highlands, including letter to Dr Halley with verse in Gaelic, 1871, statement re University of Edinburgh’s Chair of Celtic Languages and Literature, with letter, 1873, letters [4] from the Highlander Office to Dr Halley and reply regarding his essay, 1873
(12) Letters [2] to Dr Halley from the Manse, Lundie & Fowlis, Dundee, concerning medical opportunities in Blairgowrie, 1873
(13) Guest list for ‘Dr Halley’s Party’, 1874

Legal papers

(1) Articles of co-partnership between WJ Gilder & Alexander Halley, 1847
(2) Receipt for £700 paid for dissolving Gilder & Halley partnership, 1850
(3) Witnessed note dissolving partnership of Halley and Gilder, 1850


(1) Photo album, likely Emily Jane Halley’s, and containing portraits of adults, couples and choldren, some annotated including ‘Hudson, Eggar, Nelson James Graham, William Halley-yg doctor’,[source: Philpott/Low], 19C
(2) Embroidered frame [loose and dirty] with photograph of Emily, Alexander Halley Low and Annie Low, [1893]
(3) Pack of photographs of testimonial of thanks from the Halleys, listing them all, to Nurse Hannah Ford, who served the family 1850-1900
(4) Mounted [damaged] photo of elderly Emily surrounded by family, c 1905
(5) Framed [damaged] portrait of elderly Emily c1905
(6) Photographs [9] of an elderly Emily Jane many featuring her family including daughter Annie and son-in-law AG Low and their children, c1905 - 1910


(1) ‘The Clans’ folder containing 15 loose mounted photographic portraits of men, one annotated on reverse, ‘Dr Alexander Halley 1823-1875’, mid 19C
(2) Portrait of young man, annotated Dr Alexander John Halley, c1845
(3) Photocards [4] of Alexander Halley, dressed in kilts, c1850-c1860
(4) Mounted photographs [2] of man writing at table, annotated Dr Alexander John Halley, and modern copy, c1855
(5) Mounted photographs of children with suggested names on reverse, including Emmie Halley, Edward Halley, Katrina and Ronald Halley, late 19C

Personal items

(1) Introductory letter, with transcript, from John Graham, Glasgow, to Mrs Low expressing his condolences on the death of her sister Harriet. 1852
(2) Letter to Mary Ann, with visiting card, from Gustav Crassemann with news of his engagement, 1855
(3) Purse containing Mrs AF Low visiting cards, newscutting and stamps, [post 1865]
(4) Mrs Low ‘at home’ card, [post 1865]


(1) Photographs with note as being from AG Low, ‘unidentified or with any certainty’, featuring places and people in various social and more formal settings, 1860s-1930s
(2) Photocards of fellow Cheltenham College pupils, c1869
(3) Photocards of AG Low as a youth to family man, 1872-1892
(4) Photocard and photographs featuring AG Low with others and of property at the Low's Ceylon Tea Plantation, [1880s?]
(5) Photograph of ladies and gentlemen at archery [club?], [19C]
(6) Framed collodion of AG Low and Annie Halley outdoors, [1890?]
(7) Photocard of AG and Annie Low, c1891
(8) Photocard of Annie Low holding Alexander Halley Low, 1892
(9) ‘AG and Annie Low’s family photograph album’, featuring a few prints of the Low's, but also other people, possibly of the wider family, and scenes, buildings and interiors, 19-20th C [fragile]
(10) Album 'Photographs' with loose photographs featuring Annie Low, the family, buildings and scenes, c1892-c1930 [fragile]
(11) Green photo album, 'Photographs', mostly featuring rural scenes, [early 1900s]
(12) Portrait photographs, some mounted, of AG Low, c1900-1930s
(13) Photographs of AG Low with family members, and of his siblings, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren, 1900’s-1950s
(14) Mounted photograph of people on open [carriage bus?], annotated ‘AG Low & flat cap 2nd row’, [1900s]
(15) Photographs of places, including Holland Park and the Dunster Meet, c1910-c1920
(16) ‘AMAT 1914’, [Sutherland} album, with some annotations, featuring people, scenes and buildings, 1914
(17) Annotated double photograph of the River Pus at Pusard, nd
(18) Packet: ‘AGL negs not yet printed from. Printed 16/9/26’ Negatives of scenic views
(19) AG and Annie Low while travelling including Egypt and Brazil, 1924-1930
(20) Alexander G and Annie Low at doorway of old building, with negative, [1930s]
(21) Kodak packet containing negatives featuring people [AG and ANNIE Low?] and packets of hair clippings from family members, and ‘Inscriptions in the cloisters of Cheltenam College’, ]20th cent]

Personal books

(1) 'Church Services' inscribed as being a gift from AG's mother , 1871 [incomplete]
(2) Album de los viajes [album of famous journeys], inscribed to Alexander G Low at Tizapan Mexico, 1862
(3) Cheltenham College Chapel Hymns, annotated ‘AG Low Feb 23 1868’ [fragile]
(4) AG Low’s Italian dictionary, 1870, inscribed 1894, with travel items, 1891, possibly from his honeymoon with Annie
(5) English-German dictionary, annotated ‘AG Low’, 1920
(6) History of the Chabot Family Vol 1 and Vol 2, inscribed 'Alex G Low, 20th Dec 1920' containing 2 Illustrated bible verse cards
(7) ‘In the Silence’, nd with inscribed frontispiece of ‘Church Services’, 1871
(8) Cheltenham College register 1841-1927, annotated ‘Alex G Low 22nd Feb 1929’


(1) Daguerreotype of seated young child, annotated as Harriet Mary Low’, [1862] [damaged]
(2) Daguerreotype of young child by seated, annotated ‘Little girl Harriet Mary Low as small child taken Mexico (or Texas?) ‘ [1862]
(3) Daguerreotype of young girl, ‘Harriet Mary Low (1859-1885)’ 1860s
(4) Photocards portraits of Harriet as a young woman [6], one in fancy dress, 1873-1879
(5) Large photocards of Harriet, c1876-1878
(6) Photograph of Harriet with unknown female c1880
(7) Photocard of Harriet and Alexander on their wedding day, 1884
(8) Photocards [2] of Harriet and Alexander, one with marriage announcement, 1884

Personal papers

(1) Cheltenham College reports for Low, 1865-1866
(2) King’s College London evening class certificate for Alexander G Low, 1873
(3) Diaries, detailing AG Low’s activities, 1881 and 1887
(4) Passport for Alexander Graham Low, 1885 [Damage -glued to board]
(5) AG Low’s notebook containing musings on his life, descriptive passages and general notes, with partial modern transcription, including a ‘letter’ to unknown female [Annie?] he sees regularly on the train [1880s]
(6) Diary, with description at 16 December, of his proposal to Annie Halley while ice skating at Neasden, her acceptance and his first kiss, 1890
(7) AG Low’s journal annotated ‘Spain continued –1904 A week in Belgium 1906’ containing descriptions of his and Annie’s activities on each trip, illustrated with little sketches [damp damage]
(8) Visiting cards for AG and Mr & Mrs Low of 9 Holland Park, c1909
(9) Notebook describing AG Low’s ‘trip to Dieppe’, with David, c1921
(10) Diary, annotated ‘AG Low Jan 1924’, describing AG Low’s daily activities at home and abroad, and some appointments and notes
(11) AG Low passports, 1920-1934 with tourist visas for Mexico and Cuba, 1928
(12) Record of vaccination notes and letters of recommendation of Alexander G and Annie Low for their visit to Brazil, with medical certificates from the Consulate in Chile, 1928-1930
(13) Burial of the Dead Order of Service for AG Low, 1936
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