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Letter, 16 May 1944, Peto to B. Forrester.

Suggest Summer School could be held at the Sible Heddingham House and has written about it to Lucy Francis who heads that branch. Also concerns possible visit by Peto to Dartington Hall. Encloses draft of his international exchange school plan - 'The Problem of Teachers in Liberated Europe'.

Letter, 27 July 1944, London, Peto to A.S. Neill.

Concerns an Indian author interested in the Neill way of teaching who wishes to visit the school and hopes to start similar schools in India after the war. Also mentions that he has sent a draft of the International Exchange Schools plan to a friend in the Belgian Government.


Letter appointing Peto Company Secretary. 12 January 1945. Carbon-copy of letter to Customs and Excise. 11 January 1945. Application to be full-time warden. 22 April 1944. Application for employment as booking office clerk, London Passenger Transport. 9 June 1944. Application for employment as announcer/translator for the BBC. 14 August 1941. Littleman's Company notepaper (Peto-director). n.d. Application for new tyres-answer from Regional Petroleum Office. 8 March 1945. Letter from Peto's accountant to Home Office re application for Mr. Laszlo Alter to be able to reside in the UK. 19 June 1945.

Photo Requests

File containing papers: Peto's orders for photo prints. n.d. 'Photographs for Family Tree' list of royalty and nobles. n.d. List of negatives from Peto for The Save the Children Fund Exhibition. n.d. Newspaper clipping The Times of India. 3 May 1951. 'The Fainting of the Guards' photos for sale. n.d. Kodak letter circular re exhibition 'Forty Famous British Photographers of Today'. 17 December 1954. Letter from Cliff regarding payment and Beatles pictures. 1965. Letter from James MacGibbon about letters from Norman Morris and R.W. Beard. 18 March 1969. Letter from Norman Morris, telling MacGibbon that if Charing Cross Medical School allows Peto to take pictures at the school, the school should be given a payment. 14 March 1969. Letter from R.W. Beard of King's College Hospital Medical School, saying how delighted he would be to have Peto come and take pictures at the school. 17 March 1969. Letter from Patricia Carthy of the Art Department of The Radio Times thanking Peto for sending the 'Forsyte Saga prints' quickly. 24 February 1969. Letter from Vanessa at London Festival Ballet Trust about a photo order. 10 April 1970. Delivery note from Black Star Cliffords Inn, Fleet Street London about receiving the negatives of 'American children in England'. 26 February 1952. Letter from Challis of London Weekend Television, returning transparencies and apologising for the damage done to them in the Weekend Television darkroom. n.d. 'A Day in the Life of a Sponsored Child', Pisan, S. Korea photo list. n.d. Letter from T. A. Brown requesting photos of London's Festival Ballet. 17 April 1970. Co-operative Art Service Ltd delivery note to Peto. Delivered photos of man wrapping parcel and of shop interiors. 27 November 1946. Letter from Frederick B. about returning rejected photos to Peto. 12 September. Letter from Margaret Brown, ordering prints from Peto. 3 March 1970. Letter from London County Council Staff Gazette concerning use of a photo. 5 December 1948. Request for photo from L.C. Arkinstall. 5 January 1960. More letters requesting prints and returning negatives. n.d. Letter from The Observer, thanking Peto for his photos. 9 September 1955. Letter from The Observer about payment. 3 December 1960. Letter from Granada TV Network Limited about photographs. 18 June 1957.

Graphological analysis

File containing papers: Graphological analysis of H.V. Lehmann. 27 May 1941. Graphological analysis of Charles Conway. n.d. Graphological analysis of E. D. 25 January 1945. Request for advice from Ruth Speyer or Ray Partington. 19 January 1967.

Meeting Material

File containing papers: 'Meeting Krishnamurit' by Ilona Peto, in Bombay. 1967. 'Krishnamurti' caption material. n.d. 'Meeting Poets133' by Michael Peto. Photo of Shashi Kapoor's family in Filmfare. 14 April 1967.


File containing papers: The Observer assignment sheets for: Belgrade. 5 September 1961. India. 9 March 1964-29 April 1964. Jordan. 9 May 1964. Greece. 29 May 1964. Bombay. 8-10 February 1967. Copies of letters from Peto in Bombay. 1967. Copies of letters from New Delhi, one to Miss Bennett of TES and one to Gary Woodhouse, Observer. List of negatives taken in India. n.d.


/1 'Year One'. An account of the first year of operation of an independent television company in England. Published by Granada. Includes Michael Peto photographs (picture section, television production).1958.
/2 'New sights of London'. Published by the London County Council. London. Includes Michael Peto photographs (almost all pictures, except the ones mentioned on page 76, London). nd.
/3 'The British Journal photographic annual 1963'. Includes Michael Peto photographs (picture section, Petit-Village/ Ile D'Oleron, Cordoba/ Spain, Miner after shift/ Ystradgynlais). 1963.
/4 'St. Martin's Christmas Matinee 1963'. In aid of The Save the Children Fund. 19 December 1963. Includes Michael Peto photographs (page 25 ff. Shoreditch: a profile in pictures). 1963.
/5 'The British Council annual report 1966/ 1967'. Includes Michael Peto photographs (page 9 Rt Hon. Lord Bridges KG, GCB, GCVO, MC, FRS). 1967.
/6 'The British Council annual report 1967/ 1968'. Includes Michael Peto photographs (page 6 Sir Paul Sinker). 1968.
/7 'About Britain'. Photographs by Michael Peto. Kenneth Harris. Boston. 1968.
/8 'Royal Opera House Retrospective 1732-1982'. Includes a Michael Peto photograph (page 34 Monica Mason, The Rite of Spring). 1982.
/9 Noureev Autobiographie. Published by Arthaud, Paris 2016, Peto photographs included in central section, 2016
/10 The Dancer's World by Michael Peto and Alexander Bland, 1963, includes Michael Peto photographs, 1963
/11 Fonteyn and Nureyev by Alexander Bland, 1979. Includes Michael Peto photographs (pg 25, 26, 32, 53 and 59)
/12 The Face of Life, photographs chosen by The Observer, 1959. Includes photographs by Michael Peto (index provided), 1959.

Michael Peto photographic collection (Unlisted)

The photographic collection of Michael Peto (1908-1970) consists of c.130,000 original and copy prints, transparencies and glass plate and film negatives. * A detailed catalogue is not yet available

Michael Peto

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