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Specimens of the mosses of Fifeshire by Charles Howie A.B.S.

  • MS 206
  • Collection
  • Late 19th century
Bound volume 'Musci Fifenses; Vol. I': Specimens of the mosses of Fifeshire [Fife] illustrated by notes relative to their distribution over the county by Charles Howie A.B.S. The volume contains a printed introduction and manuscript index to the 112 botanical specimens contained therein and also pencil notes and brief sketches possibly in the hand of Howie, undated [late 19th century].

Meteorological Office Data

  • MS 283
  • Collection
  • 1865-1989
(Symons's) British Rainfall, 1865-1968; General Tables of Total Rainfall from British Rainfall, 1928-1968; Monthly and annual totals of Rainfall for the United Kingdom, 1970-1971; Snow Survey of Great Britain, 1967-1989 (These Annual publications gave the official record of rainfalls in the UK - monthly for all sites, with further records of notable daily falls where warranted - and records of snow falls and snow lines on mountains around Britain. The last publication(s) and associated survey were abandoned as a cost-cutting measure in the early 1990s); and copies of Thunderstorm Survey (1970 & 1978) published by Thunderstorm Census Organisation.

Meteorological Office

Friends of Dundee University Botanic Garden

  • MS 320
  • Collection
  • 1981-2010
Contains documents concerning setting up the Friends of Dundee Botanic Garden, constitution, member lists, papers on the meetings of the Committee, arrangements of the society and newsletters.

Friends of Dundee University Botanic Garden

Edith Philip Smith, F.R.S.E., Lecturer in Botany

  • UR-SF 12
  • Collection
  • 1926-1960
E.P. Smith's notes dealing with botanical research work and teaching, with particular reference to Quercus (the oak); Tilia; Acer; and Platanus. Manuscript and typescript, with illustrations. c.1927-1951 Items concerning scientific expedition sent out by University College, Dundee, to island of South Rona in July 1933. E.P. Smith, Botanist and co-leader. [See also UR-SF 2/2/1(8) and Recs A/649/92]

Edith Philip Smith

South East Scotland Water Board Records

  • MS 268
  • Collection
  • 1869-1998
Record books of reservoirs under the management of the South East Scotland Water Board and its predecessors.

South East Scotland Water Board

Corstorphine/Taylor Collection

  • MS 27
  • Collection
  • c 1860-1993
Manuscripts of, notes for, and correspondence relating to a proposed Flora of Angus by Robert Henry Corstorphine and Mrs Margaret Corstorphine, continued by [Sir] George Taylor, mainly c.1910-1960. [See also: papers retained by Department of Biological Sciences].

George Taylor and Margaret Corstorphine

Dr John Berry of Tayfield

  • MS 7
  • Collection
  • 1769-1991
Files relating mainly to North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board projects, including their effect on the environment, in particular fisheries, and files relating to geese and wildfowl, 1934-1988; reports, proceedings and papers relating to ecological seminars and issues, 1949-1986; publications and newsletters, 1962-1991; items relating to civil defence, 1941-1966; correspondence about the principalship of University College, Dundee, 1936; photographs of plans 1775-1833 of Fife and Kinross, showing turnpikes and ferries; family papers, 1769-1838; maps and plans, c 1960s-1970s.

Dr John Berry

Illustrations of Scottish Flora, chiefly of Forfarshire and Fifeshire'

Commonplace book: written, compiled and illustrated by David Robert Robertson, Dundee, 1912-1913, 1914. [453pp] [15] Dedicatory bookplate in pen and ink by the author: "To Helen [his daughter] and Naismith [possibly his son-in-law] from D.R. Robertson 1936", [perhaps on their marriage]. David Robert Robertson (1870-1949) was a Dundee jute merchant, botanist, antiquarian and mountaineer. He was a keen churchman with a great knowledge of the Highlands and a talent for sketching. While his 'Commonplace Book' is entitled Illustrations of Scottish Flora chiefly of Forfarshire and Fifeshire, it comprehends a great deal more, as well as some material into 1914. There is internal evidence [30pp] that he may have planned publication at least in part, particularly of some illustrations included in it. The book consists mainly of Robertson's transcripts of poems, articles, and miscellaneous writings, watercolours of local flora and pen and ink drawings of local places of natural, historic and other interest mainly in the Dundee area reaching back towards the Sidlaws and Glamis but also extending south across the Tay, for example to Balmerino, Tentsmuir and Strathmiglo. The natural history subjects treated, articles and illustrations, include bees, birds, butterflies, flowers, insects of other varieties, mice, snowfalls and shipwrecks. There are five sizeable researched articles with related sketches and other materials on the following Scottish authors and naturalists: - William A. Baillie, George Don, William Gardiner, Thomas Ormond and William Robertson. In addition, Robertson wrote to several naturalists, writers and poets who sent contributions especially relating to nature, sometimes in exchange for his sketches. The principal other contributors and subjects of study include Alexander Anderson [pp.278-279, pp.286-287], William A. Baillie [p.84, etc], William D. Birrell [p.164, p.239], George Blyth [p.204, p.206], Alex Brown [pp.285-287], Grace Brown [pp.172-173], John Coutts [p.22], George Don [pp.175-191], Robert Ford [pp.321-322], William Gardiner [pp.245-256], Charles A. Hall [pp.24-30], Walter C. Howden [p.60], Robert S. Inglis [p.313, p.315], Thomas Ormond [pp.292-307], Gilbert Rae [pp.122-124], Archibald H. Rae [pp.263-265], William Robertson [pp.237-243], J.Ross [pp.190-191], Rev. James S. Scotland [p.72, p.74] and an anonymous "XYZ" [pp.154-156]. At the beginning there is a useful combined botanical and general index for persons, places, subjects and titles, although entries are not complete nor completely accurate. The book would seem to have been acquired from the family by Miss Kinnear possibly in the period following Mr Robertson's death in 1949. Table of main items (letters, other mss, etc.) included: p.22 Original verses by Rev. John Coutts: "Something quite original for my album, please?: An Apology". p.30 etc. Letter, 25 August, 1912, Rev. Charles A. Hall (of Paisley), Brodick, to D.R. Robertson. Letter, 2 September, 1912, Rev. Charles A. Hall, Paisley, to D.R. Robertson. (re D.R.R.'s drawings). Hall's photographs [p.24, p.26, p.30]. p.60 Letter, 6 February, 1909, Walter C. Howden, Wormit to D.R. Robertson, enclosing copy of Howden's poem 'For the Old Sake's Sake'. p.72 'On Mount Carmel', poem by Jas. S. Scotland, April, 1889, illustrated by D.R. Robertson(?). [MS] p.74 'Carmel revisited', poem by Jas.S. Scotland, April, 1911, illustrated by D.R. Robertson(?). [MS] p.84 Letters, 30 October and 6 December, 1912, Alexander Polson, Nigg, to D.R. Robertson (re William Baillie, the Brora naturalist). p.87 Note, 6 December, 1912, Alexander Polson, Nigg, added to D.R.R.'s article on William Baillie. p.88 Letter, 26 November, 1912, Mrs W. Elphinstone, Brora to D.R. Robertson (re William Baillie, the Brora naturalist). Visiting card of Alexander Polson. Photo of William Baillie. p.90 Letter, 28 April, 1898, William Baillie, Brora, to Alexander Polson. p.124 Memo, 19 August, 1912, Gilbert Rae, Biggar, to D.R. Robertson, enclosing copy of his poem 'Our Refuge' [p.122]. p.142 'Farewell Balmerino', poem by David Boyter, 1845, [illustrated by D.R. Robertson(?). [MS] p.15 'XYZ' (Article on a jackdaw), autograph copy. n.d. pp.12-164 William D. Birrell (poems:) 'The Auld Howff', 'Mother Earth', 'April', 'Sabbath Morning', autograph copies. n.d. p.174 Letter, 19 August, 1912, Grace Brown, Reston, to D.R. Robertson, enclosing autograph copy of her poem 'The Skylark' [p.172]. pp.182,184 Leaf from daybook of George Don, 30 January, 1812. p.186 Portrait supposedly of George Don though actually of his father. p.204 George Blyth, 'The Robin and the Storm' (poem), autograph copy, 1873. p.206 'Falling Leaves' (poem), autograph copy, also by George Blyth (?), 1855. p.217 William Robertson, poem. p.239 William D. Birrell, 'The Good Grey Poet...' inscribed to William Robertson, autograph copy. n.d. p.249 Obituary on "Death of William Gardiner the Botanist" (by W.M. Ogilvie), Northern Warder, 24 June, 1852. pp.263-265 A.H. Rea, 'O divot dyke' (poem), autograph copy. n.d. p.273 Letters, 20 and 29 September, 1910, Mrs Annie Reith, Edinburgh, to D.R. Robertson, the first enclosing a copy of her poem 'To a little child'. [272pp] p.279 Letter, 21 February, 1908, Alexander Anderson, Edinburgh, to D.R. Robertson, enclosing copy of his poem 'The Churchyard Tree'. [278pp] pp.286-287 Letters of 29 February and 1 April, 1908, Alex. Brown, Edinburgh, to D.R. Robertson, the former enclosing a copy of his poem 'The Undertone'. [285pp] [re Thomas Ormond: ] p.301 Original manuscript of 'Beltie's Lum' by Thomas Ormond, Forfar. p.305 Original manuscript of 'A New Song' ["John Anderson, my Jo, John"] by Thomas Ormond, Forfar. p.307 Letter 30 October, 1912, John A. Fenton, Forfar, to D.R. Robertson, enclosing original manuscript of Ormond's version of "John Anderson, my Jo, John" (v. [pp.305] above), his 'Beltie's Lum' (v. [301pp] above) and 'Little Maggie Bran' and "a few sentences embracing" Ormond's life written by Fenton [p.291, p.293, p.297, p.299, p.303, p.305 and p.306]. p.465 Original manuscript of "Song" ("The moon is in the sky") and on reverse side "Song" ("Keen blaws the blast on the high hill of Gaston") by Charles Spence, the Gowrie poet, n.d. (probably early 19th century), given to D.R. Robertson by John Paul. p.467 Sketch, pen and ink and watercolour, of Blue Gum, Eucalyptus, by R. Donn. Note:- After p.461, 1914 (except for botanical glossary at back). Inserts:- (1) "50 years in Jute Industry": obituary of David Robert Robertson, dated 30 December, 1949. [Typed copy] (2) Contents list. [3pp] [TS] (3) Photographs:- (1) David Robert Robertson with two of his three daughters including Helen, Glenshee, early 1930s. (2) David Robert Robertson, his daughter Helen and her mother-in-law, c1942. [Copies available of some drawings]

Whaling log books of Walter Kinnes and David Esplin

  • MS 333
  • Collection
  • 1902-1908
The volumes consist of four log books and one volume showing various lists kept by Walter Kinnes and David Esplin on board the SS Active during expeditions to Hudson Bay and Straits and also relates to Mica mining.

David Esplin; Walter Kinnes

Miscellaneous Plans

  • MS 75P
  • Collection
  • 1776-1988
This collection of plans contains only those not part of a specific manuscript collection. It also includes photographs and photocopies of plans held outwith the University Library, or of plans in one of the numbered MS collections

The Rucksack Club

  • RU 298
  • Collection
  • 1923-2014
Minutes and Constitution, 1395-2009; Meets Books, 1923-2014; Accounts and Finance, 1965-2000; Visitor Books, 1928- 1966; Bothy Song Book, 1999-2000; Graham Leaver Memorial Fund, 1989-1991; Membership Forms, 1999-2006.

The Rucksack Club

Professor George Howard Bell, Department of Physiology

  • UR-SF 30
  • Collection
  • 1920-1976
Black and white portraits of eminent visitors to the College or University, particularly physiologists and other medical professionals, who gave lectures to the University's Philosophy and Science Group which Professor Bell was instrumental in founding 1950-1976; signatures c.1951-1974; letters 1951-1974; 35mm colour transparencies covering a wide geographical area and a variety of subjects but, in particular architectural sculptures and carving c.1920-1985.

Professor George Howard Bell