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Family of William Cox (1812-1894),

Taken by A.F. MacKenzie, Photographer, Birnam, In the photograph are Elizabeth Boase (1831-1916), Florence Cox/Pilcher/Dow (1856-1952), Thomas Millie Dow (1849-1919), Elsie Pilcher/Griggs (b.1883), William Hope Pilcher (1885-1971), William Henry Cox (1865-1945), Annie Kinloch/Cox (1865-1947), Amy Verden Cox/Irwin (1894-1955), Henry Kinloch Cox (1898-1970), Arthur James Cox (b.1866), Margaret Malcolm/Cox, Geoffrey William (1891-1934), William Arthur Malcolm/Cox (1896-1979), Albert Edward Cox (1868-1937), Ethel Laura Murray/Cox (d.1905), Ronald Bentley Cox (1892-1959), Lucy Elizabeth Cox (1894-1976), Rosamund Jane Maria Cox/Phillips/Laing (b.1872), Herbert Arthur Phillips, Arthur Phillips. [Accompanying the photograph is (I) a numbered diagram, with (ii) brief notes on each person in the photograph].

Sidlaw Industries Ltd

Photographs of plans of Camperdown Works and site and Lochee Quarry.

Plan of quarry at Lochee; propery of Dundee Harbour Trustees. Drawing number A13. Camperdown Chimney Shaft; plans an elevation section. Drawing number A87. Camperdown chimney shaft; elevation. Drawing number A88. Plan showing properties belonging to Thomas Elder and others of that family; includes unidentified spinning mill. Drawing number A91. Plan of quarry at Lochee referred to in Disposition between Trustees of the Harbour of Dundee and the Trustees for Cox Brothers. Drawing number A13. Plan of quarries , properties of Messrs Cox Bros. Ltd.; list of deeds referring to quarries. Drawing number A13. Ground at Lochee, property of Messrs Cox Bros. Ltd., and others; plan showing feus. Drawing number A6[-20] Camperdown Jute Works, Lochee, property of Messrs Cox Bros. Ltd. Camperdown Works, Lochee, with notes on feu duties payable and receivable by Messrs Cox Bros. Ltd. Drawing number A90. Plan of quarries, properties of Messrs Cox Bros. Ltd.; list of deeds etc referring to quarry ground. Drawing number A3. Plan of Camperdown Works; Jute Industries Ltd., Meadow Place Buildings; list of area measurements and feu duties. Drawing number A15.

Sidlaw Industries Ltd

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