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Wilson Family Papers Sub-series
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Correspondence between Wilson and Lunzer Families.

Dorothea Lunzer of Graz, Austria, met Mrs [Isobel] Wilson and her son Peter at Dollar in 1932. Following up Peter's interest in stamp collecting, it was agreed that he should exchange letters with Frau Lunzer's cousin Hans Gerd. The first letters from Hans Gerd were in German, but by December 1934 he was writing in English. [Some letters also contained notes by Frau Lunzer to Mrs Wilson]. Hans Gerd's letters expressed a strong interest in outdoor pursuits such as cycling and skiing. In 1936 he was finishing Intermediate School and planning to go to Medical School. By early 1938, Hans Gerd, now a medical student, was demonstrating in sympathy with Hitler; and he welcomed the Anschlu223 when it came. By the end of the year he was doing welfare work for the party, but in 30 January 1939 he wrote that "often I wish to be an English or American. I think it's more freedom in these countries". He was worried by the threat of war, and was losing valuable medical study time to politics, but he still continued to have faith in Hitler. In 1947, Frau [Von] Lunzer wrote from Vienna mentioning that Hans Gerd was a prisoner-of-war in Yugoslavia.

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva