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Calum Laird
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Calum Laird Commando Scripts Collection

  • MS 386
  • Collection
  • 2000
Scripts for Commando magazine, with some annotations and artwork from graphic designers. Scripts filed by issue number and labelled with script name and author.

Calum Laird

Scripty in Commandoland

Comic script, inks and edits by Calum Laird and Catriona Laird based on Calum Laird's Commando script collection. /1 script page 1 by Calum Laird /2 script page 2 by Calum Laird /3 pencils page 1 by Catriona Laird /4 pencils page 2 by Catriona Laird /5 inks page 1 by Catriona Laird /6 inks page 2 by Catriona Laird /7 draft 1 page 1 /8 draft 1 page 2

Calum Laird