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Richardson & Gregory families, publications and research

(1) 'Cylopaedia of Poetical Quotations', edited by WG Adams, 1865, with inscription ‘Carrie – from her loving husband William 13th December 1866’
[William Duke Richardson to Caroline ‘Carrie’ also recorded as Carrie in 1851, 1891 and 1871 census’ source: Philpott/Low]
(2) ‘Planted Irish Richardsons tree drawn 1868 by Dr Walter Lindesay Richardson father of writer “Henry Handel” in 1868. Copied by DL Low’, nd
(3) ‘The White Trail: a story of the early days of Klondike’, Alex Macdonald, 1909
(4) ‘Myself when young’, Henry Handel Richardson, 1948, with receipt of sale, 2006
(5) ‘Meanjin Quarterly’ 1/1970 Annals of Australian Literature, 1970
(6) Profile of Sergeant Arthur Herbert Lindesay Richardson VC and copies of related material by Mr S Lindesay with letters relating to copy sent to Regimental Museum, 1996
(7) ‘Strathcona’s Horse South Africa 1900-1901’, 2000 [‘given to AJSL by Regimental Museum of Calgary]
(8) ‘Marriage Lines The Richardson Family Letters 1854-1877’, edited by Meg Probyn, 2000
(9) ‘Iris Murdoch: a life’, Peter J Conradi, 2001
(10) ‘Marnhull A Dorset Village at the Millennium’, edited by Adrian Bailey, 2001, with modern note
(11) ‘Henry Handel Richardson A Life’, Michael Ackland, 2004, with despatch note, 2006
(12) ‘Liverpool Heroes’ Book 2, edited by Ann Clayton, 2007, with letter to Alex and Lindesay/Richardson family tree, 2007
(13) ‘Arthur HL Richardson VC 1872-1932’, Bob Gregson, 2009

Low & Philpott research:
(14) ‘Richardsons including Arthur HL Richardson VC of Co Tyrone & Lancashire’ folder of genealogies, notes, photographs, letters and life event records. Also sections for ‘Richardsons of Peterborough’ and ‘Harphams of Alford’
(15) Low & Philpott research: ‘Gregory =Young=Low Also: Gregory = HAST. “Gregory Hast”, musicians’, containing copies of genealogies, census and life event records, original and digital photographs, original letters, passport and modern explanatory notes. Some division by individuals and family including Young family, William Gregory (1812-1878), Edward Herbert Gregory (1872-1961), Dorothy Lindesay Gregory (1898-1998), Harold Ernest Gregory (1906-1990?), 2015

Brechin Diocesan Library: Sermons of Thomas J. Holland, Rector of Laurencekirk

Sermons of Thomas Holland. The sermons were apparently written into the notebooks 1933-1941 while Holland was at Laurencekirk and most appear to be transcripts or altered versions of sermons delivered at Grangemouth, Falkirk and Dundee, 1913-1920. Others were delivered in 1943 and some have additional notes dated 1940. The number of hymns used in the service are also occasionally given.

Brechin Diocesan Library: Miscellaneous Sermons

A collection of hand-written sermons written singly or in groups of up to seven in one volume. Dates, locations and sometimes the religious occasions on which the sermons were delivered are usually noted on the front page. However, It has not been possible toiestablish the authorship of all the sermons in this collection; the names of Bishop Alexander, Bishop Petrie, Bishop Gerhard and John Leith of Huntly appear on some of the sermons. On others there is the occasional reference to authors from whose work part or whole sermons have been borrowed or abridged; these original authors include Joseph Mede, [George] Stanhope, [Daniel] Waterland, [Rodger] Altham and others. From what appear to be references to dates and places where the sermons were delivered it is possible to assume that a large number of the sermons were written or used by Alexander Jamieson at Luthermuir and Glasgow 1770-1823 and William Murray at Muchalls, Kearn and Duffus 1810-1830. It is also possible that some of the sermons, apparently preached at Teggerton, Balzordie and Brechin, are the work of James Sommerville (or Sommervail).

Brechin Diocesan Library: Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Printed Papers

Papers including: title deeds of lands within the city of Brechin, 1592 and 1627-1673; baptism register containing note of baptisms in Birse, Careston, Dunlappie, Edzell, Fettercairn, Glenmuich, Lethnott, Lochlee, Menmure, Navar, Strathcathro, 1723-1735; research on the Old Catholic Church in Britain, 1930s; legal papers, 1858-1859; miscellaneous pamphlets, printed papers, circulars, newspaper cuttings 1645-c.1975; papers relating to the election and collation of H.W. Jermyn, to the see of Brechin, 1875-1876; correspondence relating to the Episcopal Church at Laurencekirk, 1854-1874; letters to William Murray, incumbent at Muchalls 1826-1837; papers of the Scottish Episcopal Church Society, 1852-1871.

Dundee Garden City Association

Letter books 1922-1965; 9 photocopied sheets of Town Clerk's records B/13/4 held at Dundee City Archives relating to the dissolution of Dundee Garden City Association Ltd and the transfer of surplus assets to be used for Housing Repairs Fund.

Dundee Garden City Association

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