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Don & Low [Holdings] Ltd

  • MS 100
  • Collection
  • 1794-1999
Company records, correspondence and financial files of Don Brothers, Buist & Company Ltd and Don & Low (Holdings) Ltd, 1794-1995; miscellaneous records of the Dundee Calendering Company Ltd., 1864-1978; minute book and financial records of Moffat & Son Ltd., 1926-1957; ledgers of James Scott, Junior, 1804-1832; letter book and private ledgers of Alexander Henderson & Son Ltd., 1795-1955; company records, financial records and correspondence of J & J Smart Ltd., 1866-1990; company records, production records and financial files of Strathmore Woollen Co. Ltd, 1948-1981; company records and financial files of Low Brothers & Co. [Dundee] Ltd. and Low Brothers & Co. [Ireland] Ltd., 1939-1987; company records and financial files of Low Brothers & Co. Daniel Buchanan & Sons Ltd, T. Gaunt[Rainwear] Ltd. and Don Coatings (Scotland) Ltd., 1957-1984; company records and financial files of Wallace Works (Manufacturing Wholesalers) Ltd.1959-1978, company records and financial files of Stiven, MacPherson & Thomson Ltd, 1961-1978; company records and financial files of Chaspec Packaging Ltd., Don & Low Ltd, and Don & Low (Packaging) Ltd, 1964-1981; company records and financial files of William Smith (Dundee) 1939 Ltd, 1914-1978; company records and financial files of Don Fibres Ltd., Thiokol Fibres Ltd. and Thiokol Chemicals Ltd., 1973-1980; miscellaneous legal and business records of Tay Textiles Ltd., 1870-1988; miscellaneous legal and financial records of the Don, Hill and Robertson Families' Trusts 1877-1934; business and personal papers of the Low Family, 1887-1999; plans and diagrams, 1884-1988

Don & Low [Holdings] Ltd

Anatole de Grunwald and Alex de Grunwald papers

  • MS 428
  • Collection
  • Mid to late 20th century
Material including scripts, correspondence and ephemera relating to Anatole De Grunwald and Alex De Grunwald and their film and television careers

Anatole De Grunwald; Alex De Grunwald

James Scott & Sons

  • MS 389
  • Collection
  • c1860s-c 1971
Business records including articles of assiociation, minutes of meetings, financial records and administrative papers concerning property and employees. Also bundles of miscellaneous papers including news cuttings, some legal and business papers and miscellaneous range of small artefacts, including rubber stamps.

James Scott & Sons

Whaling log books of Walter Kinnes and David Esplin

  • MS 333
  • Collection
  • 1902-1908
The volumes consist of four log books and one volume showing various lists kept by Walter Kinnes and David Esplin on board the SS Active during expeditions to Hudson Bay and Straits and also relates to Mica mining.

David Esplin; Walter Kinnes

Kydd's Dundee Repertory Theatre programmes

  • MS 378
  • Collection
  • 1955-1991
/1 The Seven Year Itch, 1955 /2 Look Back in Anger,1958 /3 Dead on Nine,1958 /4 Sailor, Beware!, 1958 /5 The Dock Brief and What Shall We Tell Caroline?, 1958 /6 East Lynne, 1959 /7 A Clean Kill, 1960 /8 The Root of Love, 1962 /9 Payment Deferred, 1962 /10 The Amorous Prawn, 1962 /11 The Rain Maker, 1963 /12 Doctor in the House, 1963 /13 Masquerade, 1963 /14 'Arms and the Man', 1964 /15 Charley's Aunt, 1964 /16 Let's Make An Opera, 1965 /17 Clutterbuck, 1965 /18 So Many Children, 1965 /19 Educating Rita, 1988 /20 'Tis Pity She's a Whore, 1990 /21 Stepping Out, 1991

Mark S Kydd, Edinburgh

Baxter family wills and related papers

  • MS 369
  • Collection
  • 1917-2014
Papers relating to estates of Sir George Washington Baxter, Lady Edith Baxter and Herbert Home Baxter, 1929-1938; Papers relating to estate of Miss Louisa Isobel Scott Elliot, 1935-1938; Papers relating to George Lewis Baxter,1931-1948; Papers relating to Jeanette Elizabeth Edith Grizel Baxter or Don (Nee Douglas), 1917-1934; Correspondence relating to records 2012-2014

Baxter family

Aerial Photographs of Dundee and District

  • MS 368
  • Collection
  • c 1943
Aerial photographs of Dundee, mainly west end and centre, and surrounding district These photographs were presumably taken by the Air Ministry during the Second World War. They mostly cover Dundee's city centre and also the area known as the West End. Some have lines marking out the then campus of University College, Dundee, suggesting they were owned by the College. Stamps indicate that they were cleared for release by the Air Ministry in 1945. Given this information it is possible that they were acquired by University College for use during the planning of the British Association Meeting held in Dundee in 1947 or for the Cooper Report into University College in 1949

Air Ministry

Dr James Rorie collection

  • MS 318
  • Collection
  • 1817-2009
Dr James Rorie's Diaries, 1862-1911; Documents relating to the Rorie family's education 1838-1947; Dr James Rorie's work related material 1863-1909; Dr James Rorie's personal, family and religious material 1817-1910; Photographs 1820-1923 ; Digital files from Jane Mcintyre 2009.

Dr James Rorie

Ken Miln Collection

  • MS 308
  • Collection
  • 1938-2009
Photographs of Megna Jute Mill, Calcutta, India, 1938-c 1940s. Postcards of Bandel Church, Calcutta, India, c 1940s. Photgraphs of jute mill near Czestochowa, Poland 1995-1996. Copy of The Textile Recorder Year Book 1938. Computer printouts of photographs of Megna Jute Mill, 2009.

John Miln and Kenneth Miln

Donald George Sutherland

  • MS 76
  • Collection
  • 1887-1905
Personal and family correspondence and papers 1889-1900; testimonials 1887-1900; correspondence relating to his work as Medical Officer of Health for Sutherland 1890-1904; correspondence and papers related to closure of Inverness Steam Baking Co 1894-1899; miscellaneous papers and correspondence 1897-1905.

Donald George Sutherland

Dr Alexander Scott's correspondence and letters

  • MS 55
  • Collection
  • 1851-1935
A collection of letters and correspondence, both to and from Dr Scott, as well as other prominent scientists of the period.

Dr Alexander Scott

Shiell and Small, Solicitors

  • MS 105
  • Collection
  • 1743-1982
MS 105/I Shiell and Small, Solicitors, Dundee MS 105/II Dundee and Newtyle Railway Company MS 105/III Dundee and Perth and Aberdeen Railway Junction Company MS 105/IV Caledonian Railway Company MS 105/V Callender and Oban Railway Company MS 105/VI North British Railway Company MS 105/VII Dundee and Arbroath Railway Company MS 105/VIII Scottish Central Railway Company MS 105/IX Miscellaneous Railway Companies MS 105/X Miscellaneous Clients MS 105/XI Baxter Park Trustees MS 105/XII William Arklay Timber Merchant, Caledonia Saw Mills MS 105/XIII Dundee Corn Exchange and Public Hall Association Ltd MS 105/XIV Dundee Garden City Association Ltd MS 105/XV Eastern Bank of Scotland MS 105/XVI Lands of Henry Burra Esquire in Glenbucket [Glenbuchat] and Strathdon MS 105/XVII Standard Life Assurance Company MS 105/XVIII James Small, Civil [and Electrical] Engineer, London MS 105/XIX Insurance Company of Scotland MS 105/XX Executries and Trusts MS 105/XXI Kelly Castle MS 105/22 Papers mainly relating to the James Duncan of Jordanstone bequest and the proposals to use this to set up an Art College as part of Dundee Technical College and School of Art under the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Act MS 105/P Maps and Plans

Shiell and Small

Michael Bolik DC comics

  • UR-SF 88
  • Collection
  • 1951-1972
Comics collected by Michael Bolik, a previous staff member. Comics of note include the first 6 issues of Steve Ditko's Hawk and Dove, Jack Kirby's move to DC in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, the beginning issues of Teen Titans, and Lois Lane as a centaur in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane. Action Comics (~no 333-411, 1966-1972); Adventure Comics (no ~334-403, 1965-1971); Aquaman (no 21 and 44, 1965 and 1969); The Atom (No. 13 and 38, 1964 and 1968); Batman (~No.178-228, 1966-1971); Brave and Bold (~No. 80- 94, 1968-1971); Detective Comics (No. 386, 1969); Flash (~No. 158-210, 1966-1971); The Forever People (No 1,2,6, 1971-1972); Green Lantern (~No. 38-77, 1965-1970); Hawk and Dove (No. 1-6, 1968-1969); Hawkman (No. 9 and 12, 1965-1966); House of Mystery (No. 148 and 193, 1965-1971); House of Secrets (No. 77 and 80, 1966); The Adventures of Jerry Lewis (No. 124, 1971); Justice League of America (~No.47-88, 1966-1971); Metamorpho (No. 10, 1967); Mister Miracle (No. 1, 1971); The New Gods (No. 1, 1971); Our Fighting Forces (No.131 and 133, 1971); The Phantom Stranger (No. 10, 1970); Showcase (No. 75, and 88-90, 1968-1970); The Spectre (No. 1, 1967); Super DC Giant (No. S-25, 1971); Superboy (~No. 121-184, 1965-1972); Superman (~No. 186-240, 1966-1971); Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane (~No. 65-111, 1966-1971); Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (~No. 89-146, 1965-1972); Teen Titans (~No. 2-36, 1966-1971); World's Finest (~No. 149-205 ,1965-1971); Wonder Woman (No. 166, 181, 182, and 187, 1966-1970) The annuals include The Broons and Oor Wullie (2011), TV Tornado Annual (ND c. 1960s), 2 bound Little Sheriff Comics (No. 3- 4, Vol.3 No. 7-9 c1951), and 2 Okay Adventure annuals (c. 1956).

Michael Bolik

Dundee Medical Society

  • MS 63
  • Collection
  • 1864-1987
Minutes 1864-1871; roll of members 1864; 'Dundee Medical Club: A Short History' c 1987.

Dundee Medical Society

First World War Collection

  • MS 106
  • Collection
  • 1914-1993
Miscellaneous documents relating to World War I and in particular to Private James Braid, Captain Patrick Duncan, William Cuthill and Captain John (Jack) Macqueen, including war poetry, correspondence, military documents, photographs, maps and plans, 1915-1919.

Spear; Hilda (1926-2014); Dr

Buist Spinning Co. Ltd. Dundee

  • MS 71
  • Collection
  • 1874-1979
Minutes 1900-1978; register of members, transfers, shares and annual summaries 1900-1978; financial papers 1874-1979; wages records 1957-1968; stock books, jute purchases and sales 1926-1979; news cuttings, mainly from the Kidderminster Shuttle, relating to the British jute industry 1900-1932.

Buist Spinning Co. Ltd

Herschell's Dundee Rep Theatre programmes

  • MS 375
  • Collection
  • 1948-1951
/1 The Enemy in the House, 1948
/2 Bunty pulls the Strings, 1948
/3 The Rivals,1949
/4 The Gioconda Smile, 1949
/5 Dandy Dick, 1949
/6 The Rising Generation, 1949
/7 The Late Edwina Black, 1950
/8 Rebecca, 1950
/9 The Linden Tree,1950
/10 Off the Record, 1950
/11 Watch the Wall, My Darling, 1950
/12 September Tide, 1950
/13 Young Wives' Tale,1950
/14 Black Chiffon, 1950
/15 Northanger Abbey, 1950
/16 Queen Elizabeth slept here, 1950
/17 The Heiress, 1950
/18 Come and Join us, 1950
/19 Never Get Out!, 1950
/20 Great Expectations, 1950
/21 The Barretts of Wimpole Street, 1950
/22 The Apple Cart, 1951
/23 A Lady Misland, 1951
/24 On Monday Next..., 1951
/25 Home at Seven, 1951
/26 Full House, 1951
/27 Tobias and The Angel, 1951
/28 Waiting Room, 1951
/29 The Holly and the Ivy, 1951

Catherine Herschell

Roger Leitch Oral History Transcriptions

  • MS 70
  • Collection
  • 1924 - 2014
Volumes of transcription of sound recording by Roger W. Leitch, School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh University.

Roger Leitch

University photographs: buildings, people and Tayside

  • CMS 1
  • Collection
  • c 1870s - c 1980s
Photographs of University buildings and of buildings in and around Dundee, with portraits, mainly of staff, plus photographs of groups of staff and of students. Also photographs recording royal visits, openings and other ceremonies

University of Dundee

Sidlaw Industries, Dundee

  • MS 66
  • Collection
  • 1791-2003
The collection has been arranged into the following sub-fonds:
MS 66/I Thomas Bell & Sons (of Dundee) Ltd 1812-1942
MS 66/II Cox Brothers Ltd c 1791-2002
MS 66/III Gilroy Sons & Co Ltd 1849-1933
MS 66/IV J & A D Grimond Ltd 1863-1953
MS 66/V John N Kyd & Co Ltd 1850-1961
MS 66/VI Harry Walker & Sons Ltd 1847-c 1960
MS 66/VII F S Stewart Sandeman & Sons Ltd 1903-1936
MS 66/VIII John Lowson Jnr & Co Ltd 1874-1955
MS 66/IX Boase Spinning Co Ltd 1862-1987
MS 66/X Sidlaw Industries Ltd 1887-2003
MS 66/XI Miscellaneous associated, affiliated and subsidiary companies of Jute Industries Ltd
MS 66/XII Miscellaneous and Unidentified Papers 1884-c.1950

Sidlaw Industries Ltd

Mark Cornwall Papers

  • UR-SF 87
  • Collection
  • c. 1990 - 2004

UR-SF 87/1 ‘Honours – Level 3/4'. Contains material relating to Departmental Board meetings concerning Publications and Research Plans, and material relating to the modularization of History across levels 1 – 4 (mainly levels 3 and 4). Includes details of proposed modules, degree and teaching structure, and correspondence between academic staff relating to modules. 11-28 January 1994
11 June 2001 – 10 December 2003

UR-SF 87/2 ‘Research Committee’. Contains correspondence and meeting minutes pertaining to Individual Research Audits, Research Funding requests, and Research Plan updates for various academic staff, and Departmental Research Committee meeting minutes 28 September 1999 – 5 March 2004

UR-SF 87/3 ‘Research Committee’. Contains Departmental Research Committee meeting minutes, and, Research Plans, projected publication time scales, and material related to submissions for RAE 1996 for various academic staff, 4 December 1994 – 24 January 1996

UR-SF 87/4 ‘Professor C J Bartlett’. Contains drafts, notes and material relating to a paper presented at ‘The Poles in Britain, 1940-2000: New Research in Polish History’ Conference, held in Stirling March 2001 c. 2001

UR-SF 87/5 ‘Inter. Coordination’. Contains material relating to running Intermediate History courses over various different years. Includes correspondence, class and tutorial lists, course outlines, examination papers, departmental meeting minutes and discussions concerning the running of various topics. June 1995 – 9 January 2003

UR-SF 87/6 ‘Intermediate Course Reports/Evaluation’. Contains Course Evaluation questionnaires (evaluation by students), Academic Standards Committee meeting material, Staff-Student Consultative Committee meeting minutes, Course Reports, Annual Course Monitoring Reports to the Departmental Board, and other related material. 1 May 1995 – 20 April 1999

UR-SF 87/7 Folder containing Faculty Plan, TQA Final Report, and material relating to a Departmental ‘Away-Day’ to discuss a proposed re-design of the History course and a teaching/programme review. 13 August – 13 November 1996

UR-SF 87/8 ‘Course Changes’. Contains material relating to the proposed new Intermediate History course, ‘Reactionary and Revolutionary Europe, 1815-1939’. Includes proposed lecture list, reading list, course outline and other related material. 29 January 1992 – 23 June 1995

UR-SF 87/9 ‘Intermediate (JMC) -> 1995’. Contains reading lists, set essay questions, tutorial questions, and general information for students for the Intermediate History course ‘European History 1914-1940’. January 1992 – 28 October 1994

UR-SF 87/10 ‘Departmental Board’. Mainly contains minutes of various Department of History Departmental Board Meetings. Also includes some correspondence and other material related to the meetings and their business. 18 October 1991 – 3 June 2004

UR-SF 87/11 Undergraduate and postgraduate course guides, 1994-2001; 1 postgraduate leaflet, c. 2000 1994-2001

Professor J. Mark Cornwall

Kinnear Local Collection of Books

  • KLoc
  • Collection
  • 18th - 21st century
Collection of publications about the local area , including people and places of Dundee, Forfarshire (Angus), Perthshire and north Fife. Subjects include geography, local authority reports, poetry and literature, biographies, music, history, tourism publications, and some newspapers