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Iain Wright student papers

  • UR-STU 18
  • Fonds
  • 1964-2002
Collection contains files from Mr Wright’s student days at the University of Dundee: cartography practical notebook, thesis titled 'Thematic Maps - Some Aspects of Their Visual Effectiveness', Senior Honours Field Guide to Switzerland, copy of Geographical Society Magazine, Belmont Hall residents photo for 1969/70, Charities Campaign immunity badges, Student Accommodation leaflet, Students Association Handbooks (1969, 1970-1971) and Students Association Diaries (1971-1975). Along with Standardgraph Letter Templates and a Rotring Isograph Technical Pen Set.

Iain DM Wright

The Journal

A magazine of Dundee University Geographical Society to which Mr Wright was the magazines Technical Adviser.

A Field Guide to Switzerland

Contains travel details for a field course trip to Switzerland and an essay by each Geography student who attended, compiled by the Department of Geography, University of Dundee.

Cartography Practical notes

Folder containing Mr Wright's notes from Part Two Social Science Geography on ordnance survey maps, methods of depicting relief of foreign topographic maps, and map interpretations.

Election, national and local party papers, including financial records, membership lists, leaflets, policy documents, party templates and correspondence.

Box 1: Election material & correspondence, National Union of Mine Workers Energy Review; Smoking in Public Places report; Dundee ward boundary map; box file of tax related papers; photograph of Dundee Labour & Trades Council, 1945; misc. papers, posters & leaflets; membership & financial records; opposition material. Box 2: Financial records incl. membership details; confidential letters and reports; folder of minutes & notes on meetings; manifesto development folder; Better Together magazine; membership & nomination papers; voting & election tally sheets; reports & minutes; Catherine Stilher European papers; election campaign papers; membership records; minutes & papers relating to voters & candidates; reports & minutes; election expenses papers; bank statements. Box 3: Panel selection papers; NEC annual report; breakdown of election voting; fundraising papers; expenditure & deposits; cheques & cheque books; bank statements; ward electorate breakdowns; property papers; receipt books; 200 Club membership papers; raffles sales, 2004; donations; membership & finanace reports; candidate monitoring forms; minutes of meetings; local government candidate papers; Trade Union affiliate lists; Partnership In Power consultations; financial donations; local government nominations; policy consultations; national policy forum report. Box 4: Election papers, various incl. 2010; bank statements; Partnership in Power consultations; membership details; voter IDs; Dundee City local government committee minutes, 2000; membership & financial papers incl. invoices & donations; CLP membership reports containing details of members; statements, ward boundaries; Help Keep It Labour toolkit; 200 Club draw winners & minutes; record of decisions 2010; minutes of meetings; Data Protection Act registration. Box 5: Scottish Parliament election papers incl. expenses; voting numbers breakdown; election communication leaflet with members details; correspondence regarding members; party funding papers; Labour Party job description; financial papers & invoices; Scottish parliament completed ballot papers, 2010; postal vote papers 2010; Best Practice Campaigning letter signed by Tony Blair, 2003; membership fee records; boundary commission reviews; proxy vote lists & postal votes 2001; 200 Club accounts 1999; accounts 1998; income & expenditure ledger 1995-1997; donation receipts 1996 for subscription fees; receipts of donations; blank receipt books; Electoral Commission report; 200 Club prize draw list & other papers; 200 Club newsletter, members details, subscription/donations info, 1998; 200 Club winners list inc. members details; blank membership forms & direct debit forms; membership of Ward 14 names and addresses; nomination forms; instruction & guidance leaflets for elections; invoices; misc. notes & letters; 200 Club Dundee East expenses; circulars & forms relating to attracting new members & membership renewals; membership lists & fees, 2002; newsletters; VHS tapes titled 'Sandra Thomson', 'Tony Benn', 'Tony Blair Conference Speech 1998' & 'Labour Party Conference 1998'. Box 6: Minutes of meetings & floppy disk of the AGM, 2005; agendas & lists of office bearers for Dundee East; Dundee East AGM papers 2005; 200 Club financial records; stationary; membership lists; Annual Conference resolution papers 2006; completed nomination forms 2007; voter contact folder, empty; Dundee 2001-2002 membership reports; list of secretaries for each branch in Dundee; flyers relating to venues; candidate declaration forms; letterheads; Renewal Interim Report 2007; Labour Party directory; guidance regarding 'Thank You Campaign', 2006; Labour Euro News; Labour group newsletter; celebration of Ernie Ross 25 years; conference papers regarding mining; National Policy Forum 2006; Kate Maclean campaign leaflet; conference report 2006; seats for women leaflet; circulars & letters regarding House of Lords; 100 year of Labour in Fife brochure; Ernie Ross circular on Labour's successes; 300 gains leaflet; campaign for Socialism pamphlet; policy brochures 1998; committee papers; correspendence with the GMB & Dundee West; conference brochures 2004; Dundee West committee notes; membership lists; New Constituency Parties - how to run them guidance; minutes of Dundee West meetings; conference correspondence, 2005; Dundee West reports & Scottish elections results, 2001; minutes & other papers relating to incl. agenda, 2004. Box 7: Elections flyers & posters; circular regarding New Scottish Labour Leader & other papers 2008; Association of Labour Councillors brochure; freshers fayre flyers; Scottish Parliamentary selections , CV's & reports; papers realting to Dundee West parliamentary candidates; campaign pack, July 2007; Gordon Brown brochure; Dundee West & Dundee East updates; Labour Party templates, Building Supports & Building Communities; letter from Tony Blair thanking members for their support, 2007; press release & other papers relating to Harriet Harman & tackling inequality, 2009; Caring, Healthier & Fairer Scotland leaflets; meeting dates for Dundee East committee; invoices; Margaret Curran election leaflet, website downloads & voters IDs; membership newsletters & circulars; letters of support for leadership candidates, 2007; campaigners catalogue; telephone crib sheet; Scottish Parliament script when telephoning; CD containing material for CLP's, 2007; Holyrood magazine, 2007; Progress magazine, 2007; Deputy Leadership booklet of essays, 2007; Power to the People booklet, 2008; Saltire newspaper, 2008; photocopied press cutting, 1995; Scottish Labour Party rules & standing orders, 2001; The Citizen, 2008; Newsletters & circular from Scottish Parliament & GMB plus finanacial papers; Dundee City of Discovery Press Pack & interview guides; various circulars, leaflets & brochures, 1990s-2000s; minutes of meeting; voter ID training; papers relating to election 2001, 2003; candidates selection papers, 2002; Electoral Commission guidance brochure 2003; electioneering leaflets & associated papers, 2003; Dundee City promotional brochure; membership papers & constituents profiles, 2002-2003; Dundee West branch minutes, agendas, 2002; Dundee Labour Party minutes, 2001-2003; election expenses returns, 2003; Labour Party committee meeting minutes, reports etc, 2001. Box 8: CLP monthly financial reports 1999, 2002, 2003; treasurer's DLP; raffle book receipts 1998, 2002; unidentified photograph; 200 Club membership details, 2002; Dundee East expenditure incurred, 2003; conference related finances, 2003; 200 club members & prize draw lists; National Membership System pro-formas; completed postal vote applications, 2003; New Labour Legal Handbook; Scottish Local & European election leaflets 1999-2004; VHS 'A Future Fair for All'; minutes of meetings & associated notes, 1994-1996; Box 9: General election campaign papers; financial pro formas, 2005; completed election survey forms, 2004; list of lapsed members including names & addresses; memberships lists, action report & letters, 2002; Broughty Ferry branch meeting cards, 1997-1999; 200 Club members list & other financial papers, 1998- 2000s; Lochee branch membership list; circular regarding recruitment of members; Dundee East & Dundee West membership lists, 1999-2000; membership forms, 1996; invoices, 1998 & 2003; monthly finance reports, 1998; donation thank you letters pro-forma, 2005; conference agenda, papers & report, 2006; policy forum documents, 2006; voter ID training papers, 2005; membership report for Monifieth & Carnoustie; newsletters & membership lists, 2005; office bearers list, 2003; newsletters 2003; bills to pay, 1999; registration certificate, 1997; register processing pack, 2003; Dundee schools PPP project; election insurance document; letter endorsing Iain Luke, 2006; property documents, 2005; email correspondence; completed voter ID cards; minutes of meetings, 2006; letter from Mohammed Sarwar, 2007; Whips reports on candidates, 2006; guidelines for selection of local government candidates, 2006; disks 1-3 & instructions; minutes of meetings & reports, 2005; completed candidate nominatioin forms, 2007; sealed envelope of appeals, 1998; nominations form, 2007; completed monitoring forms; survey forms. Box 10: Monthly financial reports, 2004; photocopy of House of Commons members handbook; Dundee East Labour Party committee minutes, meetings, reports, membership & related papers, 1999-2006; rule book, 2006; ,e,bership reports 2004-2006; committee minutes & membership lists, 2005-2006; North-East MSP public meetings, letters asking for support, 2006; list of GC delegates for affirmation, 2006; letter regarding activism of elected representatives, 2006; papers regarding European Forum events, 2006; papers relating to the Scottish Conference, 2006; consultation documents on various topics, 2006; National Policy Forum report, 2005; district polling map, 2006; How The Labour Party Works leaflet, 1974; Conduct of Scottish Local elections, 1974; conduct of Parliamentary elections, 1965; Dundee East minutes of meetings, 1976-1981; newspaper cutting relating to corruption trial in Dundee, 1984; discussion paper of the TRC eleection & other papers, 1986; minutes & correspondence relating to Iain Borthwick - investigation into his behaviour, 1986-1987; Strategy for Victory report, 1990; 22nd annual report, 1970; SNP campaign leaflet, 1984; election papers & various newscuttings, 1988-1992; various toolkits & guidance for the Labour Party, 1985-2005; varioius leaflets & publications by party affiliate on various topics, 1980s; conference report, 1975; Scotland's Future Manifesto, 1974; Box 11: Papers relating to ethnic minorities & the general election, 1992; minutes of committee meetings, 1980-1984; elections papers including vote proxy; absent voters & briefing notes all reating to the 2003 election; monthly financial reports, 1999; balance sheets, 1999-2000; two raffle receipt book, 2001-2004; completed census memberships, 2004 & 2011; Treasurers records 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2009; 200 Club financial records & memberships, 2000; balance sheets 1998-2001; photograph of Dundee city square; Building a Healthy Party leaflet; Project 99 Supplementary guidance on the role of the LGC & associated papers; candidates check report, 1999; election results, 1995; Labour dot contact leaflet; report from the Independent Commission on the voting system, 1999; elections of Leader & Deputy Leader in the Scottish Parliament Procedural notes; elections of Interim leader, 2000; constitution of Labour clubs, 2000; Data Protections Registry letter, 2000; Scottish Parliament election votes cast, 1999; Achievements, 10 Things Labour Has Done For Working People booklet, 2003; 4 Years, 40 Real Achievements, 2003; policy forum, guides, reports & nomination forms; What Councillors Think leaflet; candidate interview timetable 2002-2003; agenda, general correspondence & rules relating to the annual conference, 1997; Kate Maclean MSP circular; Dundee West meeting notes; Dundee East parliamentary notes; model standing orders for Labour parties; annual reports, 1999-2002; AGM reports 2001-2002; list of office bearers, 1999-2000; Being A Secretary of Your Local Party guidelines; Box 12: Record of decisions of 100th Conference, 2001; Kate Maclean circular & leaflets; Dundee West Parliamentary report; Dundee City Council elections, May 2003; List of Councillors including personal details; Branch Structure & Council Wards; Ward Boundary Maps; Labour's 81st Scottish Conference & associated papers, 1996; Scottish Labour Women's Committee Information Pack; general election training workshop & general elections skills leaflets; Campaign To Win brochure; Cathy Peattie biographical details; Labour's Manifesto, 2001; Best Practice Awards, 2004; National Policy Forum consultation document; Bulletin leaflet; Labour Party policy handbook, March 2005; Fit For Purpose brochure; Scotland Forward Not Back Manifesto, 2005; The Monifieth Standard; Dundee West, CLP; Carnoustie calendar; Marlyn Glen flyer; Sidlaws Standard flyer; Doug Bradley flyer; Britain Forward Not Back flyer & tool kit; blank receipt book; two Labour Know-How books; Kiddie Kare annual report 2004-2005; newsclipping of candidates; correspondence & meeting notes; Marlyn Glen newsletter; Dundee West Scottish Parliamentary Forum dates for meetings; Scottish Executive election results; Neil Kinnock extracts from a speech, Sep 2005; Stewart Hosie circulars; report from Marlyn Glen; leaflets, flyers & circulars concerning Dundee MSPs; The Good Society; campaign training workbooks, 2010; The Choice For Britain brochure; The Missing Modernisation, 2004; consultation documents for Scotland's Judiciary, 2006; guidance brochure for the general elections, 2010; Scottish conference papers & photograph, 2004; national policy documents, 2002; Parliamentary report, 2003; general election report, 1997; report on local election results, 1999; NEC guidelines regarding candidates, 2000; record of conference decisions, 1997; renewable energy booklet, 2001; guide for candidates, 2003; lists of polling stations; various government reports & inquiries, 1974-1980; order forms for leaflets; campaign material, 1998; minutes of meetings, 2005-2006; circulars concerning Tayside Islamic Education, 2002; national policy forum documents & publications, 2003. Box 13: Parliamentary MSP reports & statement, 2001-2002; papers concerning parliamentary boundaries; Ministerial replies, 1997-2002; election reports, 1999; Labour Party minutes, 1995-2001; notes & papers on ethnic minority meetings; mail & other papers various topics, 2003; minutes of meetings, 1997-2003; policy forum reports, 2004; conference reports, consultation documents, 2004; canvassing ephemera pre 1997; conference delegates & local government candidate papers, delegates & members cards, 2003; rules & standing orders 1999 & 2001; The Scottish telephone directory, 2002; and Nothing But The Truth, Alex McKenzie biography, 1976; election results 1999; blank skills questionnaires; European Parliamentary Labour Party pack, post 2003. Box 14: Box of photographs, framed & unframed. Box 15: Towards 2003; delegate list 2001-2, Dundee East & Dundee West; Scottish Labour Party annual report 1994/5; 1995/6; Constituency Officers training pack; New Labour New Life for Scotland leaflet; New Labour, New Britain pocket guide; model standing orders; folder of Executive Buisness April 2000; AGM report 2002; Executive Committee minutes, 2002-2003; correspondence regarding The Fire Fighters Dispute; minutes of the GMC 1992-1994; Trade Union renewal booklet; list of AGM attendees, 1999; AGM flowchart; Dundee Labour Party annual report 1998-2000; correspondence 1996-2001; New Labour Because Britain Deserves Better booklet; Executive Committee report 1995-1996; Developing Community Care Services for Older People report; papers regarding Scottish Labour's 84th annual conference, 1999; list of campaign conference attendees, 1999; Parliamentary report, 2000; The Scottish Parliament, the First Year; Scottish Policy Forum procedural guidelines; Labour Party conference booklet and general correspondence Brighton, 1997; Resolutions booklet, 1997; Ambitions for Scotland, Labour's manifesto, 2001; Box 16: Scottish Labour Party Conference papers, 1997; various papers regarding the European Elections, 1999; Joe Fitzpatrick leaflet; financial papers, 1998; Oct 2000-Sep 2001; income sheets Oct 1999- Sep 2000; agendas and newsletters; list of nominated candidates; Central Broughty Ferry Study, 2000; list of members and details of fees, Aug 1999.

Horae. ('Missal'). Written for use in the Diocese of Tournai (illuminated). Book of Hours. Mid 15th century.

1. ff. 1 - 12v Calendar in red and black. 2. ff. 13 - 19v Hours of the Trinity ... Quicunque uult animam ... (RH, No. 16566). 3. ff. 20 - 25v Hore sancti spiritus Incipiunt hic ... Nobis sancti spiritus ... (RH, No. 12022). 4. ff. 25 - 32 Hours of the Cross ... Patris sapientia ... (RH, No. 14725). 5. ff. 33 - 64 Hours of B.V.M. of the use of (Tournai), sext, none and vespers are missing. 6. ff. 65 - 80 Penitential psalms and litany. 7. ff. 81 - 105v Office of the dead. Three lessons not nine. [For fuller description See also Ker, op. cit. p.163].

Diocese of Brechin

Mixed material

(1) Illustrations of ‘Balbec’, ‘Beirout’ and ‘Lake Lee Hoo’, 1840
(2) Framed portrait of woman and two children [damaged], possibly members of the Knight family [mid 19C]
(3) Epitome of the marriage settlement of Mr & Mrs William Edward Youle, 1877
(4) Packet of pressed ferns and seaweed, nd [very fragile]
(5) Cartoon ‘He likes you’, nd
(6) Card of Health and pensions stamps of Kate Neville, 1945
(7) Bundle of picture postcards, mostly between members of the Bowden family, 1950s-1990s
(8 Funeral service programme for Susan Eastman, 2008


(1) Photograph [2] of man standing in coat with fur collar, annotated 'George EJA West?', c1900
(2) Photograph of seated man, annotated 'George West?', c1925
(3) Snapshot of two men outdoors, annotated 'George Evelyn John Annesley West?', c1930

Financial papers

(1) Letters, receipts and and statement of account for EA Elliott, 1868-1874
(2) Cheques, shares and business letters, 1870s – 1909
(3) Letters relating to financial and business matters, including those of her son and of her husband, of shares, of the Elliot Trust, West’s Estate, club memberships, with letters and statements of accounts relating to the Hallow Estate, 1875-1928
(4) Invoices, receipts, cards and letters of personal and domestic expenditure, including Mr & Mrs West’s collection of silver storage bills from Dixon’s Depository, 1879-1931
(5) Letters, receipts, and invoices relating to debts and payments to be made on behalf of Lieutenant GA West, including Trustees account, letter and receipt relating to costs, 1897-1912
(6) Solicitor statement of costs [damaged] concerning EA West’s will, 1918
(7) Charges as to appointment in favour of Capt. GEJA West, 1927

Legal papers

(1) Marriage settlement of William Elliott and Evaline A Lucas, with related papers, 1866
(2) Probate of the will of William R Elliot, Lieutenant 29th Regiment [first husband of EA West], 1867
(3) Extract copy probate of Susan Ann Lucas, with details relating to Evaline A West underlined, 1879
(4) Certificate of death for Thomas Allen of Brighton as requested by Mrs West with letters [2], 1891-1893
(5) Papers relating to the Stammers Trust, including the copy will of Edward Stammers, 1910-1927
(6) Draft license granted by Mrs West to Mrs Carr for property in Brighton with associated papers, 1915-1926
(7) Annotated and damaged letter from the Public Trustee Office concerning a decision relating to the West Settlement Trust, 1916


(1) Picture postcards [7] to EA West from friends, 1888-1929
(2) Letters [3] to Mrs West containing general news and enquiring of her health, 1895-1927
(3) Fees receipt and letter about George’s progress at school, noting, ’he completed under circumstances calculated to make one forget everything one ever knew’, 1895
(4) Letters and telegram of congratulations to Mrs West on George passing his exams, 1895
(5) Letter from Downing Street to Mrs West confirming that Captain GA West will be returning to England from Southern Nigeria, 1901
(6) Letters to Mrs West from George, his landlady and from doctors, raising concerns about his mental health, suggesting treatment and his admittance to the Priory. Contains statements by George, charting his episodes and breakdowns since 1904, and a letter from his mother to Dr Mills objecting to George being confined in an asylum, May – August 1926
(7) Letters to Mrs West, some from George, charting his treatment and progress under the care of Dr Fitzgerald in Staplehurst, September-December 1926
(8) Letters to Mrs West from Dr Fitzgerald and his wife, charting George’s good physical health and continuing unstable mental health whilst under their care in Staplehurst and consulting with other doctors. Also copy letter from Mrs West pleased with the improvement George is making and refusing to take responsibility for employing his attendant, notice by Dr Fitzgerald that George needs to find another home and reference for Dr Alton, January-December 1927
(9) Final report about George’s progress and bill from Dr Fitzgerald to Mrs West, with letters from Dr Alton and notes and letters of thanks from George, January-March 1928
(10) Empty envelopes and modern note

Personal papers

(1) Diaries [10] referring to deaths, weddings, including that of her daughter Violet to Charles W Low, her travels and her husband’s postings, 1891, 1898-1906
(2) Photograph [2] of Evelyn and her husband Col. MR West, c1900
(3) Red Cross certificate ‘for honorary services’, 1917
(4) Passport for EA West, 1920-1930, with French identity card, 1926
(5) French permission of residence certificate, 1929
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