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Dundee Science Festival

  • RU 903
  • Collection
  • 2010-2011
British Medical Association leaflet, free public lecture series, 2010-2011; programme booklet 1-14th November 2010

Politics dissertations

  • RU 895
  • Collection
  • 1970-1999
Undergraduate dissertations from politics and some PhD theses also includes social policy and social administration and economics

University Of Dundee, Politics And International Relations

University of Dundee, Alumni & Development

  • RU 892
  • Collection
  • 1968-2010
Material relating to the University compiled by the Alumni Office. Box 1- Graduates Council Executive Committee working papers March 2006-August 2008; Executive Sub Committee minutes April 1990-August 2008; Conveners Sub group working papers January 2009- July 2010. Box 2 - Graduates Council Discovery lecture 1991-2010; Annual Meeting - programmes and agenda 2000-2010; Minutes 2000-2010; Programme Booklets 1974-2002. Annual Mailing 2006-2009 including purchase orders, invoices and data processor agreements. Box 3 - Graduates Council applications and disbursements pre 2010; Graduates Council Fund general correspondence May 2000-July 2007; Graduate Council Fund working papers July 2005-December 2009. Box 4 - Honorary graduates 2000; Laureation addresses 2003; Honorary degree suggested recipients 2002. Box 5 - Annual Fund tele campaign file 2005-2008. Box 6 - Annual Fund tele campaign working files 2009; caller's manual 2009. Box 7 - Rectorial addresses Peter Ustinov 1968 and 1972; Stephen Fry 1991 and 1995, Paul Scott 1989, Jim Barrie- St Andrews 1922. Dow memorial lecture Sir Kenneth Callan 1997, Honorary Degrees 1999 onwards. Box 8 - Reunions 1998-2010; Graduation 2003 onwwards. Box 9 - Graduates Council business committee working files 2007-2010; minutes September 1989-October 2000. Level arch file of Raiser's Edge and Groupwise Guidelines. External relations documents and floppy disks with mailing lists for Matercard. File relating to The Institute of Cardiovascular Research (TICR) 2002-2004 including fundraising events and donations. File relating to Affinity Cards and agreement papers. File of papers relating to Affinity Cards, Mastercard, Royal Bank of Scotland and Access Summer School sponsorship. File relating to University of Dundee's Student association Executive Comittee 1967-2007, University of Dundee Sports Union, general correpsondence between alumni relating to donations, blank pro-forma, Engineer's class of 1943/46 including photograph, a greetings card and an invitation to mark the inauguration of the London Alumni Chapter, July 2003.

University Of Dundee, Alumni & Development

Prospectus: undergraduate and postgraduate

  • RU 355
  • Collection
  • 1968-2016
Prospectus: undergraduate 1968-2016; postgraduate 1985-2014; International and Distance Learning Students 1998-2014; promotional magazine 2002-2003; course and applpications guides, 1998-2011; Student Guide (mini prospectus) 2005-2006; 3 years honours Degrees pamphlet;

University of Dundee

Monday Club

  • RU 70
  • Collection
  • c 1978- c 1987
Minutes and correspondence [mostly photocopies].

Library and Learning Centre

  • RU 851
  • Collection
  • 2008-2015
Highlighter newsletters issues 1-26 [issues 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 24 are missing]. Special issues Summer 2013, Summer 2014 and January 2015, Spring 2015; Be inspirED

University of Dundee

Law Faculty papers

  • RU 901
  • Collection
  • 1980-2006
Diploma in Legal Practice 1986-1998; Faculty of Law, Degree of Batchelor of Laws etc 1980-1981, 1982-2003; Law with Languages 1999-2000, 2002-2003; Law and Accountancy, 1998-2003; Master of Arts 1997-1999, 2000-2001; Accountancy and Finance, 1995-2000, 2001-2002, 2004-2005; Rough Guide to Honours Law, 2002-2003; Undergraduate Degree Programmes in Law 2003-2006; Law and Policy 2001-2002

University Of Dundee, Law Faculty

The Bridge magazine

  • RU 843
  • Collection
  • 2009-2015
The Bridge magazine replaced the alumni magazine 'Dundee Reunited'. There was no issue in 2010.

University of Dundee

William Lyon Mackenzie

  • RU 2
  • Collection
  • c 1976
Papers, photographs, portraits relating to William Lyon Mackenzie collection held by library

Faculty Booklets and Postgraduate Study

  • RU 388
  • Collection
  • 1995-1999
Faculty Booklets and Postgraduate study, 1995-1999; Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing; School of Nursing & Midwifery; Faculty of Science & Engineering; Faculty of Law & Accountancy; Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences; Faculty of Duncan of Jordanstone College.

University of Dundee

University of Dundee Botanic Garden promotional material.

  • RU 882
  • Collection
  • 2010-2012
Botanic Gardens events leaflet 2010; Friends of the University of Dundee Botanic garden leaflet; Family Fun Day flyer 2012; Art exhibition flyer Oct-Nov 2010; The Green Dream pamphlet.

University of Dundee

University of Dundee Internal Audit Reports

  • RU 891
  • Collection
  • 1992-1995
University of Dundee Internal Audit Reports: Dept. of Biochemistry; dept. of Physical Education; dept. of Civil Engineering; Library Services; Security; Media Services; Transport Services; Endowments & Donations; Dept. of Economic & Management; Catering.

News of Third World

  • RU 383
  • Collection
  • c1970
University of Dundee one-off student newspaper highlighting the problems of the third world. 2 copies.

University Of Dundee

Photographs from Medical Illustration, University of Dundee

  • RU 940
  • Collection
  • 1860-[2000]
Contains photographs of various sizes in both colour and black and white, slides and negatives. Also contains copies of images from c 1889. Photographs are of medical school staff, hospital staff, medical equipment, Ninewells and interior of Montrose Asylum.

University Of Dundee, Medical Illustration

Records of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health

  • RU 941
  • Collection
  • 1896-1972
/1 University 1935 - 1972 /1 Lecture slide notes, 'Air pollution', by R.S Scorer, .n.d. /2 Lecture slide notes, 'Common skin diseases in children in the tropics', by Alan Shrank, n.d. /3 Lecture slide notes, 'Cancrum oris', by Michael N. Tempest, n.d. /4 Lecture slide notes, 'Hazards in hospital', n.d. /5 Lecture slide notes, 'Hazards of disposal', n.d. /6 Lecture slide notes guide, 'Improving your home', n.d. /7 Lecture slide notes, 'Mental retardation', by Joan Bicknell, n.d. /8 Lecture slide notes, 'Methods of family planning', by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, n.d. /9 Lecture slide notes, 'Staff occupational health department in hospital', n.d. /10 Lecture slide notes, 'The natural history of untreated primary tuberculosis', by Dr. F.J.W. Miller, n.d. /11 Leaflet about Medical School Dundee, 1935 /12 Department of public health and social medicine visitor's book, 1955-62 /13 'Films about epilepsy' lecture slide guide, 1968 /14 Souvenir book, Department of social and occupational Medicine, 1970 /15 University of Dundee services to industry, 1972 /2 Dundee health /1 'Gingival disease in Dundee', by J.D King, n.d. /2 'Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Dundee, 1938 and 1947', by Stanislaw Goldberg, n.d. /3 'The duration of life in Dundee and the conditions which influence it', by A.M Anderson, 1833 /4 'Child mortality in Dundee', by Chas Templeman, 1898 /5 Dundee public health committee reports, 1915-1919 /6 'Excessive sickness in Dundee', by W.A Appleton, 1923 /7 'Peter Goldman's description of the desolation of Dundee', 1927 /8 Report on the outbreak of smallpox in Dundee, by Medical Officer of Health, 1927 /9 'Dundee doctors in the 16th century', by R.C. Buist, 1930 /10 'Results of examination for tubercule bacillus of 1500 samples of milk in Dundee', by by W.H. Morton, 1933 /11 Report on the outbreak of typhoid fever in Dundee (2), by W.L. Burgess, 1934 /12 'Observations concerning bacillary food infection in Dundee', by W.J. Tulloch, 1939 /13 'Dust diseases on Dundee textile workers' (2), by A. Mair, D.H. Smith, W.A. Wilson, W. Lockhart, 1960 /14 'Dental disease and related factors in 13-year-old children in Dundee', by W.D McHugh, J.D. McEwen, A.D. Hitchin, 1964 /15 Dundee sanitary department annual report (2), by John Foreman, 1965-1966 /3 General health 1896 - 1956 /1 'Hostels for old people', n.d. /2 'The propulsion system of ventilating and heating by warm air', by David McKail, n.d. /3 'Natural history of scarlet fever', by John. T. Wilson, 1896 /4 'The clinical varities of the plague', by A.K. Chalmers, 1910 /5 'The death rate in one apartment houses', by A.K Chalmers, 1903 /6 'Report on back to back houses', by Dr. L.W. Darra Mair, 1910 /7 United States public health service 'Influenza studies' (2), by Raymond Pearl, 1921 /8 'Reports of the industrial fatigue research board', Medical Research Council, 1922 /9 Ministry of health and department of health for Scotland, 'A National health service: the white paper proposals in brief' (2), 1944 /10 Duke of Edinburgh study tour programme, '133study conference on the human problems of industrial communities within the Commonwealth and Empire', (2), 1956

The Department Of Epidemiology And Public Health

Dundee University, The Campus in the City

  • RU 956
  • Collection
  • 2001
The Campus in the City was produced by Page & Park Architects. It contains maps, plans, photographs and contextual informatioin relating to the University campus, 2001.

University of Dundee

Laureation addresses

  • RU 848
  • Collection
  • 2017
Electronic copies of laureation addresses for Frederik Paulsen, Helen Jones and Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell.


  • RU 530
  • Collection
  • 1987-1998
Magazine of Department of Applied Physics and Electronic and Manufacturing Engineering Incomplete set, 1987-1998, "First Issue" 1987,"Second Issue" Session 1987-1988, "First Issue" Session 1988-1989, Session 1988-1989, Session 1990-1991, Session 1991-1992, Session 1993, Session 1995, Session 1996, Session 1997, Session 1998.
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