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Wilson Family Papers
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Papers and correspondence of members of the Wilson family at Alva, Clackmannanshire

Business, financial and personal papers of William Primrose Wilson (1836-1926), woollen manufacturer (later at Helensburgh and at Edinburgh); James Wilson (1848-1919), woollen manufacturer; Alexander Steven Wilson (1882-1976), woollen manufacturer; Helen Primrose Wilson (1885-1958); James Blackburn Wilson (1888-1961), woollen manufacturer; and Peter Sidney Steven Wilson (b.1925).

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Wilson Family Papers

  • MS 82
  • Collection
  • 1771-1989
Correspondence, legal and business papers of several members of the family, photographs and maps

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Separate letter from rest of material in section

To "Lucy" from Hilda van den Brandeler van Randwyck. Her husband has managed to keep out of German hands. Her son had to keep hidden. Many died in camps or were executed for underground work, which everyone did. Describes difficulties of obtaining food: "We all look more or less like Ghandi". Explosions of V-bombs Launched nearby.

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

"Foreign letters".

Correspondents include Clarkson Maynard, Cambridge, [1902]; Wm J.P. Wilson, Thames, 1906; Fritz Wilckens, Valparaiso and Santiago de Chile, 1904-1906; Ren [Williamson], Ibrox, Glasgow, 1907.

Miscellaneous correspondence. c.1889-1919, (440-477).

Includes: (441-449) Letters and cards from James Wilson, woollen manufacturer, to James Blackburn Wilson and to "My Dear Bairns three" mainly from Junior Constitutional Club, London. Subjects are personal and include exhortations to behave well and study hard at school work. c.1892-1893. (450-460) Letters from James Blackburn Wilson at [Dollar], Woodham Ferris and Felixstowe to his brother Alexander [in Germany], 1904. Letters contain mainly news of James Blackburn Wilson's activities including gardening, walking and playing football and cricket. [See also MS 82/4/1]. (461-470) Letters [9] to "My Dear Old Wullie" (James Blackburn Wilson) from "Rochan" (Ronald Preston) serving with Section Sanitaire Anglaise No. 2, or from Weybridge. Mainly concerns news of himself and of Section Sanitaire Anglaise No. 2, April 1917 - January 1919. (471) Postcard, 28 March 1918, Gidea Park Essex, James Blackburn Wilson to Agnes McNeil Wilson, Alva. Personal news. [Photocopy: See MS 82/9/4(410) for original]. (472) Postcard, [Kitchener Hospital, Brighton], James Blackburn Wilson to James Wilson, MacAlpines Homes Glasgow. Expresses pleasure that James Wilson is making progress. [Photocopy: see MS 82/9/4(411) for original]. 473-475) Letters, 29 April 1925, 28 May 1925, and 13 May 1927, from James W. Blackwood, Kilmarnock, to James Blackburn Wilson regarding Blackwood's researches into the history of the Primrose family. (476) 2 June 1925, Edinburgh, William Primrose Wilson to James Blackburn Wilson. Concerns the birth of a son to Alexander Steven Wilson: also comments on the current state of the woollen trade.

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Miscellaneous receipts

Includes receipts for: The Pelman School of Memory Training, 1904; The Scottish Temperance Life Assurance Co., 1909; New Departure Coaster Hub: The World's Standard Combination Free Wheel and Brake, 1918.

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Papers of James Blackburn Wilson (1888-1961), woollen manufacturer.

When war broke out James Blackburn Wilson served with the French Red Cross as an ambulance driver in the Verdun Sector, between February 1916 and April 1917, and later the British Army, between May 1917 and February 1919, serving in both Britain and France.

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Album of photographs

Photographs were taken during Helen Primrose Wilson's period of duty as a nurse (Military Massage Service) during the First World War. Mainly of staff and patients, most of whom were soldiers.

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Miscellaneous letters from family and friends

Including some engagement congratulations. The correspondents include James Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Helen Primrose Wilson, James Blackburn Wilson, A. Steven, Kate Mann.

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Certificate of Admission.

To the Incorporation of Bakers of Glasgow, in favour of William Primrose Wilson, woollen manufacturer,

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Letters relating to World War I.

The letters refer mainly to James Blackburn Wilson's ambulance work with the French Red Cross, with some description of shelling by the Germans. The bundle includes a letter from Ren Williamson and also includes: (2) 20 October, 1915, Robert Bilsland, Richmond. Mentions the Zeppelin and bomb blasts: "There is now a great lack of confidence in the Government and the general impression now seems to be that they have blundered horribly in the conduct of the war". Also included is (6) Letter, 28 June, 1916. "There is no personal danger so you don't need to think about that, but in my letter home today I refrained from mentioning the facts, as Mother is so dreadfully imaginative".

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

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