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The McClean Hydrometric Data Collection Series
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Box 17 Windermere Records

Windermere Records: 1,3,4,5,6 - Number appear on box but do not match with content inside 11 Folders - 3 Hourly Tables 1938-1939; Monthly Charts; Windermere Basin Repair Report; General Reports Sept 1948; Stage Flow and gauging 1947; Papers from early work 1938-1939; water power reports; Biological meeting 1950; Office copies of Basin; stage-discharge table; Lake side water levels 9 Published Books - 5 copies of Mclean's Windermere Basin: Rainfall, Run-Off, and Storage; Freshwater Biological Association 18th Annual report; Conference on Water Resources in the North-West; North Lancashire Rivers Hydrological survey; Report on Future Water Resources with Supplement 7 Bundles - Inland Water surveys; Newspapers clippings; Water Level Report 1939-1940; Newly bridge; Fresh water Biological Association meteorological data; Windermere urban District Council Records; Loose paper Others - 3 Envelopes of Water power July 1948; Large chart; tracing for 1947 water levels in a tube

Box 18 Rainflow in Scotland

21,28,29 - Number appear on box but do not match with content inside 19 Folders and loose paper works Folders: 7 folders with office copy, drafts and final draft of Rain flow In Scotland; 1 folder contains paper work for Inverness shire rain flow and flow off;2 folders contains July 1930 current meter Gauging and paper work for River Arkaig area; 1 folder of comparison between rain fall and flow off; 8 folders rainfall tables of River Garry Labelled T12 to T40, 1 folder is names 42 and the other has no name, period of 1913 - 1915. Loose paper work: notes, letters and draft paper work for River Garry, River Arkaig and Loch Gairlochy.

Box 19 Loch-Gairlochy, Gelendossory, Mucomir Cut River, Other

30,31,32,33,34 - Number appear on box but do not match with content inside Loch-Gairlochy Oct 1929 - Sept 1944: River Lochy: Official River Flow Record 'Fifteen Years Record of Water Level, Flow, and Rain flow; 13 envelopes of pages from Fifteen Years Record; 2 large envelopes and 2 large folders containing material of charts and tables for Fifteen Years Record. Gelendossory 1931 - 1938: 1 folder contains rain fall charts Mucomir Cut River: 9 folders: Velocity Diagrams and Cusecs Diagrams 1936;data to be sent to Capt. W. N. McClean; Miscellaneous; Water Levels during C.M. Gauging; Sept - Dec 1936 Current meter gauging cusecs sheets; Well Gauge section no.4 field sheets and Velocities; river flow charts Other: couple of loose correlation of water level charts Jan 1942- Oct 1943; 1 small envelope contains 11 empty postcards; 1 postcard book 1938 - 1940

Box 20 Loch Garth, Mucmir Cut, Rover Foyers

43,44,45,46,47 - Number appear on box but do not match with content inside Loch Garth: Loose paper work of diagrams and charts; 1folder of water levels Nov 1935 - March 1936; a bundle of level flow charts 1936; 1 booklet of current meter gauging Nov 1935 - March 1936: 2 booklets of 1935 - 1936 Cusecs sheets and Cantilever comparisons; 2 folders contain general data and water levels & sluice openings1931 - 1934; 1 bundle of charts Jan 1932. Mucmir Cut:1 Current meter gaugings booklet Sept - Dec 1936; 1 folder contains slope gauges 1936; 1 folder contains field notes; one loose ran fall and run off chart. River Foyers: 1 folder contains weekly water level sheets received from The British Aluminium Co.; 1 folder contains river flow records 1936 - 1937; 1 folder of weir level 1943; 1 map; 1 folder contains rain fall survey; 15 bundles of water flow records, Jan 1938 - 1952; 1 scatter gram chart; loose river flow paper work; 2 folders contains office copy of inland water surveys 1937- 1938; 3 folders contains water levels; 4 folders contains monthly rainfalls 1935 - 1941. No.47: 1 large folder, River Foyers Current Meter Gaugings.Cusecs Diagrams 1935-36. Velocity Diagrams 1935-36. Tests: cantilever versus wire suspension. Separate from the box.

Box 21 River Garry, Loch Quoich, Glenquoich Lodge, Others

77,78,79,80,88 - Number appear on box but do not match with content inside River Garry: 17 bundles of Inland Water Surveys 1936 - 1944. 27 large folders contain reports and postcards on the River Garry; 1929 River Flow Records Ness Basin: 4 published copies, 6 paper works which are drafts and have been proofed; 1930 River Flow Records Ness Basin: 4 copies and loose paper works which are draft and proof read; 3 drafts for 1931 River Flow Records Ness Basin; 2 papers and a bundle of handwritten charts of rain-flow; 3 papers with hand written notes with clippings from publications; 1 large Lowest Run-Off graph;1 large envelope of 15Years Record; 6 small envelope contains postcards from 1940 - 1945; 1 red journal of sluice openings 1930. Loch Quoich: 2 large envelopes contains water resources 1936 and River-flows; 4 bundles contains typed script of papers, summary tables, total outflow, time of drop and regional run-off; 2 published books The Water Resources of Loch Quoich 1943; 1 published report of River Flow records of The Ness Basin; 1 small paper introducing the published books; 2 drafts with written comments of The Water Resources; inland water surveys and water flow records 1943. Quoich Dam: 1 Folder contains flood discharges paper work Nov 1951 - March 1952. Glenquoich Lodge: Loose papers: 3 copies of The 72 Years Rainfall Record at Glenquoich Lodge with 2 typed draft report by McClean and Graph; handwritten papers titled Rain Ganges; Graph of Rainfall Record; bundle of paper work for dry period. Others: 1Folder contains instructions; loose paper with list of published papers and records; 1 Envelope contains 1937 paper of Institution of Water Engineers; Rainfall and Flow-off, River Garry, Inverness-shire published book; An Analysis of Scottish Rainfall Records published books; loose paper work with written calculations and comments; Annual Average Rainfall at Loch Oich Pier Sept 1929 - Dec 1930; 1 red journal for winds notes in Loch Oich 1929 - 1930;15 Years records for Moriston 1940 - 1944.

Box 22 River Garry, River Oich

68,69,71 - Number appear on box but do not match with content inside River Garry, Loch: River Oich: 2 large graphs, 1935; 1931 graphs; a small bundle of loose paper work; 1 folder of current meter gauging 1929 - 1930; 1 folder of draft report Jul - Sept 1929.

Box 24 River Dee

133,134,135,136,137,138,139,141,143 River Dee:27 large folders and 1 small folder contains water flow from 1934 - 1938. 4 binders: Field Sheets Aug - Nov 193; Field sheets tests Sept - Nov 1934; Field sheets sinker gear Aug - Dec 1934; Field sheets 1937 - 1938. Publications: A Note on the Work of River Flow Record 1936; Fifteen Years Record of Woodend and Cairnton Oct 1929 - Sept 1944; Hydrological Conditions in The Chalk at Compton, West Sussex with handwritten letter; Aberdeen Meeting Programme and Daily Time-Table 1934; Telford Centenary Exhibtiton 1934; A Scientific Survey of Aberdeen and District 1934; Aberdeen Meeting 1934 Plan of Aberdeen; Aberdeen Meeting 1934 Map of The Region; The Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce Journal No. IV. Vol XV July 1934; Memorandum No. 2 on the River Dee Feb 1935; River Flow Records Memorandum 1935. 3 postcards and a copy of a small photograph of a river. 1 letter address to McClean from G.E Dunstone regarding employment. Typed Written contribution to the discussion by McClean. 3 Typed letter Glassel, Aberdeenshire and 2 typed letters to W.J.M. Menzies and Mr Wood 1932. 2 bundles of stages discharge tables drafts. Loose paper of handwritten notes and charts and inland water surveys. Bundles of small and large charts wheels with attached typed letters. Typed manuscripts of British Association Aberdeen Meeting 1934 Flow of the River Dee wrapped in brown paper

Box 23 River Dee Dail Flows, Others

92,93,94 - Number appear on box but do not match with content inside River Dee Daily Flows 7 folders: Comparative water levels and slopes 1938; daily water levels Oct 1932 - Jan 1934; fifteen years records; river slopes; Cairnton Gauge; 3 hourly levels Jan 1936 - Sept 1949; Wooden Gauge Sept 1934 - Dec 1935. Others: 9 envelopes of Fifteen Years Records pages copies; 3 River Flow Records Oct 1939 - Sept 1949, 2 published and 1 copy for proof read; 1 bundle of Fifteen Years Record draft; bundle of loose hand writer paper called River flow records for Capt. W.L.M McClean; one small bundle of small notes and a chart; a bundle of River Flow Records graph cards wrapped in a large dark yellow paper.

Box 27 Ness area

176 missing 177,178,179,180,185 Ness area\; 8 Folders: 1 folder is postcards for Loch Oich; 1 folder has postcards for Corrimony; 1 folder has postcards for Dochfour; 5 folders has postcard for Ness area. 15 Envelopes containing postcards from 1940 - 1951. 1 large bundle of water readings for Dochfour Ferry 1946 -1947. loose papers of river flow records and Doch Garroch measurements.

Box 26 River Ness

172,173,174,175 River Ness: 40 small envelopes which contains single copies of pages from Fifteen years record.22 folders : 2 for Meteorological Office1937-1946;1 folder for Inverness Lochshie and L. Dunseolcheig monthly rainfalls; 4 folders for rainfall levels 1936 - 1946; 1 folder with McClean's Records of Correspondences; 14 folders for calculations, measurements, surveys and other documents for the Ness area. Loose papers with calculations, graphs and measurements. 1 envelope with daily gauging and cusecs diagrams for Jan - Feb 1931. 1 binding of current meters gauging for Jan - Feb 1931.

River Flow Records

162,163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,171 River Flow Records Garry: 4 Looses papers with water level measurement, 1 published River Flow records : Fifteen Years Record of Water Level and Flow. Ness: 21 Floders.4 Bindings with claculations. Bundles of loose papers with water level measurements and graphs. large envelope with daily gaugings and cusecs diagrams 1930.2 published River Flow Records : Fifteen Years record of Water Level , flow and rainfall.6 postcards with details on Ness contents. Moriston: Two published works. Fifteen Years Record of Water level and Flow; and For the Water-Years Ending Respectively on September 30th of 1938 - 1940. Two single pieces of paper with water levels measurement, 1931 and 1936. Loch: Dee: 5 published River Flow Records: Daily Water Level and Flow, 2 copies of 1946 and one copy of 1939; Fifteen Years Record of Water Level, Flow and Rainfall, 1936(2 copies). 1 folder of office copies of water levels charts. Others: 4 loose papers with charts and water level measurements.9 copies of 1931 Velocities charts.

Box 28 Ness-Dochfour Records

Ness-Dochfour records - was numbered 186 and 187. 3 bundles of recording charts from 1939 - 1948. 8 envelopes for the river flow records. One single piece of paper explaining a connection between Dochfour gauge post and recording charts. Few loose papers stating the time of recording charts.

Box 29 General Records

General records - was numbered 194, 195, 196, 198, 199. Contents of this box are correspondents between McClean and organisations such as International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, and Inland Water Survey committee. Published works and drafts. Loose papers: calculations, graphs, surveys and measurement between 1935 and 1950.

Box 30 General Records

General records - was numbered 200, 201, 202 and 203 1 large Envelope contains 2 published works for River Nene Catchment board, a scale map and an analysis of discharge chart. One small envelope contains an invite to supper and smoking concert 1938, also includes a photograph and the programme and letters from Chasetown Institute. 22 large envelopes contain handwritten and typed letters and copies of articles and extracts of published works between 1941- 1945. These are to Institution of Civil Engineers, Institution of Water Engineers, The Times, Nature, Engineering, Geological Survey and Museum, Ministry of Supply, Freshwater Biological Association, Meteorological Office, The Encyclopaedia Britannica Co Ltd, Spey District Board, Royal Meteorological Society, Scottish Home Office, North British Aluminium Company Limited, Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board, Royal Burgh of Inverness, and W. B. Taylor Goldsmith, Silversmith and Engraver. 15 Folders. These folders contains river flow records for River Dee 1937; 1929 - 1930 published works; analysis of Discharge for River Dee 1937 - 1938; River Garry Gauge Levels charts 1939 - 1947; River Spey Inland water survey 1938 - 1949; River Ness Inland water survey 1935 - 1950; River Moriston inland water survey 1935 - 1938; inland water survey for River Dee 1929 - 1937; Description of measurement station for all rivers; river flow records for river Moriston, Garry and Ness 1937; Analysis of Discharge blank negatives; River Garry negatives 1929 - 1944; river Lochy negatives 1929 - 1949; inland water survey of River Ness 1947 - 1948; River Spey negatives 1934 - 1946. A book with records of the River Karun. 39 published works for Water Engineering; West Riding of Yorkshire Rivers Board; Committee on Scottish Health Services; British Association for the Advancement of Science; and Royal Geographical Society.

Box 34 Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous - was numbered 248 and 250 5 envelopes: 1948 - 1950 small cards, letters and extract from published works from Air Ministry, Meteorological Office; 1950 Register of Rainfall; inland water survey for River Dee; table of area rainfall and drafts; General notes on completing registers and forwarding them to offices. Extracts from published works 1940 memorandums and letters from Water Engineer Office Hand written and printed notes, calculations and charts 1 folder which contains correspondence about Obsey Well 1965

Box 35 Miscellaneous, Rainfall Analysis Books

Rainfall Analysis books, marked with Engineering Laboratory, Cambridge University; No 3 - Borrowdale (Seathwaite), Cumb. St. Agnes, Cornwall, England (General Rainfall), Anglesey (Llanerchymedd), Abergavenny (Larchfield), Mon. Douglas, Laf Man. c 1840-1920. No 2 - (Labelled D. Halton Thomson) Oxford (Magdalen College), Oxfords. Congleton (Buglawton Vic.), Ches. Balguhidder (Stronvar), Perths. Ballinasloe, (Co. Galway). Armagh Observatory, Co. Armagh. Pecklington (Warter,) Yorks, E.R. c 1870-1920. No 1 - Greenwich Observatory, Chichester (Chilgrove). c 1815-1920. Greenwich Observatory - Analysis of Monthly Rainfall. 1923- Rainfall and Streamflow Record Book, No 1, by D. Halton Thomson, 1 Bembridge Crescent, Southsea. c 1830 -1920. One folder and one booklet relating to the River Thames, including statistics for rainfall, flow and levels and shrinkage of the Thames and Lea. c 1850-1950. Numbered McClean files; 1- Highest Daily Falls per annum , etc. London, Washington DC, Sydney N.S.W. c1800- 1950. 2- General Monthly Rainfall over B. Isles, also Annual 1970-1939 (70 yrs). 2B- Various Monthly and Annual Rainfall Analyses, 1870-1939 (etc). 3- Marbe Sequence Formulas 5- 1. Raingauge Station Records 2. Graphs of Rainfall Records 3. Formulae and Attendant Theory. c 1850-1900. 6- Frequency, Annual Rainfall R=Me KS. c1815-1950. 7- General Rainfall over England and Wales since 1727. 8- Rainfall, Relation betw. Variability Skewness. 9- Folder of notes, graphs and statistics relating to Annual Rainfall in Padua, Italy. c 1725-1900. 10- Greenwich Observatory, Hyperbolic tangent Formula, folder containing 3, 6 and 12 monthly rainfall. c 1815-1949. 12-River Severn, Floods. c1900-1950. 12b- River Thames, Floods etc.c 1883-1949. 13- Log. Prob. Curves, B.Basin. c 1829-1944. 14- Log. Prob. Curves, S.D. Basin. 17- Floods - General. c1890-1950. 18- Greenwich, Daily Rainfall Intervals, Monthly Rainfall and Annual Rainfall Intervals. c1815-1934. 19- Multi Annual Rainfall, Chance Variations, Elliptical Limits. c1815-1951.

Box 32 Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous - was numbered 215 (missing) 216, 217, 218, 219, and 221, 223, 226. Publications - Water and Water Engineering; a list of Hydrology Published Papers and Records by Capt. W.N. McClean, Director of 'River Flow Records'; British Association for the Advancement of Science, Inland Water Survey in the British Isles; Inland Water Survey, 1934 - 1937; The Government and Inland Water Survey; The Institution of Water Engineers, Presidential Address of John Bowman, 1939, An Analysis of Scottish Rainfall Records, Exhibit of 'Flow-Gauging' Apparatus, winter meeting, 4th Dec. 1953, Water Level, Flow Gauging and Meteorological Stations, and their Graphical Records, as the basis of Water Survey on River Systems, 1937, Graphical Record of Rainfall on the Thames Basin, 1950, Rainfall and Flow-off, River Garry, Inverness-shire, The Water Resources of Loch Quoich, 1943, Practical River Flow Measurement and it's place in Inland Water Survey, as Exemplified on the Ness (Scotland) Basin, 1933; Municipal Engineering, 'River Flow Records'; Association Internationale D'Hydrologie, The Influence of Ice and Snow on River Flows as Indicated by Records of Temperature Combined with Records of Discharge, Capt. W.N. McClean, includes other bound material from the same event; Metropolitan Water Board, Thirty-First and Thirty-Second Annual Reports, 1934-1935; Reprint from The Scotsman, Caledonian Power Scheme, 1936; Reprinted from The Engineer, The Shannon Hydro-Electric Power Scheme Inland Water Survey Committee, Memorandum on the Water Survey of a River System; The Observatory, a monthly review of Astronomy, October 1940; 9 copies of a Review of Water Resources and Supplies, Joint Committee of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, Session 1935-1936; Land Drainage Act, 1930; London County Council, Main Drainage of London, 1912; Ordinance Survey of Great Britain, including a list of derelict canals. Lists of recipients - Fifteen years record, River Garry (8 years to Sept. 30th 1944), published Sept. 28th 1945; Fifteen years record, River Lochy, daily record of nine years to Sept. 1944, monthly summary of fifteen years. Flood statistics and forecast etc, published May 1945; Fifteen years record, River Ness, seven years to Sept. 1944 and summary of fifteen years, published May 1945; Fifteen years record, River Moriston, four years to Sept. 1944 and summary of fifteen years, published July 1945; Fifteen years record, River Dee (Aberdeen), daily flow tables, British Museum and Recipients list receipt, published Dec. 1946. Stage discharge tables and river flow records - Garry, Moriston, Dee and Mucomir Cut, 1933-1937; River Flow Records, 1936-1948. McClean's publications - A note on the work of River Flow Records, August 1936; River flow records: River Dee - Aberdeenshire - 528 sq. miles; Memorandum on Low Flows - Ness Basin, January 1936; River Flow in Great Britain, 1946; Hydro-Electric Development in Scotland and the need for Inland Water Survey, 1943; The Records of River Flow on the Ness and Lochy Basins of the Great Glen, 1940; Windermere Basin: Rainfall, Run-off and Storage.
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