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Dr James F. Riley
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'Walk' flyers

Three flyers advertising Keltic Shoe Repair Services, each with a paragraph on the health benefits of walking, and illustrated by Riley

Dr James F. Riley

  • UR-SF 48
  • Collection
  • 1819-2019
Correspondence, 1903-1983; Papers relating to medical research, 1940-1974; Personal papers and research, 1875-1970; Publications, 1819-1979; Photographs, 1906-1979.

Dr James F. Riley


Correspondence, mostly from fellow scientists and acquaintances relating to, and often including articles of Riley's and others' research and publications. Some letters by eminent men that were bought by Riley. Many letters were packaged together and annotated by Riley when he gave them to his son for safe-keeping

Curie article and letters

Copy of an article titled 'Le Radium' by Pierre Curie, 1903. Also some correspondence relating to Riley's article 'The Sole Meeting of Pierre Curie and Ernest Rutherford', mostly in French.

Letter to Riley from Harry Eagle and amino acid articles

Letter to James F. Riley, Dundee from Harry Eagle, USA regarding results on the tryptophan requirements of the malignant cell lines. Includes 2 articles titled 'The Specific Amino Acid Requirements of a Mammalian Cell (Strain L) in Tissue Culture' and 'The Specific Amino Acid Requirements of a Human Carcinoma Cell (Strain HeLa) in Tissue Culture' both by Harry Eagle.

Letter and article relating to processes

Letter to James F. Riley, Dundee from H. Reeve Angel & Co. Ltd, London regarding Riley's interest in the Weisz 'Ring-Oven' technique and including a list a references. Also includes a copy of 'Chromatographic Methods', volume 1 no. 1.

Letter and articles by Dr Ulf Friberg

Letter to Dr Riley, from Dr Ulf Friberg, dating 28th June 1956, including reprints of Friberg's articles and lectures. Also a copy of Dr Riley's reply, dated 13th July 1956.

Letter regarding Riley's Schroedinger tribute

Letter from Marie O'Kelly, Personal Secretary to the President of Ireland, Dublin to Dr. Riley, Dundee regarding Riley's perseverance with the Schroedinger tribute and saying that the President has been ill.

Letter to Riley regarding Chromatography journals

Letter to James F. Riley, Dundee from H. Reeve Angel & Co. Ltd, London regarding the replacing of the journal 'Chromatographic Methods' with 'The Journal of Chromatography'. Includes the last issue of 'Chromatographic Methods', volume 2 no. 1.

Letter and article relating to anaphylactic reaction

Letter to Dr Riley, Dundee from H.O. Schild, London regarding research into the anaphylactic reaction and enclosing an article titled 'The effect of calcium and pH on the anaphylactic reaction' by J.L. Mongar and H.O. Schild (1957).

Correspondence between James Riley and E. Brinkmann, Braunschweig

Correspondence between James Riley, Dundee and E. Brinkmann, Braunschweig regarding reprints of articles and including a copy of an article titled 'Mastzellenreticulose (Gewebsbasophilom) mit histaminbedingtem Flush und Ubergang in Gewebsbasophilen-Leukamie' by E. Brinkmann.

Letter and papers relating to Dr. J.C. Paterson's funding application

Letter to Dr Riley from R.M. Taylor of the National Cancer Institute of Canada dated 18th January 1960 requesting a reference for Dr. J.C. Paterson's application for research funding. Includes Dr. Paterson's proposals, and a letter from 28th January, acknowledging Riley's reply.

Envelope of letters to James Riley

Envelope containing letters addressed to James Riley at various addresses. Most of the letters are from [Lord] 'Dawson', 32 Wimpole Street, London and concern Riley choosing a university and applying for jobs. There is also a menu and toast list for the University of Edinburgh Medical Graduation Dinner.

Letter from Douglas D. Smith regarding experiments

Letter from Douglas D. Smith, Glasgow to James Riley, Dundee regarding experiments using alpha-toxin f C1. welchii for the destruction of mast cells and including an article titled 'The Role of Histamine in Early Bacterial Inflammation of the Rat Peritoneal Cavity' (1959) by D.D. Smith and A.A. Miles.
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