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Personal letters to Sharp's birth mother, and letters between Sharp and family and friends. Also letters and emails relating to Sharp's professional life

Oral History

Recordings and written testimonial from members of the Brittle Bone Society. Includes both audio and video recordings of interviews carried out on Zoom. Topics of discussion include involvement with the Society, childhood and growing up with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, working life.

University of Dundee Archive Services


(1) Brass “tune whistle” used for the initial note during hymn singing, in case
(2) Two printer’s plates of the Reverend John Glas
(3) Wooden spoon with v-shaped break in bowl
(4) Knife with bone or horn handle, made by Hilliard and Co. Sheffield
(5) Tuning fork
(6) Pitch pipe possibly used for giving note to begin hymns
(7) Ladle, probably used to serve the soup given out at church services

West family research

(1) MS timelines of events and background of MR West, G Low, Violet A Low, Evaline A West and other members of the West and Patten family, based on the collection, with copies of news clippings and catalogue description for Holloway Sanatorium, and copy and related letter of GEJA West’s 1951 probate notice, c2015
(2) Sketches and print-outs of the West family genealogies, with copies of emails from descendants, news clippings and biographies, c2014

Jean Mary Lindesay Low (b.1934)

(1) Annotated photocards and photographs of Jean as a baby and child, some with her mother and grandparents, 1934-1938
(2) Annotated photographs of Jean as an adult and child, some with her husband, friends, children, grandchildren and niece, 1934 - 2014
(3) Post office savings book, 1941-1953 with slips, 1968-1969
(4) National Registration Identity card, 1944
(5) Letter from Heresford House School concerning Jean’s final year and postcard listing exam results, 1950
(6) Passport, 1954-1959
(7) Bundle of postcards sent to parents while in Spain, Tunisia and from around Britain, 1950s-1960s,
(8) News cuttings of the engagement and marriage of Jean and Michael Smith, 1959,
(9) Letter of thanks from George Carey, Bishop of Canterbury, 1991 enclosing photographs featuring Jean and Mike at the Hope New Christian outreach at Glastonbury Festival, [1983?]
(10) Sketch of Jean’s family tree of descendants, c2008


Newscutting scrapbook, with digitised copy, Sharp's family tree, plans of Rockbank, and football World Cup material. Also copy of interview given by Sharp

Hally and Halley genealogical, research and other original papers

(1) File, ‘Halley’ containing copies of genealogy pages, statistical accounts, art cards and history booklets and notes, all relating to Alexander Hally (1733-1795) Rector of Lundie & Fowlis, his family and his Knight relatives, c2007-2008.

Alexander Hally, Madeira:
(2) Envelope ‘Photographic views of Madeira by W.A Stewart’, nd [‘WA Stewart was a partner of William Grant, Funchal who died 1866 & ran business until 1871. W Grant (1788-1866) m Mary Innes of Funchal 1803. A Hally & his sister Marion were sponsors at her baptism. William Grant worked with Alexander Hally of Madeira’. Source: Low/Philpott]
(3) ‘The Beneficent Usurpers: A history of the British in Maderia’, Desmond Gregory (1988)
(4) ‘Casemate’, featuring photograph of Forte de São José, da Pothina, 2007
(5) CD, ‘influência Britânica’, c 2008
(6) 'A Madeira entre 1820 e 1842: relações de poder e influência Britânica', Paulo Migue Rodrigues (2008)
(7) Photographs of Alessandro Hally 1830’s consul documents
(8) Copies of documents, maps and photographs relating to Alexander Hally and Funchal, with transcript of visit to Madeira, 2010 and copy of ‘The Invalid’s Guide to Madeira, 1840’
(9) Tourist map of Madeira, c2010
(10) Copies of ‘H’ pages from [Dundee Directory 1850s] with David and Henry Hazeel marked, with modern sketch family tree of with Alexander highlighted

Dr AH Halley:
(11) Genealogy print-outs, modern notes and copy of Dr Halley’s obituary, with sketch family tree of Alexander and Emily Jane Halley
(12) Copy of 1907 ‘Introduction’ on clan societies,
(13) 'A Tale of Three Cities', ed LS Jacyna, 1989 with places marked where Dr Halley mentioned
(14) Photograph of Alexander Halley’s 1830 membership certificate of the Highland Society

(15) Print outs of genealogy pages and biography of Rev Alexander Hay Halley, 2012

Other Halley family members:
(16) Copies of 1871 and 1901 census pages with annotations relating to Harriet and Dr William Halley
(17) Print outs of William Halley (b1863) WW1 medal card with modern note and other WW1 material relating to Edward Harland Halley, with 1917 and 1919 news cuttings.
(18) War graves printout and snapshot of man in uniform, annotated as Peter Harland Halley, d.1940
(19) Annotated copy of marriage index highlighting Halleys
(20) Modern notes on Robert WO Halley
(21) Photograph of man, woman and dog, with message on revers and annotated as parents of Constance Halley, 1896
(22) Photograph of woman and child on bicycle, annotated as Constance Halley, c1900

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