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‘You can't catch death’

(1) Draft screenplay 'based on the writings of Richard Brautigan', nd
(2) Draft screenplay 'based on the writings of Richard and Ianthe Brautigan', nd
(3) Draft screenplay 'based on the writings of Ianthe and Richard Brautigan', nd
(4) Pages of draft screenplay 'based on the writings of Richard Brautigan and Ianthe Brautigan', nd
(5) Electronic documents: brautigan.fdr and brautigan2.fdr [inaccessible]


(1) Draft outline and scenes, nd
(2) Untitled typescript screenplay, parts 1 and 2, nd
(3) Untitled draft screenplay [in 2 notebooks], nd
(4) ‘Dissolution’ draft screenplay 'from the novel by CS Sansam' (sic), nd
(5) Notes on motivation and plot, nd
(6) 60'_Dissolution_-_4th_draft_-_part_one.fdx [inaccessible]

Annual General Meeting papers

(1) Minutes of Annual General and Vestry meetings, with some loose papers, relating to finances, activities, the building and lay posts such as the organist and caretaker and any pertinent Diocesan business, 1975-1981

(2) Minutes of Annual General Meetings containing Priest's and Treasurers' reports, plus those of projects such as 'Church in Society', and annual accounts, 1992-2012. Also financial and and congregational returns, 1990-2011

‘Reversible Errors’

(1) Printed email from Scott Turow of notes on the teleplay, May 2003
(2) 'Reversible Errors (The First Night)...based on the novel by Scott Turow', second revision screenplay, 27 June 2003
(3) 'Reversible Errors (The Second Night)' screenplay, second draft, 27 June 2003
(4) Second revision, full pink locked for Mike Robe Productions, 19 September 2003

'Dark fire'

(1) Draft screenplay, nd
(2) Dark Fire electronic folder: 60’_Dark_Fire_-_Part_Two.fdx; DARK FIRE-1st Draft-Part One.fdx; Dark Fire outline.fdx; Darkfire.fdx

‘A Thousand Calvaries’

(1) Outline, pp 35-42 of the massacre in the story, nd
(2) ‘A Thousand Calvaries, A Storyline by Alan Sharp', nd
(3) Second draft revision, annotated screenplay, 17 August 2005
(4) Notes on the culture, history, people and politics of Rwanda , nd

‘The Fifth Quarter’

(1) ‘The 5th Quarter extended', unfinished draft screenplay, nd
(2) ‘The Fifth Quarter’ teleplay, pink revised, 14 November 2005
(3) Turner Network Television pack for 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes from the Stories of Stephen King' with publicity shots, cast and crew lists and interviews for each episode, including Sharp’s ‘The Fifth Quarter’, 2006

'The Apprentice'

(1) Draft storyline and draft letter to Ruth [2006]
(2) Electronic folder containing apprentice1.fdr, aprentice3.fdr [inaccessible]

The World Cup

(1) Reports on the matches of the World Cup
(2) Description of the Portugal v England match
(3) Ticket for the Czech Republic-Ghana match

Financial correspondence

(1) Correspondence, minutes and statements concerning matters such as the Scottish Episcopal Church Unit Trust Pool, clergy vacancy, stipend and allowances and Diocesan quota, 1988-1997
(2) Correspondence and reports concerning matters such as the Scottish Episcopal Church Unit Trust Pool, the Cubs, Ministers' payments and executory, 1997-2007

‘Ties that Bind’

(1) Website downloads relating to Chicago Police Dept., racial incidents, crime statistics, 26 June 2006
(2) Family tree of characters, nd
(3) Storyline and character synopsis based on material supplied by Bill Haber [2 x copies], nd
(4) First draft teleplay based on a story by Bill Haber, 26 April 2007
(5) Copy of email re the series, 27 April 2007
(6) ‘Party Politics’ story line of first episode, nd
(7) Ties that bind electronic folder:
ties that bind.doc Characters outline [unfinished], nd;
Ties That Bind.fdr [inaccessible];
TTB Ep01 04 May09.pdf teleplay Episode One – Jamie, nd;
TTB Ep02 first bit.pdf teleplay Episode Two – Frank, nd

The Swazi Club

Photographs, cuttings and notes charting the Mothers Union project aimed at improving the quality of life for orphans in Swaziland

‘My talks with Dean Spanley’

(1) Memoir of the development of Dean Spanley from Sharp’s original 1980s drafts, [c2008?]
(2) Dean Spanley electronic folder: Dean spanley.fdx;
dean spanley.pdf ‘My Talks with Dean Spanley’ first draft, nd;
dean spanleyau17.fdr;
dean spanleyaug17.pdf ‘My Talks with Dean Spanley based on the novel by Lord Dunsanay’, second revised draft, 11 April 2007

‘The beach of Falesa’

(1) Draft screenplay 'based on the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson', nd
(2) Draft screenplay 'based on the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson', nd
(3) Screenplay for Top Shelf Productions, Talisman Productions, 1997
(4) ‘Falesa. Draft notes’, nd
(5) ‘Falesa Alan’s Notes 30 March 2007 (Abridged by Philippa)’, 2007
(6) Folder of 7 x electronic docs, most titled ‘Final’, 2003, 2008 [all inaccessible]

Electronic screenplays [inaccessible]

Pierre folder of 6 fdr documents
brautigan.fdr and brautigan2.fdr
marker2.fdr and marker2008.fdr
revere.fdr, revere1.fdx, revereJan15.fdx, reverejan9.fdr

‘Grinning at the Lid’

(1) ‘Grinning at the Lid screenplay by Alan Sharp and Stephen Batt’, nd
(2) Oklahoma City Bombing electronic folder: A true betrayal.fdr; A True Betrayal.fdx; A True Betrayal.txt; A true betrayal08.fdr; A True Betrayal1.fdr; Grinatlid112906.fdr;
Grinning at the lid – Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp.doc ‘Grinning at the Lid’ A screenplay by Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp, November 2008;
Grinning at the lid – Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp.doc ‘Grinning at the Lid’ A screenplay by Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp, November 2008;
Grinning at the lid – Stephen Batt & Alan Sharp.txt;
GrinningattheLid.docm Untitled screenplay, nd;
GrinningattheLid.rtf Untitled screenplay, nd;
GrinningattheLid.txt Untitled screenplay, nd
[.fdx and .fdr documents inaccessible]

‘Long Dark Cloud’

(1) Draft outline and background, nd
(2) ‘Long Dark Cloud, long outline 1.3’, nd
(3) ‘Long Dark Cloud’ establishing script, nd
(4) ‘Characters 2’ list, nd
(5) Sketch map of New Zealand showing forces’ positions, nd
(6) ‘NZ Defence Force’, detailing services, bases and weapons, nd
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