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Michael Peto
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Letter appointing Peto Company Secretary. 12 January 1945. Carbon-copy of letter to Customs and Excise. 11 January 1945. Application to be full-time warden. 22 April 1944. Application for employment as booking office clerk, London Passenger Transport. 9 June 1944. Application for employment as announcer/translator for the BBC. 14 August 1941. Littleman's Company notepaper (Peto-director). n.d. Application for new tyres-answer from Regional Petroleum Office. 8 March 1945. Letter from Peto's accountant to Home Office re application for Mr. Laszlo Alter to be able to reside in the UK. 19 June 1945.


File containing papers: Letters and particulars from house agents. September/October 1942. Licence to repair 81 The Vale, from Ministry of Works/War Damage Commission. April/May 1947. Application for telephone. 29 May 1941. Letter from Peto to Regional Petroleum Office to accompany application. 11 June 1945. 81 The Vale purchase details. December 1942.


File containing papers: The Observer assignment sheets for: Belgrade. 5 September 1961. India. 9 March 1964-29 April 1964. Jordan. 9 May 1964. Greece. 29 May 1964. Bombay. 8-10 February 1967. Copies of letters from Peto in Bombay. 1967. Copies of letters from New Delhi, one to Miss Bennett of TES and one to Gary Woodhouse, Observer. List of negatives taken in India. n.d.

Book Reviews

File containing papers: Book reviews of The Dancer's World. 1963-1964. Book review of About Britain. 1968.


/1 'Year One'. An account of the first year of operation of an independent television company in England. Published by Granada. Includes Michael Peto photographs (picture section, television production).1958.
/2 'New sights of London'. Published by the London County Council. London. Includes Michael Peto photographs (almost all pictures, except the ones mentioned on page 76, London). nd.
/3 'The British Journal photographic annual 1963'. Includes Michael Peto photographs (picture section, Petit-Village/ Ile D'Oleron, Cordoba/ Spain, Miner after shift/ Ystradgynlais). 1963.
/4 'St. Martin's Christmas Matinee 1963'. In aid of The Save the Children Fund. 19 December 1963. Includes Michael Peto photographs (page 25 ff. Shoreditch: a profile in pictures). 1963.
/5 'The British Council annual report 1966/ 1967'. Includes Michael Peto photographs (page 9 Rt Hon. Lord Bridges KG, GCB, GCVO, MC, FRS). 1967.
/6 'The British Council annual report 1967/ 1968'. Includes Michael Peto photographs (page 6 Sir Paul Sinker). 1968.
/7 'About Britain'. Photographs by Michael Peto. Kenneth Harris. Boston. 1968.
/8 'Royal Opera House Retrospective 1732-1982'. Includes a Michael Peto photograph (page 34 Monica Mason, The Rite of Spring). 1982.
/9 Noureev Autobiographie. Published by Arthaud, Paris 2016, Peto photographs included in central section, 2016
/10 The Dancer's World by Michael Peto and Alexander Bland, 1963, includes Michael Peto photographs, 1963
/11 Fonteyn and Nureyev by Alexander Bland, 1979. Includes Michael Peto photographs (pg 25, 26, 32, 53 and 59)
/12 The Face of Life, photographs chosen by The Observer, 1959. Includes photographs by Michael Peto (index provided), 1959.

Cards and Invites

File containing papers: Christmas cards. 1958. Invitation to marriage of Daphne M. Ehrmann and Henry Leon at West London Synagogue. 2 February. Invitation to Bar mitzvah of Richard Julian Bruce. 22 August 1959.


Correspondence of Michael Peto and letters relating to him.

Michael Peto


/1 International Press Card holder. Includes: /2 Michael Petos' National Union of Journalists Membership Card. 1970 /3 Identity Card of Michael Peto as a fotoreporter for 'The Observer' in Beograd. 1961. /4 Statement from 'The Observer' for Michael Peto as an authorised representative of the newspaper. 1954. /5 National Registration Identity Card. 10 August 1951. /6 Rule book of 'The National Union of Journalists'. n.d. /7 Business Cards of Michael Peto (Pet? Mihály). n.d. /8 Business Card of P. Flesch. n.d. /9 Empty ring box. n.d. /10 German certificate of receiving a bronze medal for the photograph 'Foggy Day in Dundee' given by the international jury of the 'Interpress-Foto 1960' in Berlin. Includes a letter from the 'Verband der Deutschen Journalisten, Deutsch Demokratische Republik (DDR)'. 14 April 1960. /11 Bronze medal for the photograph 'Foggy Day in Dundee' received from the 'Interpress-Foto 1960' in Berlin. 1960. /12 Bronze Medal received from the 'Exposition International d'Art Photographique' (International Exposition of Photographic Art) in Budapest, 1970. /13 With compliments notes of Stephen Fodor. With annotation. n.d. /14 With compliments notes of Stephen Fodor. With annotation. n.d. /15 Photograph of Michael Peto. 1934. /16 Photograph of Michael Peto. 1934.

Graphological analysis

File containing papers: Graphological analysis of H.V. Lehmann. 27 May 1941. Graphological analysis of Charles Conway. n.d. Graphological analysis of E. D. 25 January 1945. Request for advice from Ruth Speyer or Ray Partington. 19 January 1967.

Hungarian Papers

File containing papers: Free Hungarian News-Letter [in Hungarian]. October 1942. Hungarian Democratic Circle of Bolivia letter to Count Michael Károlyi [in Hungarian]. 18 October 1941 'Count Karolyi and Hungary: From Defeat to Victory' paperback, published by Lincolns-Prager in London. 1945. Circulo Democratico Hungaro from Bolivia to Count Michael Károlyi [in Hungarian]. 8 January 1941. Letter from 81 The Vale to A.D. Clegg, asking if Peto can call on Clegg to exchange ideas. n.d. Letter written by Jack Miller about Miller's family and social life. 3 January. Carbon-copy letter to New Democratic Hungary [in Hungarian]. 28 February 1943. Letter from Peto [in Hungarian]. 14 August 1945. Carbon-copy letter from the Vatican [in Latin]. 9 September 1947. English translation of Jusztin Baranyay's letter to Cardinal Mindszenty concerning the Saint Crown's location and movement, with facsimile photographed copy of original letter. 26 August 1947. British Hungarian Friendship Society information page about upcoming play 'The Midwife' by Hungarian playwright Julius Hay. n.d. Circulars from Londoni Magyar Klub. n.d. 'Joint War Effort Committee of Hungarians in Great Britain' leaflet, printed in London. n.d. Cinematographie Bulgare Sofia 'Reportage photographique Nr. 1'[in French]. n.d. Letter from 'Phil P' at the House of Commons, thanking Peto for the photos he sent. 10 December 1946. Copy of New York newspaper [in Hungarian]. 10 January 1942. Copy of America newsletter 'Harc!' [in Hungarian]. 25 December 1941. Typed drafts of letters and articles [in Hungarian]. n.d. Handwritten drafts of letters and articles [in Hungarian]. n.d. 'Oktober' calendar speaking and musical events leaflet [in Hungarian]. n.d.

Hungarian Papers

File containing papers: Spiral-bound notebook containing Hungarian and UK business names and addresses, lists of materials. 1939. Ink line drawings. n.d. Envelopes from Hungary. n.d. Watercolour of a flower. n.d. Daily Telegraph Map of the World. n.d. Note re advert in Evening Standard [in Hungarian]. 25 March 1947. Letter from Peto's sister [in Hungarian]. 20 March 1947. Postcard from Peto's parents from Bata Hungary [in Hungarian]. 5 June 1940. Business letter from Hungarian photographer [signature unknown]. 18 December 1958. Hungarian polling card for the General Election. 28 May 1939. Carbon copy of letter from Peto to president of Free Hungarian Movement, Count Karolgi. 22 July 1942. Poem by Peto [in Hungarian]. 16 November 1939. Four lines of poem [in Hungarian]. n.d. Letter from Tivadar-Budapest. 1946. Various typed letters and sheets [in Hungarian]. n.d.

Letter, 12 February 1944, London, Peto to Lucy Francis.

Concerns properties in Kent suitable for new school. Also concerns exhibition of paintings by pupils in Summerhill and possibility of publishing the paintings in a book with text by A.S. Neill or Robin Bond (art teacher).
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