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The Grampian Club
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Anne Partington

Newscutting. 'Leading children's worker, Anne Partington, retires'

Anniversary Meets'

Includes: '50th 1977' Board with reproduction of Evening Telegraph article on 50th anniversary climb and photograph of climb. Copy right D C Thomson & Co Ltd Colour photograph of Jack Forrest, Founder member. 50th Anniversary meet Kilbo path to Mayar. Jack Forrest, George Smith, Kathleen Watson, Alan Gardner, Ron Aitken, Roy Partington. Summit Party 50th Anniversary meet. Includes Alan Gardner, Jack forrest, Roy Partington, george Smith, Kathleen Watson. '60th' 60th Anniversary meet Mayar. Unknown, Anne Partington, Roy Partington, Gordon Small, Barbara Tulloch. 1987. Photographs of Dorothy Spencer and unknown masked figure. 1987. Photograph. Fashions on 60th Anniversary meet. Those pictured include John Burdin, Dougal Roy, Jack Tibbs, Alistair McLeish, Andrew Boggon and Michael Spencer [partially hidden]. 1987 '70th' Photograph. 70th meet of the Grampian Club, Mayar. Sunday 30 March 1997. Includes key to identify those pictured.
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