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The McClean Hydrometric Data Collection

  • MS 121
  • Collection
  • 1909-1965
Daily rainfall postcards, and weekly charts of water levels at selected sites in Scotland and Cumbria including loch levels and river gauging stations. The places recorded include: River Garry, Ness, Foyers, Dochfour Ferry (Ness), Arkaig, Moriston, Gairlochy, Loch Oich, Ness - Fort Augustus, Glen Quoich Lodge, Spey, Aberlour, Spey-Laggan Bridge, Loch Arkaig, Ness Castle Farm, Loch Garry, Spey-Lochaber, Windermere Records, Loch-Gairlochy, Loch Garth, River Oich, River Foyers, River Dee. Also includes Norman Lockyer Observatory Council's Reports, Directors Reports, photograph albums, plans.

Captain William Newsam McClean

Ken Miln Collection

  • MS 308
  • Collection
  • 1938-2009
Photographs of Megna Jute Mill, Calcutta, India, 1938-c 1940s. Postcards of Bandel Church, Calcutta, India, c 1940s. Photgraphs of jute mill near Czestochowa, Poland 1995-1996. Copy of The Textile Recorder Year Book 1938. Computer printouts of photographs of Megna Jute Mill, 2009.

John Miln and Kenneth Miln

Alan Sharp papers

  • MS 454
  • Collection
  • c1965-c2013
Screenplays, inc shooting scripts, handwritten drafts by Sharp and print outs. Manuscripts of two unpublished novels. Notebooks containing journal entries and ideas and notes. Personal letters between Sharp, his family and friends.
Box 1:
Screenplays, inc shooting scripts, handwritten drafts by Sharp and print outs. Manuscripts of two unpublished novels. Notebooks containing journal entries and ideas and notes. Personal letters between Sharp and his birth mother. 'Picture yourself' - bound narrative featuring 'Lorimer', nd, Posters + marketing material for film 'Rob Roy', [1995], 'A blind man on a galloping horse a novel of childhood' bound narrative, nd, Bird spotting notebook, nd, Personal notebook with scrip notes + personal notes, nd, personal diary, [2009], Nightmares and dreamscapes from the short stories of Stephen King, teleplay scripts, [2005], "Night Moves2 The Dark Tower production script, September 17, [1973], An end of wishing, first draft of screenplay, 9/20/1973, Damnation Alley script, May 12 1976, A blind man on a galloping horse chapter contents and notes, nd, Rob Roy script fourth draft, 19 of June 1995, Above the mountain, first draft of screenplay, April 1991, The last run, second draft of the script, 2 April 1991, Ulzana's Raid, thrid draft of screenplay, 1972, Movie Makars a screenwriting event booklet, 1993, 'Dark fire' unpublished writings,nd, The president's child screenplay, nd, Kinship of Alan Sharp list, nd, 'A utopian proposal to a practical people, unpublished narrative, nd, Folder with a persomal letter, maternal family tree and paternal family tree, nd] and Scrapbook of newspaper clippings.
Box 2:
Folder of personal letters, 1999, Folder of personal letters 2009, envelope of personal letters 2000, envelope with bank bills and storyline and chracater synopsis for Ties that bind [nd], folder with various unfinished scripts [nd], Draft of The October surprise x-files by Robert Parry [nd]. loose pages of script [nd], Naples 44 notes and screenplay script 1999, folder with personal letter and script for Ties that Bind first draft 2007, loose pages of Protocol of Zion [nd], personal notes [nd], loose pages of Arthur and Gillian [nd], loose pages of script [nd], handwritten notes [nd], Reversible errors (The first night) second revision 2003, A thousand clavaries storyline [nd], loose notes typed and hand written [nd], A thousand calvaries script second draft revision 2005, Script for Power of the dog 2009, script for black scree legend [nd], script of Burning in Heaven [nd].
Box 3:
Script for Burns 2004, Alan's notes for The Auckland draft march 2007, A view from the headland by Alan Sharp and George Barclay script pages [nd], personal notes loose and notebook[nd], While I was gone handwritten narrative [nd], Blessed McGill handwritten script [nd], Germany football world cup notes 2006, Dissolution screenplay script [nd], Liddie Newton Part one script [nd], The fifth quarter teleplay script 2005, Nightmares and dreams from the stories of Stepehen King event leaflet [nd], Geezers, Slags and Shooters by Steven Daly and Mark Jordan first draft of the script 2000, The apprentice storyline handwritten narrative [nd], Greenock's jewish community 1880-1940 information book 2010, Reversible errors second revision script 2003, Naples 44 handwritten script [nd], adress book and note in one notebook [nd], Address book [nd], El cid screenplay handwritten [nd], El cid handwritten storyline [nd], Handwritten notes [nd], You can't catch death screenplay notes [nd], Handwritten personal work notes [nd], list of characters and personal notes [nd], The all true travels and adventures of Liddie Newton screenplay script [nd], untitled script [nd], While I was gone handwritten script [nd].
Box 4:
Loose pages of autobiographical novel [nd]. personal journal 2011, A blind man on a galloping horse narrative [nd], Double cross handwritten script draft [nd], Personal journal [nd], Notebook with loose pages and notes, Notebook with half written script [nd], Notebook with personal notes [nd], Notebook with handwritten narrative [nd], The Kaiser's last kiss screenplay second draft [nd], empty notebook, Acts four, five, six and seven of the Ben Hur screenplay [nd], acts two and three of the Ben Hur screenplay [nd], Empty adress book, Edition of Thucydides The History of the Peloponesian war, Notebook with personal notes [nd], Notebook with Dona Allman poem [nd], notebook with filming notes [nd], cts two, three, four and five of the Ben Hur screenplay [nd], El cid a legend of our times script [nd] folder with loose film and personal notes [nd], Second draft of the Ben Hur script [nd], The ballad of Hellen and the go-go ninjas by Michael Benett first draft [nd], You can't catch death script [nd], small notebook with personal notes [nd], Notebook with fimlming notes [nd], Notebook with narrative titled Matthew's book [nd], Notebook with personal and filming notes [nd], So the wind won't blow it all away screenplay script [nd], notebook with untitled narrative [nd], Burns character lists and narrative [nd].
Box 5:
The beach of Falesa script 1997, Loose script pages [nd], envelope with individual pieces of writting narrative and poems, Don't cry it's only a picture screenplay script loose pages [nd], Untitled script loose pages [nd], The beach of Falesa complete screenplay [nd], When they kill a president narrative 1971, Ben hur screenplay second draft [nd], Tom Mix and Pancho Villa script February 1994, Tess of the D;Ubervilles continued script [nd], The beach of Falesa screenplay [nd], Tess of the D'Ubervilles screenplay script [nd], The Kaiser's last kiss notes [nd], Tangaroa journal personal [nd], You can't catch death screenplay script [nd], Another of the same personal journal [nd],folder with personal and filming notes [nd], Folder with personal and filming notes [nd], Folder with personal and filming notes and loose script pages [nd].

Alan Sharp