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Wilson Family Papers
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Letter - Five weeks in October in the military;

thence to a "manufactory for cycles and motorcycles, working for a ill woman so she could get a paid leave. That is duty of a national socialistic student". Has been in the mountains distributing Christmas presents to the poor. ("Gigantic woods, deep-seated valleys and high steep meadows in the mountains ... I am surprised by the charm and the beauty of its loneliness and solitude.")

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

"Often I wish to be an English or American. I think its more freedom in these countries. I will only peace for studying and that is nearly impossible."

"Reform-attempts" in the University; constraints of military organisation, "the struggle against the church"; threats of war; in Munich meeting girls and boys from all over the world, and knowing that they may have to fight, "friends against friends". Hopes that Hitler "will save us". Prefers to listen to less political radio stations in English. Hopes to visit England, but has learned about differences between Scots and English through his father's having read "Butcher's Broom" by Neil M. Gunn. [2pp].

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Separate letter from rest of material in section

To "Lucy" from Hilda van den Brandeler van Randwyck. Her husband has managed to keep out of German hands. Her son had to keep hidden. Many died in camps or were executed for underground work, which everyone did. Describes difficulties of obtaining food: "We all look more or less like Ghandi". Explosions of V-bombs Launched nearby.

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

Post-war letters from Dorothea von Lunzer to Mrs [Isobel] Wilson.

From "Dorothy", Vienna. Believes first letter, containing stamps, has been lost, probably due to the censoring authorities. Hopes to re-establish friendships after war. Still studying for exams. Hans Gerd is still a P.O.W. in Yugoslavia; they are still without news from him.

Wilson family of Pollockshaws and Alva

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