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Transparencies mostly taken by Dr H.W. Torrance on a Swan Tour

Collection of transparencies mostly taken by Dr H.W. Torrance on a Swan Tour in 1967, many explanatory notes written on the majority of slide covers. Places photographed include: Athens, Bergama, Corfu, Delos, Ephesus, Isfahan, Istanbul, Lindos, Olympia, Pergamum, Philippi, Rhodes and Soumon. Some slides are dated 1964 to 1967, others are undated. [165] Numbers in [ ] refer to numbered slots in the slide box.

Torrance family

Transparencies illustrating biblical places of interest in Israel and Palestine

A set of transparencies illustrating biblical places of interest in Israel and Palestine, taken between 1940 and 1968. Places shown include: Ain Mellahah, Arbel, Amman, Bamas, Batouf, Beisan, Bethany, Bethlehem, Dan, Gaza, Hatt238n, Hazor, Hebron, Huleh, Isle-le-Boon, Jebel Jermuk, Jerash, Jericho, Jerusalem, Kefr Biran, Kerak, Kiriat Shemona, Lake Galilee, Mar Saba, Meirom, Nablus, Raimon, Rift Valley, River Jabbok, River Jordan, Safad, Samach, Samaria, Sebastie, Shiloh, Sichem, Siloam, Wadyel, Hamam, Wady, Harameyeh, Yarmak, Yehiam. Some are commercially produced slides by Barak Ltd., Hi Fi Colour, B.L. Services & Supplies, Israel Colour Slides, Matson Photo Service and Matson Production. Others were taken by Dr H.W. Torrance, Dr [Peter] Green Leon, Dr Alec McQueen, Rev. N. Pott, Rev. [ ] Rutter, Dr [Nahum] Sade. [205]

Torrance family

Transparencies depicting archeaological sites and places of interest in the Middle East

Miscellaneous transparencies depicting archeaological sites and places of interest in the Middle East including: Acre, Afikim, Afulie, Beisan, Bet Shearim, Canan, Capernaum, Carmel, Debureyeh, Dead Sea, Esdraelon, Haifa, Jaffa, Jenin, Jericho, Jezreel, Lake Galilee, Megiddo, Mount of Precipitation, Mount Tabor, Nablus, Nain, Nazareth, Negev, Quamran, River Kishon, Sachne, Sebastia, Sodim, Tabeetha, Tel Aviv, Tel el Husn, Vale of Elah, Wady Farah and Wady Kelt. The commercial transparencies were produced by City Lord, * Hi Fi Colour Slides, Israel Colour Slides, Israel Colour Slide Co., Israel in Colour and Matson Photo Service. Individual photographers include Sister Annie [?], Dr [Peter] Green, [?] Lunen, [?] Medrow, [Dr Alec] McQueen, Rev. [?] Rutter, Sister Augusta Steller. Dated photographs are between 1950 and 1973, others are undated. [169]

Torrance family


Mostly taken by Dr H.W. Torrance on a tour in 1973 to Abadan, Choga Zanbil, Isfahan, Naqsai-Rustum, Passangadae, Persepolis, Shiraz and Susa. [98] Numbers in [ ] refer to numbered slots in the slide box.

Torrance family

Tour made by James Dalyell.

(i) 3 May - 22 May 1833. [32pp] (ii) 17 June - 6 July 1833. [90pp] (iii) 7 July - 24 August 1833. [54pp]. Includes two documents permitting Dalyell to travel in the country. Route: Paris - Chailly - Sens - Auxerre - Vermenton - Maison Neuvre - Dijon (end of vol. 1) - Marseilles - Aix - Tarascon (end of vol. 2) - Arles - Nismes - Toulouse - Tarbes - Bagneres de Bigorre - Tournay (end of vol. 3).

Tour made by James Dalyell

[Some loose notes inside vol. 1] (i) 7 May - 10 May 1834. [13pp] (ii) 11 June - 20 June 1834. [12pp] (iii) 21 June - 5 July 1834. [24pp] Route: Argelez - Pierrefitte - Garanie (vol. 1) Seviancolin - Tarbes - Tourney - Arroan (vol. 2) Arroan - Bagneres de Luchon - Cadrian - Tarbes (vol. 3)

Thomas Campbell, Alexander Campbell, and Mrs Sarah Siddons

Copies [153], letters, mainly family, to, from and relating to Thomas Campbell, 1797-1853. Correspondence is particularly with or concerning his nephew Alexander Campbell. Other correspondents are: Lord Aberdeen; J. Baillie; Lady Barrington; Dr Beattie; Lady Charlotte Berry; Lord Brougham; T.S. Buckingham; Alexander Campbell (his brother); Sir Edward Codrington; Princess Czartoryski; J. Dalhousie; Lord Dillon; Mrs Dugald Stuart; Charles Gore; Captain Basil Hall; Lord Holland; Joseph Hume; Joseph Jekyll (concerning Mrs Siddons); Duchess of Kent; Joseph Marx and Son; Lord Melbourne; Thomas Moore; Spring Rice; Lord John Russell; E.J. Stanley; C. Wood. Also includes undated copies of personal correspondence of Mrs Sarah Siddons. 1796-1813 [7 letters].
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