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Annual Reports

Annual Reports containing a summary of the year's events involving the society, details of DAS' finances, council members, and names and addresses of DAS members

Dundee Art Society

Annual reports - selected

Reports detailing progress on the establishment, management and governance of the Institute and results on research projects involving matters such as international engagement, volunteering in the police, e-fraud, detection techniques, hostage and crisis management


A collection of annuals and the bound Little Sheriff comics. The Little Sheriff comics do not come bound, so Bolik may have had them bound. /1 The Broons and Oor Wullie Rare Vintage Comic Strips (2011) DC Thomson, bound book with CD Rom of Broons Ceildh Classics and 2012 Oor Wullie Calendar /2 TV Tornado Annual (ND c. 1960s) World Distributors /3 Little Sheriff Comics No. 3, 4 (c1951 ) n/a, writing on inside cover /4 Little Sherrif Comics Vol 3. No. 7, 8, 9 (c 1951) n/a, writing on inside cover /5 Okay Adventure Annual (c1956) The Popular Press For TV and Boardmen Ltd, damaged cover and pages and writing on inside cover /6 Okay Adventure Annual (c1956) The Popular Press for TV and Boardmen Ltd, damaged cover

Annuals and Romance Digests

There are 37 books total in this box. This box contains 20 books and comics annuals from publishers including Collins, DC Thomson, and Dean & Son. There are also 17 smaller digest comics from DC Thomson which are numbered and arranged after the larger books. The romance digests do not have dates and the information is not available online. The digests may need to be stored separately in sleeves to protect them. They were donated by Morris Heggie who was an editor at DC Thomson as well as a writer of Oor Wullie and The Broons. 1/ Boys Will Be Boys, new and revised edition (1957), cover damaged 2/ The Beezer Book for Boys and Girls (1960 annual) writing on inside cover 3/ Beryl the Peril (1961 annual) writing on inside cover 4/ Beryl the Peril (1963 annual) 5/ Beryl the Peril (1965 annual) writing on inside cover 6/ The Buster Book of Gags! (1970) 7/ COR!! Comic Annual (1984) writing on inside cover 8/ Monster Book for Boys (1957) writing on inside cover 9/ The Rover Book for Boys (1956) 10/ Shiver and Shake Annual (1979) 11/ Smash Annual (1970) writing on inside 12/ Smash Fun Book (1971) writing on inside and back cover 13/The Sparky Bok 1967 For Boys and Girls (1967) 14/ The Spark Book 1968 For Boys and Girls (1968) 15/ The Sparky Book 1969 for Boys and Girls (1969) 16/ The Sparky Boook for Boys and Girls (1970) 17/ Stories of Pluck (ND) 18/ Uncle Mac's Children's Hour Story Book (1952) writing on inside cover 19/ Wham! Annual (1968) 20/ Wham! Annual (1969) 21/ Blue Rosette Romances, No 10, Sweet Deceiver (ND) 22/ Blue Rosette Romances, No 14, A Girl in Danger (ND) 23/ Blue Rosette Romances, No 15, When Love Flames (ND) 24/ Blue Rosette Romances, No. 46, Kiss from a Stranger (ND) 25/ Blue Rosette Romances, No. 47, Holiday Paradise (ND) 26/ Blue Rosette Romances, No. 48, Strangers No Longer (ND) 27/ Commando, No. 4547, The Pigeon Patrol (2012) 28/ Dandy, Comic Library No. 211, Puss 'n' Boots in Pigs Can Fly (1992) 29/ Dandy, Comic Library No. 248, Puss 'n' Boots in "The Good Old 'Daze'!" (1993) 30/ Love & Life Library, No. 29, The Bad in Her (ND) 31/ Love & Life Library, No. 53, The Man from Hollywood (ND) 32/ Love & Life Library, No. 54 Dark Lover (ND) 33/ Love & Life Library, No. 63, Dangerous Moonlight (ND) 34/ Love & Life Library, No. 64, Latin Lover (ND) 35/ Love & Life Library, No. 65, Runaway Blonde (ND) 36/ Love & Life Library, No. 66, The Girl From Cheyenne (ND) 37/ Silver Moon Romances, No. 48, Strangers in the Dark (ND)

Archeological Research

All items relating to Urqhart's archeological research and publications, including information on Souterrains and Shell Mounds
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