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Rental of Dunbog Estate

  • MS 175
  • Collection
  • 1767
Rental of Dunbog Estate; [the property of Sir Lawrence Dundas, nr Newburgh, Fife], crop 1767. Lists tenants, rents, livestock and crop produced. [1p].

Dundas Family, Marquesses of Zetland

Commonplace book of James Taylor

  • MS 179
  • Collection
  • c 1686-1759
"James Taylor his book": commonplace book, containing translations from Virgil's Georgics and extract from 23rd Psalm [with signature Ja: Dalrymple, October 1686, in different hand]. c.1686-1759. [9pp].

James Taylor

Andrew Gilchrist names notebooks

  • MS 18
  • Collection
  • 1899-1926
Notes on Gaelic personal and place names 1899-1926; Gaelic clan names 1899-1912; notes on the derivation of names beginning with Mac 1913-1926. George D Paterson added to the notes on clan names, presumably after the death of Gilchrist.

Andrew Gilchrist; George D Paterson

Alexander Thoms papers

  • MS 180
  • Collection
  • Late 19th century-1926
Photographs of geological formations, bird colonies and Polynesia, with letter from M Forster Heddle and obituary of Thoms.

Alexander Thoms

Hunter, Doig and Palmer, brassfounders, Rattray Street, Dundee

  • MS 182
  • Collection
  • 1891-1892
Correspondence, papers and receipted accounts concerning restoration work on the premises of Messrs. Hunter, Doig and Palmer, brassfounders, Rattray Street, Dundee, 1891-c 1892.

Hunter Doig and Palmer

Copy of transcript of a diary entitled 'Our Scotch Tour'

  • MS 183
  • Collection
  • 1979-1980
A copy of transcript of a diary entitled 'Our Scotch Tour'' containing a handwritten account of a Scottish holiday in 1902, undated; Correspondence concerning the provenance of and identification of the diary's authors, two sisters, Mary and Meta, 1979-1980.

Sheila Hardy

Thomas Handyside Baxter

  • MS 184
  • Collection
  • 1810-1980
Diaries, c 1810-1830; Photocopies of Baxter family tree, undated; Extracts from a letter from John Baxter to Dundee University Archives referring to the Baxter family, 1980.

Thomas Handyside Baxter

Glasgow Argus

  • MS 185
  • Collection
  • 1833-1847
Photocopies of minutes, originals 1833; Photocopies of miscellaneous accounts and statements, 1836-1847.

The Glasgow Argus

G.L. Wilson Department Store

  • MS 188
  • Collection
  • 1893-1995
Documents, newspapers, catalogues and photographs relating to G.L.Wilson's Department Store, 'The Corner', The Murraygate, Dundee.

G. L. Wilson Department Store

Mary Sime Greig

  • MS 189
  • Collection
  • 1881
Botanical notes, 1881.

Mary Sime Greig

George Duncan Paterson FSA (Scotland)

  • MS 19
  • Collection
  • 1890 - c 1940
Alphabetical file containing material on Scottish family and place names; albums containing press cuttings mainly concerning Scottish family names and history; notebooks, and material in an envelope, concerning Scottish personal and place names.

George Duncan Paterson

Memoirs of Sir Charles Dixon

  • MS 190
  • Collection
  • 1969
Memoirs of Sir Charles Dixon with a forward by Sir Harry Batterbee, 1969. Chapter One Introductory: A summary of biographical details. Chapter Two The Colonial Office, 1911-1914: colleagues, working life in the colonial office, stories, humorous verses composed by Reginald Stubbs, (First Class Clerk). Includes 'Annex': Draft Treasury reply in monosyllables to official letter from the War Office proposing to keep a War Reserve of Bank of England notes at Coaling Stations, etc.; by Sir R.E. Welby, c.1890-1895. Chapter Three The Colonial Office, 1914-1919: share of war work relating to control of imports and exports, shipping, trading with the enemy, etc. Some anecdotes connected with the war. Recollections of Armistice Day, 11 November 1918. Arrangements made in 1918 and 1919 for the representation of the Dominions at the Paris Peace Conference, and their separate membership of the League of Nations. Chapter Four The Colonial Office, 1920-1925. Sir Charles Dixon was appointed a Principal in the Dominions Department of the Colonial Office, 1922. References to Mr Winston Churchill, T.E. Lawrence and General Smuts. Chapter Five The Dominions Office, 1925-1947: the Imperial Conference of 1926 when the 'Balfour Declaration' was adopted. Imperial Conference of 1930. Comments about the effectiveness of the League of Nations. Debates on the Statute of Westminster, 1931, and comments on its principles. Debates leading up to the passing of the Government of India Act, 1935. Contact with the Dominions during the Abdication Crisis, 1936. Personal recollections of the Coronation of 1937. Eire Constitution, 1937. Czechoslovak Crisis, 1938. Despatch of the 'War Telegram' to the Dominions on 3 September, 1939. Promoted to be Assistant Under-Secretary of State in August 1940. Deliberations on the law of nationality. British Nationality Act, 1948. Chapter Six The Commonwealth Relations Office, 1947-1948: change of name from 'Dominions Office' to 'Commonwealth Relations Office', July 1947. Chapter Seven The Commonwealth Relations Office, 1948-1966: formal retiral in May 1948, but part-time appointment as 'Adviser' until 1967 when he was asked to retire finally because of his age (79½ years). Examples of duties from 1948 onwards and anecdotes. Comments on the institution of the Diplomatic Service. Chapter Eight The Commonwealth Office, 1966-1967: obliged to retire in September, 1967. Tried to persuade the authorities to keep him on until the end of April 1968 when he would reach the age of 80, but did not succeed. Wished that he could live for another fifty years after his retirement to see how everything developed. Chapter Nine General Conclusion: comments on changes from the time before the war to 1967; important landmarks, especially the Statute of Westminster, 1931. Situation in Rhodesia in the 1960's. Comments and quotations with regard to the character of the Commonwealth. Chapter Ten Yorkshire & Clifton, 1888-1907: upbringing in Yorkshire. Time at Clifton School, 1902. Became Head of the School in 1906. Chapter Eleven Balliol, 1907-1911: years spent at Balliol College, Oxford. People whom he met there. Influence on his outlook. Entrance to the Civil Service. Anecdotes. Chapter Twelve Personal: details about his parents and invalid sister. Personal friend, W.D.L. Marshall. Trip (four months) to India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaya and Japan, 1956-1957. Trip (two months) to South Africa, 1958. Trip (five and a half weeks) to Kenya and Tanganyika, South Africa and Southern Rhodesia, 1960-1961. Personal religious beliefs, political outlook, taste in music, art, literature, theatre, architecture. Final comments about his life.

Sir Charles William Dixon

Malcolm Slesser

  • MS 193
  • Collection
  • 1970
Draft manuscripts of unpublished projected book 'Battle for Scotland' by Malcolm Slesser, with covering letter, circulation list and synopsis, 1970.

Malcolm Slesser

Sgian Dubh: The Newsletter of the National Movement

  • MS 194
  • Collection
  • 1969-1975
Sgian Dubh: The Newsletter of the National Movement', vols. 6-11, 1969-1975. A politico-literary broadsheet published by Major F.C. Boothby. It includes comment, articles, satire and poetry in English and Gaelic relating to the Scottish Nationalist revival of the 1970s. The literary material includes the translation of large parts of Blind Harry's 'Wallace' into modern English. 1969-1975.

Andrew Murray Scott Collection

  • MS 195
  • Collection
  • 1978-2007
Material relating to a books, manuscripts and articles written by Andrew Murray Scott: ‘Bonnie Dundee: John Grahame of Claverhouse’, 1985-2002; Letters of John Grahame of Claverhouse’, 1990; ‘Discovering Dundee: The Story of a City’, 1987-1999; ‘Tumulus’, 1998-2000; ‘Estuary Blue’, 2001; Portrait of a Smalltime Crooner: Shorter Short Stories’, 1981; ‘Dundee’s Literary Lives’, Vol. 1 and 2, 2003; ‘The Literary Lives of Dundee’, 1999; ‘A Sense of Place’, 2005; ‘Street Light: Poems and stories’, 2007; ‘The Mushroom Club’, 1989-2007; ‘The Wee book of Dundee’, 2003; ‘Modern Dundee’, 2002-2006; ‘Serving the Regent’, 2001; ‘The Salmon Ladder’, 2005.Material relating to a video documentary using ‘Discovering Dundee: The Story of a City’ as source material, script written by Andrew Murray Scott, 1996-1997.Magazines and articles, 1978-2003.Various miscellaneous documents, 1978-2007. Photographs, c 1985-2000.

Andrew Murray Scott

G. C. Taylor and Son, sail and rope makers, Jamaica Works, Dundee

  • MS 196
  • Collection
  • 1968
Short history of the firm (founded 1884) and of the early life and previous business ventures of George Taylor from 1836, with related notes, by I.B.C. T[aylor], 1968. Refers to acquisition of Jamaica Works in 1906, diversification into the manufacture of tarpaulins, effects of World War 1 and sale of firm to the Boase Spinning Co. in 1920. [Typescript] [8pp].

G. C. Taylor and Son

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