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(1) Letters from George to his parents, while at school, at Wellington College and on holiday with the Pattens, 1880-1893
(2) Correspondence and statements between CH [Blount?} RA Mess, Ipswich, Col and Mrs West, and Lieut. GA West concerning the latter’s dishonoured cheques, his likely dismissal from the Service and necessity of a transfer, potentially abroad, 1897-1898
(3) Letters from GA West to his sister Violet and his parents whilst on service in Sierra Leone, and whilst travelling there and back, 1898-1899
(4) Letters from George to his parents describing his confidence in learning Russian and shorthand and, after moving to Russia, his life in St Petersburg and Archangel, including the tense situation regarding the Czar and general unrest. Also letter to Capt, GA West relating to mortgages, 1905-1910
(5) GA West letters to his mother, written from Chelsham, some detailing his spending, with news of his activities, books read, his friends and colleagues in Russia, work he’s trying to do, and his health [he seems to be staying with a doctor] and his desire to go to Norway and plans to publish a book he translated from Russian. Refutes accusations that he is ill because ‘I avoided people’ or that ‘the whole British colony were wishing to kill me’, and that he is well enough and desires to return to work in Russia, 1912
(6) GA West letters, mostly to his mother, written in Salzburg, Ealing, Biarritz and Sweden. Contains responses to letters from his mother, thoughts on events, general news and opinions about his activities and the places he is living. Also refers to his health and the treatments he receives 1918-1925


Reports with marks in subjects of mathematics, applied maths, geography, science, engineering, French, history and English. Also notices of leave regulations, visiting times for cadets' relations, and Order of Service for the confirmation of David and other candidates from the College

Employment papers

(1) ‘Letters of recommendation’ wallet containing references for AH Low, geologist, and letters of introduction, 1914-1923
(2) Army exercise book containing diary of AH Low’s Great Slave Lake Expedition, June-1919
(3) ‘Important papers’ wallet containing AH Low’s ‘Outline of qualifications and experience’ and papers, including Entry Certificate to Northwest Territories Canada, relating to starting his employment with MacKenzie River Oil Ltd, Ontario and subsequent court dispute, 1921-1922
(4) Agenda of Cheltenham Science Society, listing lecture by AH Low on oil-finding in Peru, 1924
(5) Poster 62 ‘Cree’ and Poster 63 ‘Chipewyan’ [written in Inuktitut syllabics], one signed RH Campbell, [Director of Forestry, Ottawa] with fabric poster ‘Warning to Campers’ rules [1920s]

Sir Edward Harland (1831-1895)

(1) Watercolour sketch of Glenfarnie Hall, nd,
(2) Postcard portraits [4] of Sir Edward from middle age to elderly, c1860-1894
(3) Letters [original and copies] from Harland and Henry Pierson Harland (b1876) including ones to AG and Mrs A Low relating to Harland & Wolff shares, and Lord Pirrie’s will, 1894-1926, with modern note
(4) News clippings of Sir Edward’s obituary and funeral, 1895,
(5) Reprint of Home Rule speech, 1893 by the late Sir Edward Harland, nd,
(6) Sale catalogue of ‘Important Jewels the Property of Lady Harland & others’, 1912

Legal papers

(1) Marriage settlement of William Elliott and Evaline A Lucas, with related papers, 1866
(2) Probate of the will of William R Elliot, Lieutenant 29th Regiment [first husband of EA West], 1867
(3) Extract copy probate of Susan Ann Lucas, with details relating to Evaline A West underlined, 1879
(4) Certificate of death for Thomas Allen of Brighton as requested by Mrs West with letters [2], 1891-1893
(5) Papers relating to the Stammers Trust, including the copy will of Edward Stammers, 1910-1927
(6) Draft license granted by Mrs West to Mrs Carr for property in Brighton with associated papers, 1915-1926
(7) Annotated and damaged letter from the Public Trustee Office concerning a decision relating to the West Settlement Trust, 1916

Legal papers

(1) Marriage settlement, and copy, of Charles Watson Low with Violet Augusta West, 1900
(2) Copy birth certificates of Charles Watson Low (b1856), 1921, and Violet Augusta West (b1876), 1915, with copy of their marriage certificate (1900), 1915
(3) Extension of 1903 lease to CW Low for Wellington Court, Knightsbridge, 1917
(4) Lease of additional rooms at Wellington Court, 1918
(5) Codicil, cancelled, to the will of CW Low, appointing the Public Trustee as executor and trustee of his will in place of his wife and brothers, 1923
(6) Probate of the will of Charles Watson Low, 1928
(7) Copy of the will of CW Low with copy of probate in envelope addressed to KG Low, 1928, with photocopy


(1) Picture postcards [7] to EA West from friends, 1888-1929
(2) Letters [3] to Mrs West containing general news and enquiring of her health, 1895-1927
(3) Fees receipt and letter about George’s progress at school, noting, ’he completed under circumstances calculated to make one forget everything one ever knew’, 1895
(4) Letters and telegram of congratulations to Mrs West on George passing his exams, 1895
(5) Letter from Downing Street to Mrs West confirming that Captain GA West will be returning to England from Southern Nigeria, 1901
(6) Letters to Mrs West from George, his landlady and from doctors, raising concerns about his mental health, suggesting treatment and his admittance to the Priory. Contains statements by George, charting his episodes and breakdowns since 1904, and a letter from his mother to Dr Mills objecting to George being confined in an asylum, May – August 1926
(7) Letters to Mrs West, some from George, charting his treatment and progress under the care of Dr Fitzgerald in Staplehurst, September-December 1926
(8) Letters to Mrs West from Dr Fitzgerald and his wife, charting George’s good physical health and continuing unstable mental health whilst under their care in Staplehurst and consulting with other doctors. Also copy letter from Mrs West pleased with the improvement George is making and refusing to take responsibility for employing his attendant, notice by Dr Fitzgerald that George needs to find another home and reference for Dr Alton, January-December 1927
(9) Final report about George’s progress and bill from Dr Fitzgerald to Mrs West, with letters from Dr Alton and notes and letters of thanks from George, January-March 1928
(10) Empty envelopes and modern note

Frank Buchanan Low (1905-1973)

(1) Mounted photographs of Frank as a child with his sisters, 1905
(2) Photographs [4] and one framed of Frank alone and with family, c1908-1920
(3) Letters and card from Frank to his parents and brother containing personal and school news, and while on service in Belfast. Also postcard from Elsie to her mother-in-law, c1912-1928
(4) Receipts addressed to AG Low and Frank regarding a legacy and his Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve uniforms, 1919-1930
(5) Photograph of Geraldine Elsie, wife of Frank, 1930s with copies
(6) Envelope with list of places and dates relevant to Frank

Financial papers

(1) Business accounts ledger, 1873
(2) Costs of marriage settlement of Charles Watson Low, 1900
(3) Inventory and valuation of 23 Wellington Court, Hyde Park, London W9, 1904, with balance sheets of values, and blank visiting card, 1904-1915 [volume cover has mould damage} with photocopy
(4) Bundle of share certificates, some in the name of VA Low, c1906-c1945
(5) Revised schedule of items for insurance with accompanying letter, 1907
(6) Personal accounts ledgers [2] for CW and VA Low, 1910-1925
(7) Insurance valuations, mainly of jewellery, 1919-1925 with list, possibly noting which family members are to receive items, nd
(8) Letter re temporary share certificates, 1925
(9) Scrap of doctors account, 1926
(10) Inventory & Valuation of property and effects of CW Low, 1928
(11) Correspondence, mainly to Violet, concerning duty and payments on her husband's estate, 1928-1929
(12) Account and receipt for the funeral of CW Low, 1929
(13) Receipts for payment of CW Low’s legacies, 1929

Personal books

(1) 'Church Services' inscribed as being a gift from AG's mother , 1871 [incomplete]
(2) Album de los viajes [album of famous journeys], inscribed to Alexander G Low at Tizapan Mexico, 1862
(3) Cheltenham College Chapel Hymns, annotated ‘AG Low Feb 23 1868’ [fragile]
(4) AG Low’s Italian dictionary, 1870, inscribed 1894, with travel items, 1891, possibly from his honeymoon with Annie
(5) English-German dictionary, annotated ‘AG Low’, 1920
(6) History of the Chabot Family Vol 1 and Vol 2, inscribed 'Alex G Low, 20th Dec 1920' containing 2 Illustrated bible verse cards
(7) ‘In the Silence’, nd with inscribed frontispiece of ‘Church Services’, 1871
(8) Cheltenham College register 1841-1927, annotated ‘Alex G Low 22nd Feb 1929’


(1) Bundle of portrait photocards and loose prints, many duplicates, of Charles as an adult, c1885-c1922
(2) Formal portrait of Charles and Violet, 1900
(3) Mounted studio portrait of Charles, c1900
(4) Formal portrait of Violet Low, c1914
(5) Snapshots [3] of Charles and Violet, one annotated ‘Peking’, [1914]
(6) Formal portrait of Charles W Low, c1920
(7) Mounted photograph of three elderly gentleman, annotated on reverse as Charles Watson Low, James Chabot Low and Alexander Graham Low, [1920s] *
(8) Portrait of older gentleman annotated as Charles Watson Low, 1920s
(9) Snapshot of CW Low’s burial stone, nd
(10) Packet of negatives, mainly featuring scenes, nd

Personal papers

(1) Diaries [10] referring to deaths, weddings, including that of her daughter Violet to Charles W Low, her travels and her husband’s postings, 1891, 1898-1906
(2) Photograph [2] of Evelyn and her husband Col. MR West, c1900
(3) Red Cross certificate ‘for honorary services’, 1917
(4) Passport for EA West, 1920-1930, with French identity card, 1926
(5) French permission of residence certificate, 1929

James Chabot (1778-1850)

(1) ‘Journal of my journey through Part of England commencing 4 July & ending 1798’, by James Chabot
(2) ‘The Times’, containing Nelson’s report of the Battle of the Nile, Wednesday 3 October, 1798
(3) Illustrated account of a naval battle at Naples by Admiral Saumarez, given to James Chabot in 1810, with letter of thanks from R Saumarez to ‘My dear Admiral’, 1858, and modern note
(4) Poem to Chabot inviting him to attend the Anglo Sicilian Flotilla in 1810, annotated with other verse and note explaining the poem’s circumstances, addressed to Mrs Low ‘with Mrs Smyth’s friendly remembrances’, plus modern context note
(5) Note of baptism certificate of son, George Stooks Chabot, Bloomsbury, 1821
(6) Copy baptismal certificate of daughter, Emily Sempronia Chabot, Bloomsbury, 1826 [d.1828]

Gerald Harland Low (1895-1914)

(1) Photograph of three children, possibly Gerald, Alex H and Harriet Low, [1899?]
(2) Letters with personal news from Gerald to his parents while at school, on holiday with his siblings and in Salzburg and Lausanne where he writes he is not suited for ‘a learned profession’ and has decided to go into business, 1900-1913, with cheque from his father, 1913 and letter from Sam Eggar to Alec [AG] Low offering help with Gerald’s future career, 1913 with modern notes
(3) Photograph of Gerald as a boy with his mother and siblings, [c1903]
(4) Watercolour sketches [2] of buildings around Dunster, nd
(5) Sketchbooks, inscribed ‘GH Low’ but containing at least one sketch, 1930, by AG Low, 1906-1907
(6) Cartoon sketch of servant carrying a crown, initialled ‘GHL 1909’
(7) Postcard album with note ‘Old postcards Switzerland inc pics of 1/7/1912 to GH Low of Spiez’, c1912
(8) Single and double frame photographs of GH Low in army uniform, 1914
(9) Mounted and loose photographs, mostly copies, of GH Low in army uniform, 1914
(10) Card, noting Private Gerald Harland Low went missing 31 October at Messines [written in Dutch and Flemish], 1914
(11) Sketch map of Messines 31 October 1914
(12) Certification that as Pte Gerald Harland Low has been missing since 1 November 1914, he is presumed dead, 1916,
(13) News cutting about the 1914 star, 1919
(14) Letter enclosing GH Low’s clasp to his 1914 star, 1921
(15) Verses by CJ Hamilton, ‘It tells of weary watching Of sorrow, grief, & pain’, nd,
(16) Probate papers for Gerald’s death including papers relating Mrs Halley’s estate, 1915-1916
(17) WW1 memorial poster, commemorating the death of Pte Gerald Harland Low, 1 November 1914, aged 19, 1918
(18) ‘Introduction to the registers of the Ypres (Menin Gate) and Tyne Cot, Passchendaele, Memorials Belgium’, with copy of the ‘Memorial Register 29- Part XXV Soldiers from the United Kingdom Knight-Loynton’, 1926
(19) Imperial War Graves Commission order form for their report, 1927
(20) Map of Military cemeteries, listed by allied countries, [c1927?]
(21) Photographs of Indian schoolgirls, including portraits of one [early 20C] , with modern notes speculating she was sponsored in memory of Gerald
(22) Copy of Jack Robson’s war experiences in 1914, with accompanying letter explaining how the description of fighting at Messines Bridge would have been experienced by GH Low, 1930


(1) James Chabot Low in uniform, [c1900?],
(2) Three men annotated as ‘unknown’, Charles W Low and James Chabot Low. c1910
(3) James Chabot Low studio portrait, [1920s?]
(4) Portrait photograph of young man in dress uniform, annotated ‘James Low, son of James Chabot Low’, [c1920?]
(5) Charles W, with dog, James C and AG Low by doorway of a house, [1920s?]
(6) Col James C Low in uniform, [1930s?]
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