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Robert Cochrane Buist, Lecturer in Midwifery and Gynaecology, University College, Dundee
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Papers and photographs relating to Dr David Kinloch

Dr David Kinloch (1559-1617). [Born in Dundee, he was a student at the University of St. Andrews but did not graduate. By 1596 he was an M.D. probably of Paris, and with the publication of his "De Hominis Procreatione" in that year, he became the first Scots writer in Obstetrics to have his work published. In 1616 he was granted the right of barony in the estate of Aberbothrie.]

Papers relating to Andrew Borde

Andrew Borde (1490-1549). Includes: 'Andrew Borde, of Physycke Doctour, 1490-1549 and His Scottish Experiences' by R.C. Buist: Reprint from the Caledonian Medical Journal, June 1921 [2] with related correspondence, 1922-1937. Notes and newspaper cuttings on Andrew Borde. Page from 'A Catalogue of Old and Modern Medical and Scientific Books' giving extracts from Andrew Borde's Breviarie of Health. Includes print of an old woodcut of Borde. 1924.

Papers relating to Patrick Blair

Patrick Blair (1680-1728). Includes: Notes and newspaper cuttings relating to Blair and his family including family tree. Notes taken from the 'Sloane MSS' on letters of Patrick Blair to Sloane and to Pethiver. Letter, 13 April 1923, London, [Amitch] Chaplin to R.C. Buist. Concerns portrait of Patrick Blair (mentions also thanks for photograph of David Kinloch). "The Story of a Dundee Elephant. Patrick Blair's Romantic Life" [R.C. Buist, Dundee Courier and Advertiser 8 February 1928], with correspondence between Buist and George Blair, Glasgow, February to March 1928 relating to the Blair family.
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