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File relating to the Dundee Educational Priority Area

Documents include: Letter, 28 May 1968, from Principal Stimpson of Dundee College of Education to J.W.L. Adams regarding the establishment of the E.P.A. with attached list of Steering Committee members. Notices for and reports of the Steering Committee's meetings, 1968-1971. Copies of the E.P.A. Newsletter, 1969-1970. Details of the E.P.A.'s financial position, c.1971, and a financial estimate for the end of the project, March 1971.

File containing papers relating to the Standing Conference on Studies in Education

Papers include a description of the function of the Conference and its objectives. n.d; minutes of AGMs for the years 1955-1964; agendas for AGMs for the years 1956-1965; Treasurer's Report and Accounts for the years 1956-1965 with related correspondence. Also includes: Constitution and membership of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Educational Studies as at 17 December 1958, and correspondence relating to the publication. Minutes of a Joint Meeting held between the Conference of Institute Directors and the Conference Heads of University Departments of Education, 25 March 1963. Membership Accounts for the period 1 December 1963 to 30 November 1965.

Sidlaw Industries Ltd.

Summary MS 66/10/1 Minute books, memorandum and material relating to the firm's history. 1920-1985 MS 66/10/2 Shareholding records. 1920-1974 MS 66/10/3 Accounts ledgers and journals. 1887-1958 MS 66/10/4 Miscellaneous financial. 1920-1949 MS 66/10/5 Wages and salaries records. 1904-1963 MS 66/10/6 Order and sales books. 1900-1948 MS 66/10/7 Jute stock books. 1941-1951 MS 66/10/8 Miscellaneous raw jute records. 1939-1954 MS 66/10/9 Delivery books. 1939-1940 MS 66/10/10 Agreements. 1921-1940 MS 66/10/11 Correspondence and miscellaneous. 1913-1949 MS 66/10/12 Photographs and artefacts. 1892-1986 MS 66/10/13 Valuations. 1931-1954 MS 66/10/14 Plans. 1955-1979 MS 66/10/15 Publications, pamphlets and press cuttings. 1922-2003

Sidlaw Industries Ltd

Samnuggur Jute Factory Co Ltd

Minutes 1874-1976; shareholding records 1912-1966; ledgers 1933-1959; cash books 1935-1966; journal 1924-1975; balance sheets 1919-1976; annual reports 1904-1958; memoranda and articles of association 1874-1976; employees' records 1913-1950; order books 1926-1964; specifications; quotations and price lists 1874-c.1900; plans c.1874-1977 and technical drawings 1874-1896.

Samnuggur Jute Factory Co Ltd

Papers and Correspondence of John James Dalyell

Household and personal accounts of the Dalyell family 1856-1892; account books c.1860-1873; miscellaneous writings mid-1860s; various notebooks 1848-c.1858; miscellaneous correspondence and papers c.1852-1873; miscellaneous correspondence, mainly letters to John James Dalyell with a few letters to James Dalyell 1857-1885; miscellaneous correspondence and papers concerning the activities of local golf and cricket clubs 1859-1873; miscellaneous correspondence and papers mainly relating to the affairs of the 3rd Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers 1862-1872; miscellaneous correspondence and papers mainly relating to his work as commission agent and agent of the Royal Insurance Co 1860-1878; folder containing miscellaneous cartoons, drawings and pages from almanacs 1840-1862; miscellaneous papers, mainly relating to John James Dalyell and Mrs Marie Anne Dalyell; private letter books 1868-1873; letter books 1860-1873; business cash books, ledgers, journals order book and bill book relating to the Royal Insurance Co 1860-1873.

John James Dalyell

Papers and Correspondence of James Dalyell

Miscellaneous papers and correspondence, mainly relating to James Dalyell's career in the Royal Navy and in HM Coast Guard Service 1814-1860; notebook containing copies of letters to his father, Sir James Dalyell 1823-1833; copy correspondence to his father, Sir James Dalyell 1833-1837; copy correspondence to his father c.1836-1840; correspondence, mainly copies, with Robert [later General] Dalyell (third brother of Sir James Dalyell), 1819-1825; correspondence with his uncle, Colonel Robert Dalyell, 1841-1848; correspondence with his uncle, William Cunningham Cavendish Dalyell (youngest brother of Sir James and later 7th Bart of the Binns); miscellaneous correspondence of James Dalyell, with some correspondence of John James Dalyell 1832-1870; miscellaneous letters and documents, mainly relating to the career and financial affairs of James Dalyell; miscellaneous papers and correspondence of James Dalyell and John James Dalyell 1826-1883; notebooks and loose notes containing diaries of travels by James Dalyell in southern France during the summers of 1828 and 1832-1834; certificates, 1814 - 1857; literary essays and poems; commissions, 1862-1870; miscellaneous items, 1831 - 1881; newspaper cuttings, 1853 - 1927; receipts and accounts relating to the trust fund of David Guillan, 1854 - 1867; Miscellaneous receipts and accounts, 1717 - 1866; family trees and other papers relating to the Morgan and Crammond families, 1724 - 1970; prints of Egypt.

James Dalyell

Miscellaneous Papers With No Common Factor

Thomas Thornton's diary and notes from lectures and towards an essay, probably whilst studying law at Edinburgh University 1847-1849; personal account books of J.J. Thow, Edinburgh and possibly of T.D. Thow [brother] of J.J. Thow 1850-1851; inventory and valuation of stock of James Cargill, draper, Arbroath 1854; Laws and regulations of the Carnoustie Co-operative Association 1860; minutes and accounts for Mrs Lillias Currance or Ogilvies Mortification for Old Men 1862-1911; regulations and bye-laws of Dundee Lunatic Asylum 1866; valuation of mill property belonging to the Trust Estate of Thomas Meldrum Henry, Flaxspinner, Kirkcaldy 1879; papers re. patents, vehicle brakes, Dundee Carriage Co and Anglo-French Motor Carriage Co Ltd 1896-1916; report to the Water Committee of Arbroath Town Council on the Burgh water supply 1896; Papers re. St Joseph's Industrial School 1909-1910; advertisements for John Thornton, draper, Forfar, [1853] and 'Arctic' Cold Storage Machine 1900-1903. These papers were kept on behalf of their clients by Thomas Thornton, Son & Co in the course of their practice as solicitors.

Thomas Thornton, Son & Co

Miscellaneous legal papers

Street Road accounts 1836-1837; Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society: report of the procedure at the 35th Annual General Court 1849; papers re. actions between George Horsley and Matthew Henry Horsley, owners of the ship 'SS Hesper' of West Hartlepool, against Baxter Brothers, Dundee, 1892 and J. & A.D. Grimond, Dundee, and others 1892-1894; James Howieson and Peter Talbert, sheepfarmers, against David Ross 1893-1894; William Scott Taylor against David Forrester 1895; liquidation of London and Montrose Shipbuilding and Engineering Co Ltd 1895-1897; Eben Thomas & Co, Importers, Liverpool, against Messrs Rattray & Munro, Ham Curers and Sausagemakers, Dundee 1896-1897; dispute over the initiation of Jack Johnson, "the well known pugilist", as a member of the Masonic lodge Forfar and Kincardine; papers relating to Blairgowrie Water Supply 1905-1906; papers re. tram services in Dundee; specification for Brick and Mason work for proposed saw shed on Dundee Harbour eastern wharf 1896; printed copies of Acts re. Public Libraries 1887-1894. These papers were kept on behalf of their clients by Thomas Thornton, Son & Co in the course of their practice as solicitors.

Thomas Thornton, Son & Co

Miscellaneous Title Deeds, Chartularies and Legal Papers

Title deeds of Feddinch and Cairnsbank in the regality and barony of St. Andrews, Cairns and other lands in the barony of Strathmiglo, Fife and lands in Dundee 1518-1784; chartularies of Ferryden, in the parish of Craig, [Angus] 1795-1837; legal papers relating to various properties in Dundee 1874-1877. These papers were kept on behalf of their clients by Thomas Thornton, Son & Co in the course of their practice as solicitors.

Thomas Thornton, Son & Co

William Cuthill, of Clepington, Dundee, Private in the Black Watch.

Series of letters from Private William Cuthill to his parents from France, February to September 1915, the month of his death. Life in the trenches: many deaths, but some lighter moments; comradeship, and initial belief that war would end shortly. Thoughts of home and good food. of his brother [?] James "... I hope he never sees France I tell you that I am sorry that I ever seen it is not war here it is pure murder you don't get a fighting chance you have simply got to wait and chance your luck..." Also includes photograph of Cuthill, extract of his birth certificate and various official communications regarding his death and posthumous decoration. [Photocopies of original documents held by Mr A. Cunningham, Dundee.]

Thomas C Keay Ltd

Minutes 1962 1972; shareholding records 1917 1966; financial records 1914 1975; purchase/sales records 1960 1970; order books 1959 1972; machinery costings and quotation files 1953 1972; stock records 1952 1969; sales reports 1969 1972; miscellaneous c.1955 c.1972.

Thomas C Keay Ltd

Keay Turner Ltd

Minutes 1969-1970; reports on meetings, contracts and sales 1971; sales reports 1972; general file concerning Turner Brothers (Birmingham) Ltd and Keay-Turner Ltd 1970; technical inspection report file 1969-1972; machinery quotations 1971; costings book for components and assemblages 1970-1971; machinery brochure c.1970.

Thomas C Keay Ltd

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