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Robert Cochrane Buist, Lecturer in Midwifery and Gynaecology, University College, Dundee
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Guide to Remarkable Monuments in the Howff, Dundee'

By A.C. Lamb, presented by the author to the "British Association for the Advancement of Science visit to Dundee, 6 August 1892". Includes newspaper cuttings and annotations by Buist and the insertion of his reprints from The British Medical Journal on "Peter Goldmans Description of the Desolation of Dundee", 1929, and "Dr David Kinloch (Kynalochus)", 1559-1617, 1926.

Notes on the history of medicine.

Zeittafeln zur Geschichte der Medizin', by Prof. J.L. Pagel, Berlin. 1908. Notes by R.C. Buist, newspaper cuttings and extracts from medical journals on the history of medicine. Extracts from The British Medical Journal include: 'A Historical Survey of Medical Ethics' by Robert Forbes. 14 September 1935; 'The Lambeth Degrees" by Cecil Wall. 2 November 1935; 'Modes in which Drugs have been Introduced to us" by Walter T. Dilling. 24 September 1927; 'Clinical Variations in Disease from the Historical Point of View' by Sir Humphry Rolleston. 6 August 1927; 'Fracastorius'. 18 September 1926; 'History of Autonomic Nervous System' by 'H.R.' 14 November 1936; 'A Barber-Surgeon's Instrument of the Tudor Period' by C.J.S. Thompson. 9 May 1931; 'Bills of Mortality' by 'E.M.L.' 9 October 1926; 'A Sixteenth Century Physician's Bond, 1585' by R.R. James. 29 October 1927. Also includes: 'A Retrospect: Being a Study of Medical Manuscript Found in the Ruins of New York in 5086 A.D.' by Arthur C. Johnston, from American Medicine. November 1906; 'Th. Laennec, 1781-1825' in The Journal of Organotherapy, n.d. 'Worms in the Teeth' by Lilian Lindsay from The British Dental Journal. 15 November 1929; 'The First Pharmacopoeia of Civilisation' by Fracastor Biological Practice. Vol. 1. No. 33. n.d. 'British Medical Association, Cambridge Congress 1920'; catalogue of Cambridge University Library exhibition; 'Men of Science': catalogue of portraits on sale by Suckling & Co., London, 1925-1936; 'Annals of Medical History': review. 1936. [2pp]
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