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Transparencies taken by Dr H.W. Torrance when on holiday.

They include a tour in Holland in 1966 visiting Amessfort, Amsterdam, Hilversum, Hooge Velewe, Huiste-Heide, Marden, Middleburg, The Hague, Utrecht and Veere; a tour of Persia in 1973 visiting Bisitun, Hamadan, Isfhan, Mount Damavend, Naqsa-i-Rustum, Rey, Tagh-e-Bostan, Teheran; a cruise on 'SS Uganda' in 1975 visiting Copenhagen, Helsinki and Leningrad. Other places pictured include California and Persepolis. Numbers in [ ] refer to numbered slots in the slide box. [97]

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Transparencies mostly taken on a Mediterranean cruise

Transparencies mostly taken by Dr H.W. Torrance on a Mediterranean cruise in 1970 which visited: Agrigento, Athens, Cagliari, Cherchel, Djemela, Epidauros, Heraklion, Knossos, Lepcis Magna, Mycenae, Palermo, Palma, Piraeus, Tipasi, Venice. Additional slides were taken in 1967. Numbers in [ ] refer to numbered slots in the slide box. [184]

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Transparencies mostly taken on a tour of Egypt

Transparencies mostly taken by Dr H.W. Torrance on a tour of Egypt in 1971. Places illustrated include: Abu Simbel, Abydos, Aswan, Cairo, Deir-el-Bahri, Dendera, Edfu, Gizeh, Karnak, Kom-Ombo, Lake Nasser, Luxor, Memphis, River Nile, Sakkara, Serapeum, Tel Armarna. Explanatory notes written on the majority of mounts. In addition, there is a photograph of Lake Naivasha, Kenya. Numbers in [ ] refer to numbered slots in the slide box. [190]

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Mostly taken by Dr H.W. Torrance on a tour in 1973 to Abadan, Choga Zanbil, Isfahan, Naqsai-Rustum, Passangadae, Persepolis, Shiraz and Susa. [98] Numbers in [ ] refer to numbered slots in the slide box.

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Collection of transparencies of trees, flowers and shrubs

Taken by Dr H.W. Torrance and Sister [Augusta] Steller between 1962 and 1976 though some undated slides may be earlier. Flower specimens come from the Eastern Mediterranean region and from the U.K. A few commercially produced slides are by Hi Fi Colour Slides, Israel Colour Slides and Matson Photo Service. [147]

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Containing notes dated from 1929-1941 covering the parables, sermons, miscellaneous comments on manners, customs, animals, plants and birds.

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Notebook mainly on snakes and scorpions.

Cuttings related to snake and insect bites; extract from ITV Times, 26 April 1970, on snakes; letter, 21 August 1967, from Dr H. Alistair Reid, University of Liverpool, to Dr H.W. Torrance on snake bite; memorandum by [Dr H.A. Reid], January 1967, on snakebite.

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Notebooks on locusts and birds

Notebooks on locusts including the swarms of 1930 and 1947, and birds including a handlist of the birds of Palestine. 1946.

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Miscellaneous loose notebooks and papers.

Notebook: Rules regulating the attitude of a nurse towards the patient; notebook: 'Essay on Mohammedanism' by H.W. Torrance, July 1914; printed leaflet; Manual for Stewards - Judaica; copy of article about the cholera epidemic in Tiberias in 1902, October 1970; printed leaflet: Bamidgeh, Bulletin of Fish Culture in Israel, December 1966; letter, 23 July 1969, to Dr and Mrs Torrance from David Ben-Mann, postcard: mosaic floor showing loaves and fishes, Tabgha, n.d.; print of [Tiberias on Lake Galilee] n.d.; Printed booklet: Flowers of the Holyland; [13] photographs of sycamore tree near Tiberias and [3] negatives, 19 November 1951; cutting: Scottish Daily Mail, 21 September 1962, 'The Seventy Good Years' on Dr H.W. Torrance and his work in Tiberias [2 copies]; cutting: The Jerusalem Post, 4 September 1962, 'Scots Doctors served in Galilee'.

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Taken mostly by Herbert Torrance on a tour of India, and the Far East with his wife Irma and daughters Julie and Lydia. Includes visit to Herbert's sisters: Lydia Torrance Allen [a surgeon in Calcutta]; and Marjorie whose husband was Superintendent of the Venture Estate in South India owned by Malayalam Plantations Limited. [Travancore], Summer 1936.

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Postcards from India

Mostly Benares [North India] as well as Rangoon [1] and Penang [1]. From the tour of India and the Far East. [28]

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Five books

Each containing 16 post cards with views of India, mostly Agra and Delhi. From the tour of India.

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