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‘Jamie-A Story About Your Grandad’

  • MS 457
  • Collection
  • 2001
Biography of Mr Joseph Millar, written for his grandson, Jamie. Details stories from WW2, describes his parent's lives in the 1940s and 1950s, family relationships, childhood friends and games, school, and Dundee street life. Also stories around the cinema, dancehalls, buster stalls and holidays. Details his employment, his married and family life, and his career as a darts player.

Joseph Millar

‘Long Dark Cloud’

(1) Draft outline and background, nd
(2) ‘Long Dark Cloud, long outline 1.3’, nd
(3) ‘Long Dark Cloud’ establishing script, nd
(4) ‘Characters 2’ list, nd
(5) Sketch map of New Zealand showing forces’ positions, nd
(6) ‘NZ Defence Force’, detailing services, bases and weapons, nd

‘Matthews Book’

(1) Indexed notebook and loose papers of character backgrounds and storylines, featuring ‘Matt’, ‘Davie’ and others
(2) ‘Matthew’s Book’ containing draft narratives and dialogue under headings ‘The Letter’, ‘The War’ ‘Baillie Matton’ ‘The Captain’ ‘Sarah’, ‘May Galloway’, ‘Sam’, ‘Matthew’ and ‘Remembering’
(3) ‘Matt’s Book’ containing draft narratives and dialogue under headings ‘The Pub’ and ‘Release’, noting end of Matt’s Book, and start of ‘Davie’s Book’
(4) ‘Matthew’s Book’ containing draft narratives and dialogue under headings including ‘Davie’, ‘Mirren’, ‘House’, ‘Jacob’ ‘Leaving Home’ and ‘The Trip’

‘Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man’

(1) Annotated and renumbered draft screenplay of ‘Fox Hunting Man’, 3 February 2010
(2) Untitled annotated typescript screenplay, nd
(3) Fox Hunting Man electronic folder:
FOX.pdf ‘Memoirs Of A Fox Hunting Man …. (Based on, If Any) First Draft 11 April 2009’
FOX2.pdf ‘Memoirs Of A Fox Hunting Man …. Based on the Novel by Siegfried Sassoon Second Draft 05 June 2009’
Fox2010.pdf ‘Memoirs Of A Fox Hunting Man …. Based on the novel By Siegfried Sassoon February 3 2010’
Foxoct2010.pdf ‘Memoirs Of A Fox Hunting Man …. Based on the novel by Siegfried Sassoon 16 October 2010’
FHMan Jun11 2012.pdf ‘Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man Written by Alan Sharp June 11, 2012’
Foxhunting6112012.pdf ‘Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man …. June 11, 2012’
Foxhunting122012 ‘Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man …. 30 December 2012’
Also [inaccessible]: fox2010.fdr; foxhunting122012.fdx; foxhunting6112012.fdx; foxoct2010.fdx; FOX2.fdx; FOXa2.fdx; foxMay2010.fdx; FOX.fdx; FoxHuntMan1211.fdx; FoxHuntMan0112.fdx

‘My talks with Dean Spanley’

(1) Memoir of the development of Dean Spanley from Sharp’s original 1980s drafts, [c2008?]
(2) Dean Spanley electronic folder: Dean spanley.fdx;
dean spanley.pdf ‘My Talks with Dean Spanley’ first draft, nd;
dean spanleyau17.fdr;
dean spanleyaug17.pdf ‘My Talks with Dean Spanley based on the novel by Lord Dunsanay’, second revised draft, 11 April 2007

‘Naples 44’

(1) Notes on how to approach the project, nd
(2) Draft screenplay 'based on the memoir by Norman Lewis', nd
(3) Incomplete 2nd draft screenplay, 15 September 1999

‘Reversible Errors’

(1) Printed email from Scott Turow of notes on the teleplay, May 2003
(2) 'Reversible Errors (The First Night)...based on the novel by Scott Turow', second revision screenplay, 27 June 2003
(3) 'Reversible Errors (The Second Night)' screenplay, second draft, 27 June 2003
(4) Second revision, full pink locked for Mike Robe Productions, 19 September 2003

‘Rob Roy’

(1) Fourth draft screenplay for United Artists Corporation Ltd, 16 June 1994, including revisions of 23 July 1994
(2) 7 marketing posters for the film featuring different scenes, 1996
(3) Marketing programme, 1995
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