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The Dundee Calendering Company Ltd

Company files, 1864-1977; Abstract of accounts and accounts, 1951-1970; Balance Sheets, 1870-1925; Miscellaneous financial records. 1951-1960; Miscellaneous legal and business records, 1898-1978; Miscellaneous printed items, 1950s

The Dundee Calendering Company Ltd

Technical drawings and plans

Technical drawings and plans, largely of machinery. They were produced by or for D J MacDonald Ltd. MS 93/D/1 - MS 93/D/12 = Sack Cutting Machines MS 93/D/13 - MS 93/D/28 = Single Colour Sack Printing Machines MS 93/D/29 - MS 93/D/41 - Double Colour Sack Printing Machines MS 93/D/42 - MS 93/D/60 - Three Colour Sack Printing Machines MS 93/D/61 - MS 93/D/63 - Consecutive Sack Numbering Machine MS 93/D/64 - MS 93/D/68 - Sack Printing Brands MS 93/D/69 - MS 93/D/74 - Printing machines for continuous printing on rolls of cloth, including selvedge printing machines and machines with a measuring device as an additional function. MS 93/D/75 - MS 93/D/90 - Sewing Machines for Sack Sewing and Bag Closing. MS 93/D/91 - MS 93/D/123 - Miscellaneous textile machinery including machines used in preparation and finishing processes. MS 93/D/124 - MS 93/D/139 - Impregnating, Proofing and Tarring Machines MS 93/D/140 - MS 93/D/146 - High Speed Compund Engine MS 93/D/147 - MS 93/D/158 - Miscellaneous Factory and other Machinery# MS 93/D/159 - MS 93/D/217 - Plans

D J MacDonald Ltd

Tay Spinners Ltd, Glenrothes

Files compiled by A & S Henry & Co (Dundee) Ltd, relating to the formation and subsequent affairs of Tay Spinners Ltd, Viewfield Estate, Glenrothes 1964-1970; plans 1962-1965.

Tay Spinners Ltd, Glenrothes

Strathmore Woollen Co. Ltd

Miscellaneous general company records 1949-1981; accounts, 1950-1972; production records; miscellaneous financial records, 1950-1964; miscellaneous legal and business records, 1948-1979

Strathmore Woollen Co. Ltd

Sidlaw Industries Ltd.

Summary MS 66/10/1 Minute books, memorandum and material relating to the firm's history. 1920-1985 MS 66/10/2 Shareholding records. 1920-1974 MS 66/10/3 Accounts ledgers and journals. 1887-1958 MS 66/10/4 Miscellaneous financial. 1920-1949 MS 66/10/5 Wages and salaries records. 1904-1963 MS 66/10/6 Order and sales books. 1900-1948 MS 66/10/7 Jute stock books. 1941-1951 MS 66/10/8 Miscellaneous raw jute records. 1939-1954 MS 66/10/9 Delivery books. 1939-1940 MS 66/10/10 Agreements. 1921-1940 MS 66/10/11 Correspondence and miscellaneous. 1913-1949 MS 66/10/12 Photographs and artefacts. 1892-1986 MS 66/10/13 Valuations. 1931-1954 MS 66/10/14 Plans. 1955-1979 MS 66/10/15 Publications, pamphlets and press cuttings. 1922-2003

Sidlaw Industries Ltd


Line graph showing costal and foreign trade tonnage for Dundee and selected other British ports 1913-1928

Shiell and Small, Solicitors, Dundee

General letter books 1832-1894, including stocks and shares letter books; miscellaneous legal records, Opinions and Interlocutor books 1886-1982; items on the Shiell family, 1875-1951.

Shiell and Small

Samnuggur Jute Factory Co Ltd

Minutes 1874-1976; shareholding records 1912-1966; ledgers 1933-1959; cash books 1935-1966; journal 1924-1975; balance sheets 1919-1976; annual reports 1904-1958; memoranda and articles of association 1874-1976; employees' records 1913-1950; order books 1926-1964; specifications; quotations and price lists 1874-c.1900; plans c.1874-1977 and technical drawings 1874-1896.

Samnuggur Jute Factory Co Ltd

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