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Dundee Dental Hospital

  • DDH
  • Collection
  • 1913-1973
Annual reports 1914-1947; minutes of directors 1913-1922, 1940-1948; minutes of Board of Management 1948-1972; minutes of sub-committees 1961-1973; criticisms and suggestions book 1931-1934.

Dundee Dental Hospital

Kinnear Local Collection of Books

  • KLoc
  • Collection
  • 19th - 21st century
Collection of publications about the local area , including people and places of Dundee, Forfarshire (Angus), Perthshire and north Fife. Subjects include geography, local authority reports, poetry and literature, biographies, music, history, tourism publications, and some newspapers

Church Records on Microfilm

  • MF 1
  • Collection
  • 1645-1846
Church of Scotland, Dundee, County of Forfar. Births and baptisms, Proclamations and Marriages, Burials.

Genealogical resources on microfiche

  • MF 5
  • Collection
  • n.d.
Parish and vital records list, area covered: worldwide International Genealogical Index, area covered: Scotland Tay Valley Family History Society member's interests 1998 The microfiche contains all members' interests submitted by the current membership to every Journal and Directory of members' interests produced since the society was founded, up to Journal 50. These entries, some of which may be duplicated, contain the following information: Surname being researched; Period of interest; County (Chapman Code) and place of interest; A reference; Membership number.

USA and Czech records on microfilm

  • MF 6
  • Collection
  • 1834-1939
Despatches from United States Consuls in Dundee and Records of the United States Department of State relating to Internal Affairs of Czechoslovakia

Architectural Plans on Microfilm

  • MF 7
  • Collection
  • n.d.
Microfilms of plans used for Drawn Evidence; Dundee City Archives, Dundee University Archives and Rowand Anderson Collection, University of Edinburgh

William Pringle Laird

  • MS 1
  • Collection
  • c 1851-1919
Business records of William P Laird

William Pringle Laird

Boase & Co. Ltd, Claverhouse Bleachfield, Dundee

  • MS 10
  • Collection
  • 1838-1966
Ledgers 1838-1889, cash books 1833-1838, day books 1833-1838, miscellaneous financial records 1838-1889, annual reports 1931-1966, wages book 1856-1859, miscellaneous records including patents 1855-1892.

Boase & Co Ltd

Don & Low [Holdings] Ltd

  • MS 100
  • Collection
  • 1794-1999
Company records, correspondence and financial files of Don Brothers, Buist & Company Ltd and Don & Low (Holdings) Ltd, 1794-1995; miscellaneous records of the Dundee Calendering Company Ltd., 1864-1978; minute book and financial records of Moffat & Son Ltd., 1926-1957; ledgers of James Scott, Junior, 1804-1832; letter book and private ledgers of Alexander Henderson & Son Ltd., 1795-1955; company records, financial records and correspondence of J & J Smart Ltd., 1866-1990; company records, production records and financial files of Strathmore Woollen Co. Ltd, 1948-1981; company records and financial files of Low Brothers & Co. [Dundee] Ltd. and Low Brothers & Co. [Ireland] Ltd., 1939-1987; company records and financial files of Low Brothers & Co. Daniel Buchanan & Sons Ltd, T. Gaunt[Rainwear] Ltd. and Don Coatings (Scotland) Ltd., 1957-1984; company records and financial files of Wallace Works (Manufacturing Wholesalers) Ltd.1959-1978, company records and financial files of Stiven, MacPherson & Thomson Ltd, 1961-1978; company records and financial files of Chaspec Packaging Ltd., Don & Low Ltd, and Don & Low (Packaging) Ltd, 1964-1981; company records and financial files of William Smith (Dundee) 1939 Ltd, 1914-1978; company records and financial files of Don Fibres Ltd., Thiokol Fibres Ltd. and Thiokol Chemicals Ltd., 1973-1980; miscellaneous legal and business records of Tay Textiles Ltd., 1870-1988; miscellaneous legal and financial records of the Don, Hill and Robertson Families' Trusts 1877-1934; business and personal papers of the Low Family, 1887-1999; plans and diagrams, 1884-1988

Don & Low [Holdings] Ltd

Wm. R. Stewart & Sons (Hacklemakers) Ltd, Dundee

  • MS 101
  • Collection
  • 1904-1981
Company files 1946-1987; letter books 1904-1952; correspondence files and boxes (UK and foreign) 1961-1976; purchase records 1915-1967; order records 1908-1965; completed orders and related correspondence 1960-1981; sales ledgers 1900-1966; general sales correspondence 1956-1976; specification cards and pin order records 1952-1977; copy order records 1971-1973; technical papers 1964-1975; repair invoices 1961-1968; wages books 1963-1974; work studies 1959-1973

William R Stewart & Sons (Hacklemakers) Ltd

Peter Carmichael of Arthurstone (1809-1891)

  • MS 102
  • Collection
  • 1837-2019
Biographical works. c.1891;Miscellaneous notes and accounts. 1837-1990; Patents. 1846-1859; Cash books (James Carmichael). 1874-1924; Photographs. C 1830-1890;Correspondence from Alexander Monfries to Peter Carmichael. 1881-1890; Correspondence between D. Bruce Peebles, and Peter Carmichael 1882-1890; Correspondence from Thomas Marsden. 1845 - 1847; Correspondence addressed to Peter Carmichael and Baxter Brothers, Dundee. Letters are principally from James Carmichael, brother of Peter, writing from Ailly-sur-Somme, France, 1845-1847; Correspondence from Messrs Sheil and Small, solicitors. 1882 - 1883; Correspondence from William Japp. 1890; Miscellaneous correspondence, mainly to Peter Carmichael from family, friends, business associates and others. c 1844-1889; Correspondence relating to the Trust Disposition and Settlement by Sir David Baxter of Kilmaron, Bart. 1869-1879; Miscellaneous bundle, pertains to estate and family matters. 1870-1918; Correspondence relating to a trust fund settled on Captain Ludovic M. Carmichael. 1876-1877; Financial material relating to income received by Peter Carmichael from a variety of sources. 1879 - 1885; Miscellaneous items and correspondence dating mainly from the first half of the twentieth century. Relates to the origins, history and genealogy of the Carmichael family and to Arthurstone House. 1903 - 1960; Arthurstone, Loburn, New Zealand. 2019; Plans. 1837-1909

Peter Carmichael of Arthurstone

Kinnear Collection

  • MS 103
  • Collection
  • [c1870 - c1980]
The records consist largely of domestic papers of two middle-class medical families from Dundee, the Kinnears and the Piries, who also had wide social, educational and other interests, covering the period 1885 to 1935: cashbooks 1890-1921; papers of John Kinnear 1955-1956; papers of Catherine Kinnear 1920s-1933; miscellaneous volumes, including YWCA minutes 1889-1920; David Robert Robertson Illustrations of Scottish Flora 1912-13; Mary Brooksbank Poems and Songs 1935-1955; Thomas Young Poems and Songs 1845. There are also some photographic slides.

Catherine Kinnear

Photographic Collection of A. Burn-Murdoch

  • MS 104
  • Collection
  • 1912-1954
Collection consists of documentation, miscellaneous papers, photograph and prints 1912-1953; stereoscopic slides and coloured transparencies 1924-1954; artefacts; photograph albums and additional slides 1912-c.1937.

Alexander Burn-Murdoch

Shiell and Small, Solicitors

  • MS 105
  • Collection
  • 1743-1982
MS 105/I Shiell and Small, Solicitors, Dundee MS 105/II Dundee and Newtyle Railway Company MS 105/III Dundee and Perth and Aberdeen Railway Junction Company MS 105/IV Caledonian Railway Company MS 105/V Callender and Oban Railway Company MS 105/VI North British Railway Company MS 105/VII Dundee and Arbroath Railway Company MS 105/VIII Scottish Central Railway Company MS 105/IX Miscellaneous Railway Companies MS 105/X Miscellaneous Clients MS 105/XI Baxter Park Trustees MS 105/XII William Arklay Timber Merchant, Caledonia Saw Mills MS 105/XIII Dundee Corn Exchange and Public Hall Association Ltd MS 105/XIV Dundee Garden City Association Ltd MS 105/XV Eastern Bank of Scotland MS 105/XVI Lands of Henry Burra Esquire in Glenbucket [Glenbuchat] and Strathdon MS 105/XVII Standard Life Assurance Company MS 105/XVIII James Small, Civil [and Electrical] Engineer, London MS 105/XIX Insurance Company of Scotland MS 105/XX Executries and Trusts MS 105/XXI Kelly Castle MS 105/22 Papers mainly relating to the James Duncan of Jordanstone bequest and the proposals to use this to set up an Art College as part of Dundee Technical College and School of Art under the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Act MS 105/P Maps and Plans

Shiell and Small

First World War Collection

  • MS 106
  • Collection
  • 1914-1993
Miscellaneous documents relating to World War I and in particular to Private James Braid, Captain Patrick Duncan, William Cuthill and Captain John (Jack) Macqueen, including war poetry, correspondence, military documents, photographs, maps and plans, 1915-1919.

Spear; Hilda (1926-2014); Dr

Calcutta and Mofussil Scots Society

  • MS 107
  • Collection
  • 1954-1992
Agendas, minutes 1954-1992, financial papers 1954-1976, papers relating to outings 1954-1992, miscellaneous secretarial files 1954-1971, photographs 1953-1990.

Calcutta and Mofussil Scots Society

Edward Caird's Trust

  • MS 108
  • Collection
  • 1862-1892
A collection of documents detailing the legacies, properties and investments of Edward Caird of Finnart (d.1889), including investment in America, shipping interests, accounts, share certificates, and correspondence 1862-1892

Messrs Dundas & Wilson CS

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