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Robert Cochrane Buist, Lecturer in Midwifery and Gynaecology, University College, Dundee
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Cards containing extracts from books and pamphlets

With notes and newspaper cuttings relating to genealogy or medical history c.1600-1924. Also includes: Letter, 27 January 1934, London, [Huibarlow] to [Robert Cochrane Buist]. Concerns his note on David Beaton and a correction to the roll of the Royal College of Physicians. Letter, 4 July 1911, Dundee, A.D. Stevenson, bookbinders, to Dr M. Gillerray. Concerns the roll of the College of Physicians. Photograph of a drawing by Henry Harwood of James Lothian, Surgeon-dentist, Dundee (died 1870), D. & S. Prophet, Dundee. Letter, n.d., London, Gorchison Wright to [Robert Cochrane Buist]. Asks for help with medical references. Menu card for the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Forfarshire Medical Association 1910. Notes on the Dundee Medical Club. n.d.

Papers and photographs relating to Dr David Kinloch

Dr David Kinloch (1559-1617). [Born in Dundee, he was a student at the University of St. Andrews but did not graduate. By 1596 he was an M.D. probably of Paris, and with the publication of his "De Hominis Procreatione" in that year, he became the first Scots writer in Obstetrics to have his work published. In 1616 he was granted the right of barony in the estate of Aberbothrie.]
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