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The McClean Hydrometric Data Collection Series
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Box 32 Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous - was numbered 215 (missing) 216, 217, 218, 219, and 221, 223, 226. Publications - Water and Water Engineering; a list of Hydrology Published Papers and Records by Capt. W.N. McClean, Director of 'River Flow Records'; British Association for the Advancement of Science, Inland Water Survey in the British Isles; Inland Water Survey, 1934 - 1937; The Government and Inland Water Survey; The Institution of Water Engineers, Presidential Address of John Bowman, 1939, An Analysis of Scottish Rainfall Records, Exhibit of 'Flow-Gauging' Apparatus, winter meeting, 4th Dec. 1953, Water Level, Flow Gauging and Meteorological Stations, and their Graphical Records, as the basis of Water Survey on River Systems, 1937, Graphical Record of Rainfall on the Thames Basin, 1950, Rainfall and Flow-off, River Garry, Inverness-shire, The Water Resources of Loch Quoich, 1943, Practical River Flow Measurement and it's place in Inland Water Survey, as Exemplified on the Ness (Scotland) Basin, 1933; Municipal Engineering, 'River Flow Records'; Association Internationale D'Hydrologie, The Influence of Ice and Snow on River Flows as Indicated by Records of Temperature Combined with Records of Discharge, Capt. W.N. McClean, includes other bound material from the same event; Metropolitan Water Board, Thirty-First and Thirty-Second Annual Reports, 1934-1935; Reprint from The Scotsman, Caledonian Power Scheme, 1936; Reprinted from The Engineer, The Shannon Hydro-Electric Power Scheme Inland Water Survey Committee, Memorandum on the Water Survey of a River System; The Observatory, a monthly review of Astronomy, October 1940; 9 copies of a Review of Water Resources and Supplies, Joint Committee of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, Session 1935-1936; Land Drainage Act, 1930; London County Council, Main Drainage of London, 1912; Ordinance Survey of Great Britain, including a list of derelict canals. Lists of recipients - Fifteen years record, River Garry (8 years to Sept. 30th 1944), published Sept. 28th 1945; Fifteen years record, River Lochy, daily record of nine years to Sept. 1944, monthly summary of fifteen years. Flood statistics and forecast etc, published May 1945; Fifteen years record, River Ness, seven years to Sept. 1944 and summary of fifteen years, published May 1945; Fifteen years record, River Moriston, four years to Sept. 1944 and summary of fifteen years, published July 1945; Fifteen years record, River Dee (Aberdeen), daily flow tables, British Museum and Recipients list receipt, published Dec. 1946. Stage discharge tables and river flow records - Garry, Moriston, Dee and Mucomir Cut, 1933-1937; River Flow Records, 1936-1948. McClean's publications - A note on the work of River Flow Records, August 1936; River flow records: River Dee - Aberdeenshire - 528 sq. miles; Memorandum on Low Flows - Ness Basin, January 1936; River Flow in Great Britain, 1946; Hydro-Electric Development in Scotland and the need for Inland Water Survey, 1943; The Records of River Flow on the Ness and Lochy Basins of the Great Glen, 1940; Windermere Basin: Rainfall, Run-off and Storage.

Box 33 Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous - was numbered: 227, 230 - Reports, 232 - Publications, 234 - River flows misc, 235 - Caledonian power 1936 Caledonian Power Scheme - Petition against by the Burgh of Inverness, 5th February 1936; New water level - Dochfour Weir; Data concerning power water as ins. on Ness area, reservoir capacities, Ness area - run-off, 1935 (from daily aggregate tables), run-off of 1935 for the separate areas; Maintenance of the River Ness Flows, 31st March 1936; River Flow Records: Power Water as Inches on Ness Area, February 1937; Ness Area: Power water requirements shown on Ness Aggregate Diagram, 1935; a Memorandum from C.S. Meik and Halcrow, Chartered Civil Engineer, Victoria Street, Westminster, to Captain W.N. McClean, enclosing diagrams Nos. 5233, 5234, 5235 and 5236 giving the storage capacities of the reservoirs at Lochs Quoich, Garry, Loyne and Cluanie, respectively; Notes concerning Dochgarroch lock gauges, February - November, 1930; A rough diagram indicating the actual discharge or run-off/the excess or deficiency of the River Garry from any named data; Listed data concerning run-off, to September 16th 1930 - September 10th 1935, for Rivers Ness, Moriston and Garry; Data concerning Loch Quoich power station, including initial data, reservoir data (fundamental and derived), Quoich Controlled Supply and Power derived from Garry Dry Periods Record and Quoich Balanced Supply and Power; A letter to McClean from C.S. Meik and Halcrow, received 21st December 1936, thanking them for a letter enclosing proof diagram of the records of the River Ness and reconfirming that the British Oxygen Company will not agree to support McClean in the River Flow Records until 'the Bill' is passed, and it would not be useful for him to see Mr Sprott, 16th December, 1936; A letter to W.T. Halcrow, Esq. M. Inst. C. E. from McClean, with reference to Mr Wilson's letter of the 22nd January and the hand map, figures of rainfall and flow received from them, four tables are enclosed - Catchment Areas, Average Annual Rainfall and Yield, Ness Area, Annual Averages, Yield During Dry Periods and 'the resultant outflow and level at Dochfour', all dated 6th February 1936, letter also dated 6th February 1936; A table of data concerning the Run-off of the River Ness and its two Principal Tributaries expressed as a Percentage Rate of the Normal; Tables of data concerning the River Garry, Driest Periods, Run-off, Inches, 22nd January 1936 and Driest Period Run-off Rate as a Percentage of the Average Annual, 23rd January 1936; Bundle of papers - Caledonian Power, River Ness, Daily Table Showing the Flow of the Ness under the Scheme, 1935; Bundle of papers - Data detailing Comparative Run-off from the Controlled and Areas of the Ness Basin for January 1st to December 31st, 1935; Set of tables relating to run-off, power water, storage and overflow for a five-day period for Quoich, Garry, Ness, Loch Loyne and Loch Cluanie areas respectively, 1935; Bundle of papers relating to analysis of run-off and reservoir capacities for Loch's Quoich, Garry, Loyne and Cluanie and Moriston, 1935. Papers dated February, 1937; Document - The Daily Flows of the River Ness during the year, 1935, showing the Different Daily Flows which would occur under the Scheme; Bundle of rough diagrams and notes, including an Aggregate Diagram of the Ness and further 1935 records; Set of tables showing Ness area flow-off, Average yield (under scheme) and Garry Reservoir capacity, 1935; 2 bundles of notes and papers relating to flow and run-off in the Ness area, includes a table of Run-off taken as 18.7% of Ness Basin Run-off and some blank tables, 1935; A table showing data for A Comparison of the Run-off of the River Ness and it's two Principle Tributaries during the period May 10 1931 to September 10 1935, Abstracted from the Published Records; A list of Flows at Power Stations, 1937; A table of Run-off expressed as Inches on an Area, 1929-1935; River Garry, Estimates of Necessary Storage for Uniform Draw-Off , 22nd October, 1935; Bundle of notes relating to annual rainfall averages from C.S.M. and H's map dated 14/1/36; Handwritten outline of the Caledonian Power Scheme; Tables relating to Run-Off for the Separate Areas and Analysis of Run-off, 1935; Document relating to The Daily Flows of the River Ness during the year, 1936, showing the different daily flows which would occur under the scheme; River flow records - River Garry (Inverness-shire) and a general table, based on River Garry figures, possibly applicable to Rivers Garry, Moriston, etc. (Inverness-shire), January, 1936; Data relating to Rainfall and Run-Off at Laggan Bridge Flow Station, years Apr. 1935 to Sept. 1941; A Record of Low Water Levels during 1939 and 1940, July 5 1940; A folder of notes, tables, diagrams and calculations relating to rainfall, c1930- 1940, a further folder contains data specific to Laggan Bridge; A folder marked 'misc', includes data, correspondence and inland water surveys, c1930-1945; Document detailing the publications sent and money received from Ness Fishery Board (Messrs. Anderson, Shaw and Gilbert), Inverness Town Council and Moray Firth Salmon Fisheries Co. Ltd., February 9, 1940; Diagram of the Ness Catchment Area, 700 Sq. Miles, Rainfall Contours in inches, September 6, 1932; 2 editions of the River Flow Records for the River Dee, Aberdeenshire, 1934-1935; 3 editions of the River Flow Records for the River Moriston, Ness Basin, 1929-1931; 3 editions of the River Flow Records for the River Garry, Ness Basin, 1929-1931; Publications - Ness basin, Memorandum on Low Flows by Capt. W.N. McClean, January 1936; A list - Hydrology: Published Papers and Records by Capt. W.N. McClean, Director of 'River Flow Records', June 1938; Notes on the Flow-Gauging Apparatus of 'River Flow Records' by W.N McClean, July 1940; A copy of The Geographical Journal, with the paper; National Inland Water Survey, by Brysson Cunningham, highlighted in its table of contents; 2 copies of Rainfall in the Southern Pennines, being the Organ of the Manchester and Stockport Rainfall Organisation, Nos. 18-19, Annual Summary 1927-1928; A copy of Floating Docks by Lyonel Edwin Clark, 1905; A bundle of pamphlets relating to rainfall, lakes and reservoirs, includes information concerning East African lakes and the Reservoirs (Safety Provisions) Act, 1930; 2 copies of the Meteorological Magazine, No. 832, May 1935, Vol 70; 2 copies of River Flow in Great Britain, March 30, 1946; Hydro Electric Development in Scotland and the Need for Inland Water Survey by W.N. McClean, March 1943; 1 double-page spread from the Evening Standard, Wednesday May 9, 1934, concerning the Lochaber Water Power Scheme. Transcript of the opening of discussion of River Flow by Capt. W. L. McClean, invited by the Geophysical Section of the Royal Astronomical Society, May 24, 1940; Bundle of notes and correspondence relating to a Geophysical Discussion (River Flow, as above) held at the Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House, London on the 24th of May, 1940, includes an invitation to said event and a list of invitations. Road Map of Washington and Vicinity, United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey, 1938; An envelope marked 'Windermere Paper June 1940', from the Royal Meteorological Society, 49 Cromwell, London, S.W.7. Hand-written notes related to glens; Notes and calculations related to Loch Pattack and Glenshow? Note to Capt. McClean from Lochaber, dated 1/11/41, apologising for the delay of a previous letter, which was returned; A note to Capt. McClean from the Royal Meteorological Society enclosing communication from Mr Hudleston, which they feel should have been included in McClean's discussion of his paper on the Windermere basin, July 19th 1940. McClean responds in further correspondence, particularly in relation to Mr Hudleston's comments regarding averages of the gauge percentals, the stage flow table, gauges on the Troutbeck area and on ungauged mountains, July 22, 1940; Reports - Envelope sent from the University of Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station, includes the Annual Reports of Permanent Research Committees for 1938-1939 (Hydrology), Swiss Snow and Avalanche Research (Winter 1936/37), the International Association of Scientific Hydrology News Letter of Commission of Snow and Glaciers, June 1 1940, and an obituary for Dr William Bowie, President of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics; Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Fishery Investigations, Series II. Vol. XI. No.1, 1928. Part I, Methods employed, with a Preliminary Survey of the Results, by J.N. Carruthers, D.Sc.; State of Victoria Rivers and Water Supply Commission, River Gaugings. A Complete Compilation of Results from the Commencement of the Work to the End of the Year, 1905. Prepared under the direction of Stuart Murray, M. Inst. C.E; 2 compilations of results from the State of Victoria State Rivers and Water Supply Commission regarding River Gaugings, 1st January 1913 - 31st December 1924; The First Report (Volume I, Part I) of the Royal Commission appointed to enquire into and to report on The Canals and Inland Navigations of the United Kingdom, 1906; 2 copies of The Records of River Flow on the Ness and Lochy Basins of the Great Glen, An Interim Report by Capt. W.N. McClean, May 1940;

Box 34 Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous - was numbered 248 and 250 5 envelopes: 1948 - 1950 small cards, letters and extract from published works from Air Ministry, Meteorological Office; 1950 Register of Rainfall; inland water survey for River Dee; table of area rainfall and drafts; General notes on completing registers and forwarding them to offices. Extracts from published works 1940 memorandums and letters from Water Engineer Office Hand written and printed notes, calculations and charts 1 folder which contains correspondence about Obsey Well 1965

Box 35 Miscellaneous, Rainfall Analysis Books

Rainfall Analysis books, marked with Engineering Laboratory, Cambridge University; No 3 - Borrowdale (Seathwaite), Cumb. St. Agnes, Cornwall, England (General Rainfall), Anglesey (Llanerchymedd), Abergavenny (Larchfield), Mon. Douglas, Laf Man. c 1840-1920. No 2 - (Labelled D. Halton Thomson) Oxford (Magdalen College), Oxfords. Congleton (Buglawton Vic.), Ches. Balguhidder (Stronvar), Perths. Ballinasloe, (Co. Galway). Armagh Observatory, Co. Armagh. Pecklington (Warter,) Yorks, E.R. c 1870-1920. No 1 - Greenwich Observatory, Chichester (Chilgrove). c 1815-1920. Greenwich Observatory - Analysis of Monthly Rainfall. 1923- Rainfall and Streamflow Record Book, No 1, by D. Halton Thomson, 1 Bembridge Crescent, Southsea. c 1830 -1920. One folder and one booklet relating to the River Thames, including statistics for rainfall, flow and levels and shrinkage of the Thames and Lea. c 1850-1950. Numbered McClean files; 1- Highest Daily Falls per annum , etc. London, Washington DC, Sydney N.S.W. c1800- 1950. 2- General Monthly Rainfall over B. Isles, also Annual 1970-1939 (70 yrs). 2B- Various Monthly and Annual Rainfall Analyses, 1870-1939 (etc). 3- Marbe Sequence Formulas 5- 1. Raingauge Station Records 2. Graphs of Rainfall Records 3. Formulae and Attendant Theory. c 1850-1900. 6- Frequency, Annual Rainfall R=Me KS. c1815-1950. 7- General Rainfall over England and Wales since 1727. 8- Rainfall, Relation betw. Variability Skewness. 9- Folder of notes, graphs and statistics relating to Annual Rainfall in Padua, Italy. c 1725-1900. 10- Greenwich Observatory, Hyperbolic tangent Formula, folder containing 3, 6 and 12 monthly rainfall. c 1815-1949. 12-River Severn, Floods. c1900-1950. 12b- River Thames, Floods etc.c 1883-1949. 13- Log. Prob. Curves, B.Basin. c 1829-1944. 14- Log. Prob. Curves, S.D. Basin. 17- Floods - General. c1890-1950. 18- Greenwich, Daily Rainfall Intervals, Monthly Rainfall and Annual Rainfall Intervals. c1815-1934. 19- Multi Annual Rainfall, Chance Variations, Elliptical Limits. c1815-1951.

Box 35a Miscellaneous

Box 35a 3 folders holding statistics for the Longest Run. 7 booklets relating to mathematical equations and formulae. 2 folders relating to Portsmouth Mathematical Society, includes a paper on probability. 2 folders relating to Sequences and Intervals Theory and Analysis of Variance. 1 folder marked Logistic-normal Distribution, Johnsons S.B. System, Tetley Method, Theoretical. 1 folder containing information regarding the Poisson Series. 1 folder of Extreme Value Function Notes and Tables. 1 notebook titled Coefficients in Multinomials. 3 miscellaneous folders of calculations, notes and tables. 1 folder regarding Rainfall in Camden Town. c 1800-1900. 1 notebook titled London (Camden Square N.W.) Monthly Rainfall and Evaporation

Box 36 London Data, Greenwich, River Thames

Labelled - London Data, Greenwich, River Thames. 1 folder titled Exponential Decrement, with handwritten notes, graphs and calculations. 3 folders related to Extreme Value Function, including Tables of Parameters and information regarding Chance Variations of Extreme Values. 9 folders relating to rainfall and run-off, particularly Greenwich, includes information regarding Multi-monthly Extreme Run-off, the Trend of a Random Sequence and the Jenkinson Method. A bundle of papers titled Cycles, with handwritten notes and tables relating to monthly rainfall. c 1815-1940. A bundle of papers titled De Moirre Frequency Distribution. 1 folder containing data, labelled Detling Well, Neshaming Creek. c 1840-1910. 1 folder relating to average rainfall for London, Greenwich Observatory. c 1815-1949. 1 folder with data relating to run-off for the River Thames. c 1880-1950. 1 volume, titled Rainfall and Streamflow Analysis, Book No. 4. c 1820-1910. 1 volume containing tables that record calculated and assumed amounts of daily rainfall for Invergarry Robertson, Invergarry Schoolhouse, Loch Lundie, Loch a'Bhainne, Greenfield (Laddie), Fedden, Inchlaggan, Loch Layne, Glenquoich Lodge, Bunchaolie. Lochan (G. Kingie), Kinlochquoich and Loan. January 1913-February 1916. 1 volume containing data for run-off of the River Thames and the River Elan. c 1910.

Box 36a London Data

-London Data 1 folder titled Extreme Value Floods, G.B. as a whole. 1 folder titled R. Thames, Daily and Multi-monthly Extreme Run-off, also Flood-days, includes information regarding Residual Mass Curves. 1 folder containing data from Greenwich Observatory. 1815-1944. 3 folders relating to Extreme Values, including data by A.F. Jenkinsin Formulae. 1 folder titled Moving Averages and Totals. 1 folder containing data for multi-monthly extreme run-off, the River Elan, etc. (London) c 1915-1949. 2 folders relating to E.V. Function, including Mean Prob. F. c 1870-1939. 1 folder titled Annual Percolation, General Probability Formula. c 1856-1955. 1 folder containing notes and graphs, includes a booklet titled Percolation in the Chalk, by Charles F. Lapworth, 13 November 1947; Correspondence between Charles F. Lapworth and D. Halton Thomson Esq, regarding percolation/pumping charts, 21 March 1956 - 29 June 1956.

Box 37 Annual Reports and Accounts for Companies

various papers, proofs, leading up to Annual Reports and Accounts for all companies - was numbered 284 15 published works: South Staffordshire Waterworks Company 1927 - 1928; 1931 The Institution of Civil Engineers; The Stop all Resistance Unit System as Applied to Fender Chains; 1930 River Flow Records1929 - 1931Ness Basin River Moriston and River Garry; 1930 Report on River Flow for River Moriston; Water and Water Engineering 1932. 1 envelope of sketches. 6 Folders; 1937 Civil Engineers; River Flow records 1929; British Association Meeting Aberdeen 1934; Royal Geographical Society 1930. 2 bind folders: 1929 West Highland Water Power and negatives. Loose papers: letters, extracts from published works, calculations, charts and drafts.

Box 4 Moriston Postcard Books

Moriston Postcard Books No. 116: March 1934-Aug 1935 Moriston (rainfall) Claunie Lodge 8/4/34 - 26/1/35 Cluanie Inn 8/4/34 - 31/8/35 Invermoriston 1/3/34 - 31/8/35 (MO) River Moriston (K4 Station 1202) 8/4/34 - 31/8/35 No. 117: Sept 1932-April 1934 Moriston (rainfall) Claunie Lodge 18/9/32 - 7/4/34 Claunie Inn 11/9/32 - 7/4/34 Invermoriston 1/9/32 - 28/2/34 (MO) River Moriston (K4 Station 1202) 11/9/32 - 31/3/34 No. 118: Sept 1937-Sept 1938 Moriston Glen Shiel Claunie Lodge 12/9/37 - 3/9/38 Glen Shiel (Station 4001) 12/9/37 - 3/9/38 River Moriston (Station 1202) 12/9/37 - 3/9/38 No. 119: Sept 1935-Sept 1937 Moriston and Glen Shiel River Moriston (K4 Station 1202) 1/9/35 - 11/9/37 Cluanie Inn 1/9/35 - 31/1/36 (MO) Cluanie Lodge 5/1/36 - 11/9/37 Glen Shiel (Station 4009 1/3/36 - 19/9/37) No. 120: Jan 1931-Sept 1932 Moriston 25/1/31 - 10/9/32 Invermoriston (K2) Livishie Invermoriston (K4) Cluanie Inn (Rainfall) Invermoriston (Rainfall) Cluanie Lodge (Rainfall)

Box 40 Various

River flow records newspaper reports (1920s-1940s) Extreme rainfalls (1948) Various published booklets 7 large envelopes containing measurements of rainfall. Inc, Edinburgh to Aberdeenshire. Various loose paper relating to other envelopes

Box 5 Circular Charts

Circular Charts On micro - film No. 110: Moriston (2 copies?) Dec 1935-Dec 1942 No No. 111: Moriston March 1930-Nov. 35 No No. 37: Gairlochy Nov 1936-Jan 1941 Yes No. 36: Loch Oich 1929-1931 Yes No. 189: Ness - Fort Augustus 1929-1931 Yes
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