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/1 Exhibition Views, Invitations and Small Posters. This includes posters about exhibitions at the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, University of Abertay Exhibitions and Figuratively Speaking. There are also photographs of Alastair attending various exhibitions and photographs of his works at multiple exhibitions such as an exhibition in the McManus Galleries in Dundee. /2 One-man Retrospective Exhibition, University of Abertay 2003. This includes newspaper cuttings about the event , posters advertising the event and invites for the event.

Correspondence and Involvement with Various Organisations and Charities

/1 Correspondence. This includes various letters from many different people thanking him fro attending events, asking him about his work, asking for autographs and congratulating him on the various awards he has won. The letters date from the 1960s until the early 2000s. Duplicates of correspondence previously lodged with the R.S.A (Royal Society for the Encouragement Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) Archives. /2 Artists involvement with various charities and organisations. This includes letters from various charities including the City of Dundee Burgess Charity and the University of Dundee. There are aslo a number of journals from The Royal Society of British Sculptors and correspondence between Alastair and the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

Club 66 10 year reunion

  • UR-STU 12/1
  • Series
  • 1969-1976
  • Part of Club 66

Documents relating to the organisation of the 10 years reunion of Club 66 which was held from the 3rd-5th September 1976. Contents include correspondance between members, mainly to the organiser. The plans for the reunion also include documents, such as a menu, addresses and confirmation letters.

Club 66 20 year reunion

  • UR-STU 12/2
  • Series
  • 1985-1986
  • Part of Club 66

This folder contains documents relating to the organisation of the 20 year reunion of Club 66, 12th-13th September 1986. Contents include an enquiry form sent to the members detailing the plans and events for the weekend, a list of the members and then another detailing those which came to the events.

Club 66 25 year reunion

  • UR-STU 12/3
  • Series
  • 1990-1991
  • Part of Club 66

This folder contains documents relating to the organisation of the 25 year reunion of Club 66, 27th-28th September 1991. Contents include brief corresponsdance from a few members, a reminder for the 1991 reunion to be sent to all members. There is correspondence, an invoice and a catalogue from the Scores Hotel, St Andrews, which hosted the event.

Club 66 30 year reunion

  • UR-STU 12/4
  • Series
  • 1995-1997
  • Part of Club 66

This folder contains documents relating to the 30 year reunion of Club 66. It contains correspondence between members, mainly to Alistair Forrester. It contains a programme and menu for for the event. Included are also bank statements and invoices. Photographs from the event are also inside. Floppy disk was destroyed as it was unreadable.

Club 66 35 year reunion

  • UR-STU 12/5
  • Series
  • 1997-2001
  • Part of Club 66

Documents relating to the organisation of the 35 year reunon of Club 66, 7th-8th September 2001. Includes correspondence between members in relation to the events and organisational documents, such as a programme, invoives, menu and guest list.

Club 66 40 year reunion

  • UR-STU 12/6
  • Series
  • 2004-2006
  • Part of Club 66

The 40 year reunion, 23rd-25th June 2006, was also part of the University of St Andrews Reunion celebrating alumni clubs that have reached a reunion anniversary milestone. There are letters and documents from the University of St Andrews relating to this. There are also lettes from members and between the Club 66 reunion organisers.

Club 66 45 year reunion

  • UR-STU 12/7
  • Series
  • 2011
  • Part of Club 66

There are a couple of letters addressed to one of the Johns, regarding cheques and payment for the reunion, 2nd-3rd September 2011. Dcouments also include guest lists and contact details, menu, programme of events, newsletter, invoices, bank statements and coumstens relating to expenses.

Club 66 50 year reunion

  • UR-STU 12/8
  • Series
  • 2015-2016
  • Part of Club 66

Documents in relation to the organisation of the Club 66 50 year reunion, 9th-10th September 2016. There are letters and emails from members to Dr Alistair Forrester and Dr Ken Ingles. Documents also include a memo of meeting, guest list and contact details, expenses summary, menu, programme and invoice.

Chronicle: The Archive and Museum Anthology Comic

Scripts, proposals, thumbnails, roughs, and edits for the 2018 Archive Anthology Comic edited by Hailey Austin. Created, gathered and printed between June - October 2018. Split into different folders that contain separate stories. Further edits and photographs available on the online comics script collection. /1 Artefact Angels by Katriona Gillon /2 Foom by Eve Greenwood /3 Lois Lane Has Had Enough by Hailey Austin and Adina Ziebart /4 The Secrets of Memory by Megan Sinclair /5 Into the Comics Archives by David Robertson /6 Punch, or the Dundee Elegy by Matthew Gow /7 The Girl from Dundee (Nebraska) by Hailey Austin and Olivia Hicks /8 Invisible Snake by Zu Dominiak /9 Trolls by Golnar Nabizadeh, Hailey Austin and Letty Wilson /10 Pantheon by Norrie Millar and Faye Stacey /11 Scripty in Commandoland by Calum Laird and Catriona Laird /12 Adventures in Panelology by Chris Murray and Elliot Balson /13 Mr. Bogeyman by Nicole Munogee /14 For the Record and That Belongs in a Museum by Hailey Austin and Rebecca Horner /15 Full drafts of Chronicle including edits and printing proofs /16 Final Chronicle Comic /17 Emails and notes

The Big Sheep

An edited draft of The Big Sheep: A Philip Merlot Story and the final comic for comparison. Written and created by Hailey Austin. Cover and interior art by Catriona Laird. The comic was created for the Film Noir 2nd year module and was accepted onto the curriculum. Helen Robinson designed the back cover.

UoD Life Sciences, Stories in Science: postdoctoral career pathways digital brochure and films about staff

  • RU 925/3/8
  • Series
  • 2012

Stories in Science: postdoctoral career pathways digital brochure and film clips created by staff connected to Life Sciences, University of Dundee.

/1 Brochure
/2 Rachel Toth
/3 Doreen Cantrell
/4 Matthias Trost
/5 Nicola Stanley-Wall
/6 Claire Halpin
/7 Emma Compton
/8 Yogesh Kulathu
/9 Linda Morris
/10 Rob Ford
/11 Sonia Rocha
/12 Kate Storey
/13 Jon Urch
/14 Postdoctoral pathways introduction

Life Sciences

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