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Professional and commercially produced photographs of Palestine [Israel]. FOLDER MISSING.

Photographs of Ain Karim, Beersheba, Bethlehem, Bethsaida, Capernaum, Dead Sea, Ein Farah, Galilee, Haifa, Jebel Usdan, Jerusalem, Lubban, Magdala, Mount Hermon, Mount Tabor, Nain, Nazareth, River Jordan, Tabgha, Taibach, Tiberias, individuals and customs. Most photographs are by G. Eric Matson or American Colony, others by Hommel and Efrati. [82].

Torrance family

Transparencies illustrating biblical places of interest in Israel and Palestine

A set of transparencies illustrating biblical places of interest in Israel and Palestine, taken between 1940 and 1968. Places shown include: Ain Mellahah, Arbel, Amman, Bamas, Batouf, Beisan, Bethany, Bethlehem, Dan, Gaza, Hatt238n, Hazor, Hebron, Huleh, Isle-le-Boon, Jebel Jermuk, Jerash, Jericho, Jerusalem, Kefr Biran, Kerak, Kiriat Shemona, Lake Galilee, Mar Saba, Meirom, Nablus, Raimon, Rift Valley, River Jabbok, River Jordan, Safad, Samach, Samaria, Sebastie, Shiloh, Sichem, Siloam, Wadyel, Hamam, Wady, Harameyeh, Yarmak, Yehiam. Some are commercially produced slides by Barak Ltd., Hi Fi Colour, B.L. Services & Supplies, Israel Colour Slides, Matson Photo Service and Matson Production. Others were taken by Dr H.W. Torrance, Dr [Peter] Green Leon, Dr Alec McQueen, Rev. N. Pott, Rev. [ ] Rutter, Dr [Nahum] Sade. [205]

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Box of miscellaneous transparencies.

Subjects include birds and animals, maps and title slides. Dated slides are between 1955 and 1975. Commercial photographs are by Hans Hertz Colour, Hi Fi, B.L. Services & Supplies, Israel Colour Slides, Israel in Colour, Matson Photo Service and National Geographic Magazine. Individual photographers include Mr [ ] Baber, Charles [McLean], Dr [Peter] Green, [ ] Lonn, [ ] Lunen, Sister [Augusta] Steller. [188]

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Volume 2: Burghs

Includes figures for Carnoustie, Kirriemuir, Monifieth, Brechin, Forfar, Montrose and Arbroath.


Taken mostly by Herbert Torrance on a tour of India, and the Far East with his wife Irma and daughters Julie and Lydia. Includes visit to Herbert's sisters: Lydia Torrance Allen [a surgeon in Calcutta]; and Marjorie whose husband was Superintendent of the Venture Estate in South India owned by Malayalam Plantations Limited. [Travancore], Summer 1936.

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The Victor

/1-4 The Victor Summer Special, 1967-1970 /5 The Victor No. 127, 1963 /6-39 The Victor Nos. 131-165, 1963-1964 /40 The Victor No. 168 1964 /41 The Victor No. 172 1964 /42 The Victor No. 173 1964 /43 The Victor No. 179 1964 /44 The Victor No. 180 1964 /45 The Victor No. 181 1964 /46 The Victor No. 182 1964 /47 The Victor No. 187 1964 /48 The Victor No. 188 1964 /49 The Victor No. 189 1964 /50 The Victor No. 192 1964 /51 The Victor No. 194 1964 /52 The Victor No. 198 1964 /53 The Victor No. 199 1964 /54 The Victor No. ? 26 Dec 1964 /55 The Victor No. 207 1965 /56-71 The Victor Nos. 212-227, 1965 /72-215 The Victor Nos. 229-372, 1965-1968

Transparencies mostly taken on holidays by Dr and Mrs H.W. Torrance

Miscellaneous transparencies mostly taken on holidays by Dr and Mrs H.W. Torrance between 1954 and 1974. Areas illustrated include: Egypt; Cairo, Epidaurus, Philae, River Nile. Europe: Blair Atholl, Copenhagen, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Neiderbriesig, River Rhine, St. Wolfgang, Venice. Greece and Turkey; Delos, Ephesus, Lindos, Meteora, Patmos, Pergamum, Philippai, Rhodes, Thasos, Istanbul, Scutari, Sophia; Palestine; Caesarea, Damas, Jerusalem, Lake Huleh, Mount Hermon, Petra, Rivers Jordan and Pharpar, Sea of Galilee; Persia: Hamadam, Isfahan, Mithrab, Naqsh-i-Rustum, Persepolis, Shiraz, Taqi-i-Bustan, Tehran. USA and Canada: Montreal, San Francisco, Williamsburg. [166] Numbers in [ ] refer to numbered slots in the slide box.

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Transparencies mostly taken on a Mediterranean cruise

Transparencies mostly taken by Dr H.W. Torrance on a Mediterranean cruise in 1970 which visited: Agrigento, Athens, Cagliari, Cherchel, Djemela, Epidauros, Heraklion, Knossos, Lepcis Magna, Mycenae, Palermo, Palma, Piraeus, Tipasi, Venice. Additional slides were taken in 1967. Numbers in [ ] refer to numbered slots in the slide box. [184]

Torrance family


Mostly taken by Dr H.W. Torrance on a tour in 1973 to Abadan, Choga Zanbil, Isfahan, Naqsai-Rustum, Passangadae, Persepolis, Shiraz and Susa. [98] Numbers in [ ] refer to numbered slots in the slide box.

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